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  1. What frozen meals at Walmart have you found that are Whole30 compliant? Plan to get back into the kitchen, but would like to have mela in case of last minute needs. Is there a particular spiralizer you recommend (or avoid)? I have always wanted one! May wait to get, but would love to get experienced input!
  2. A successful Whole30 friend suggested to me that I may start better prepared and be more successful if I hold off a few more days before starting, so I’ll be prepping this week and starting just after the bulk of this group. Hope that’s fine to stay with you! Wishing everyone well and looking forward to teaming through this together! After reading several recipes today, I decided to buy an instant pot and meat thermometer. An air fryer has also been recommended. Any other info about helpful equipment to have on hand?
  3. I, too, am a newbie to Whole30, and I just found this forum last night after receiving my Whole30 book in the mail after ordering it the day before. (Love Amazon Prime!) I have also had gut issues, to the point of needing and having surgery to remove my entire large intestine (called a total colectomy). This was three years ago. I developed three hernias along that incision line last summer and had hernia surgery in Nov 2018. I am type one diabetic for 37 years and have worn an insulin pump for the past 26 years. Time to get myself back to good health after the last few years of difficulty, we
  4. I have just Joined this forum and plan to start Whole30 on July 8, 2019, to give myself a few prep and research days. I had total colectomy (entire large intestine removed) three years ago and like you have my ileum (small intestine for those who don’t Know) connected to my recriminations, so thankfully no news for ostomy bag. I am also type one diabetic for 37 years, so am reading posts about both situations to help me prepare for success. Any updates with your Whole30 experience and recommendations to keep in mind as I prepare to begin? Thanks!
  5. I have followed a previous student, who has found such personal success after starting and maintaining a Whole30 lifestyle transformation. After meeting with her this week, I immediately bought the Whole30 book, which arrived today, and I am reading, taking notes, finding resources (including this group), and wish to jump right in. This seems to be especially perfect timing, as I have just over 30 days on summer vacation before returning officially to school. Since July 4 is 15 minutes away, and I have read that it may take a few days to get prepared, a start date of July 8 seems perfect! So g