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  1. It Starts With Food was the first book written by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig. There are several Whole30 books out now!
  2. A slow roll reintroduction can give you some more clues as to how things impact you and able to break down foods groups too. Each Whole30 and reintroduction teaches has the potential to teach you something new. For example, It took me several rounds to realize how gluten impacts me. It has such a slow, subtle change that my swollen face and sore joints didn't show up until repeated exposure.
  3. I'm glad it was helpful! FFF came out in the fall of 2016. I haven't heard it is outdated at all... if you can remember where you saw this, I'd be curious.
  4. I love that you guys are discussing this. This is what Food Freedom is all about... making choices in the moment about what you truly want. There are no good or bad foods, there are simply choices and results of those choices. Results can be sustained energy, energy slumps, clear skin, a breakout, no bloat or bloat... all depending on how your body will react to those choices. You are not good or bad for making those choices, you just have to accept the result without judging yourself. It will take work and time... some days will be easier than others. Reintroduction will give you a star