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    I have followed a previous student, who has found such personal success after starting and maintaining a Whole30 lifestyle transformation. After meeting with her this week, I immediately bought the Whole30 book, which arrived today, and I am reading, taking notes, finding resources (including this group), and wish to jump right in. This seems to be especially perfect timing, as I have just over 30 days on summer vacation before returning officially to school. Since July 4 is 15 minutes away, and I have read that it may take a few days to get prepared, a start date of July 8 seems perfect! So glad I found this site and this group! 
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    Hello everyone! I started ... something ... today. I'm not sure yet if it will be a Whole30 or a mini reset. I've completed two, complete Whole30 rounds and have done several other mini resets and partial rounds. I've done formal reintroductions so I know what foods do and do not bother me. But, I have been eating terribly and feeling terribly and want to get back on track. So, here I am!
    My goals are two-fold. First, long-term health. I love the outdoors and aspire to be that 80-year old women out hiking a hard trail later in my life. Second, sustainability. I'm still trying to figure out a way to eat this way and make is sustainable so it becomes a long-term lifestyle change. So, I'll be going with very simple meals and focusing on what would be realistic for a lifetime of healthy eating.  
    Anyway, I hope you don't mind if I join you, even if I'm unsure whether I will do the full 30 days. I have a business trip, a three day backpacking trip and a full week long camping trip during the next 30 days. But it's actually the business trip that has me most wary.  I've done and know I can do camping and backpacking on Whole30. So, I'll see how I'm feeling after a week and re-evaluate my aspirations for a mini reset or a full Whole30. 
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    Good evening everyone!! Tomorrow is the day! I will be honest and say I am not as well prepared as I would have hoped. We had my father's memorial service this weekend and we have been host to a lot of family from out of town. I am so grateful to see them but I didn't get the meal prep done that I was hoping for. It will be okay though. I work the late shift this week so I will definitely have time for breakfast and it will also give me extra time in the morning to pack my meals for the day. Good luck to everyone on the first day tomorrow!
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    Darcy18 reacted to Jihanna in Starting July 8th and Preparing for All the Suck   
    I definitely agree with what Shannon said above  
    Part of the beauty of Whole30 is that just about everyone can work with what they've got. Sure, you'll find things that you think might make it all a bit easier for you, and that's great... but there's no need at all to jump in and outfit a kitchen with a bunch of new gadgets and appliances just for the sake of having them, "just in case". With the cooking appliances, too, most recipes that are written to use one can be adapted to use a different one instead. There are plenty of times when I'll find a recipe that calls for cooking meat in the oven (or on the stove) and I just adapt it for the pressure cooker so I can keep the flavor profile but use a method that's easier for me.
    For cooking, most of what I make uses your run of the mill skillets, pots, roasting pans, and baking sheets... and my electric pressure cooker is used at least a few times every week ("boiled" eggs and homemade broth, if nothing else).
    In terms of gadgets, I'd say the ones I use most are:
    -- stick/immersion blender for things like mayo, creamy cauli-sauce, creamy soups made from chunky veggies, etc.
    -- bullet-type blender for quick and easy blending of dressings and some herb blends, or for lazy scrambling of eggs
    -- spiralizer because daikon radish noodles are amazing in Asian-inspired dishes and we love basically any veggie noodle
    -- food processor to rice fresh cauliflower, shred veggies to go in meatloaf or salads, and so on
    -- food storage containers (I've got a set of prep boxes that make it easy to see how much I'm putting aside for leftover meals)
    I have an inexpensive little meat thermometer that I rarely use but am glad to have at hand when it's needed. The very next gadget I'll buy for the kitchen is a julienne peeler, because it'll give me straighter noodles than what comes off the spiralizer. I have a mandolin slicer that hardly ever sees any use because I honestly hate washing that thing (always scared I'll cut myself).
    Regarding the blending of mayo...
    NomNomPaleo has a pretty neat mayo recipe that calls for a whisk and elbow grease, for anyone who doesn't have a workable blender or immersion blender. I haven't tried it myself, but everything I've gotten from there has worked well for me, so I'm assuming this would also.
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    Darcy18 reacted to ShannonM816 in Starting July 8th and Preparing for All the Suck   
    New kitchen stuff is fun, and if you've got the budget for it and space in your kitchen for it, go for it -- but please don't feel you need these things. It's easy to look at all the food bloggers and think you need a bunch of gadgets, but you really don't.  Focus on the basics, see what kind of meal prep works for you each week, and then think about which items will work well for you. I say this as someone who has bought some of the cool gadgets, and some of those purchases I'm still happy with, but some were just not as neat as they sounded.
    The meat thermometer is a must for me -- I'm super paranoid about undercooked chicken and pork and use the thermometer all the time to double check that it's really done.  Other than that, if you have pots and pans and knives and cutting boards and storage containers for leftovers, you probably have everything you really need, anything beyond that is bonus. If you want to make your own mayo and other dressings and sauces, an immersion blender is nice, although if you have a regular blender that will also work. Make sure you have a good chef's knife that is comfortable for you to use -- sharpen it if it needs to be sharpened, you're going to be using it a lot -- and at least two cutting boards (one for vegetables, one for raw meats). As far as pots and pans and such, I use my rimmed baking sheets a lot, because I roast a lot of vegetables. I have a big (like 12 inch maybe)  stainless steel straight-sided saute pan that I use for browning ground meat and pan-frying burger patties or chicken pieces, and then two non-stick skillets, the ceramic coated ones, one's probably 10 inch and the other 6 or 8 inches, that are great for eggs and stir-frying vegetables. I have a big soup pot I use a lot in the winter when I cook a big pot of soup pretty much every week. A crockpot can be nice if you already have one, but I don't know that you ought to go buy one if you don't, I suspect that if mine died tomorrow, I wouldn't be in any rush to replace it.
    Those items got me through my first few Whole30s. I have since added a spiralizer (which I hardly ever use, could totally live without), a really nice food processor (I go through phases with this one, sometimes it's faster just to chop the vegetables by hand, but when I do want them more even or want the onions sliced super, super thin, the food processor does a much nicer job than I can do, but it does take a big chunk of counter space), and an Instant Pot (which I used a bunch over the fall and winter, using it to cook a whole chicken almost every week, and then make broth from the carcass, but which I haven't touched in weeks now -- overall, I don't regret buying it, but I could also have lived without it).  
    Obviously, everyone is going to have different opinions, and there's no wrong answer. There are people who use their spiralizers every week and love them and eat lots more vegetables because of them -- that's great! There are  people who depend on their crockpots so they have hot meals ready when they get home from work -- also great! Just, not me. A lot of deciding what you need is figuring out what kind of meal prep you do to fit with your life. If you already cook most of your meals from scratch, you may have a good idea of that, but if you currently do a lot of takeout or even things like sandwiches that don't require a lot of prep on your part, Whole30 may be a huge change and you may not really know what is going to work best for you yet. It is okay to just use what you have and decide later what else would be helpful. 
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    Should be rectum, not recriminations - ha
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    I, too, am a newbie to Whole30, and I just found this forum last night after receiving my Whole30 book in the mail after ordering it the day before. (Love Amazon Prime!) I have also had gut issues, to the point of needing and having surgery to remove my entire large intestine (called a total colectomy). This was three years ago. I developed three hernias along that incision line last summer and had hernia surgery in Nov 2018. I am type one diabetic for 37 years and have worn an insulin pump for the past 26 years. Time to get myself back to good health after the last few years of difficulty, weight gain, and poor diabetes control. I saw a thread on this forum of people starting their thirty days on Monday 7/8, and I thought that would be perfect for me too. Gives me time to read more and prep my mind, husband, food, and kitchen. Hope to have buddies on this journey. I teach third grade, and this last month of summer is the perfect time to do this!