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  1. Thank you. I put 1-2 sweet potato in the hash and it is about 6-7 servings. I will pay attention to my intake of starchy veggies. I guess I just want to feel awesome now that I eat better but looks like it is going to take more fine tuning. I’m also going to start a food log and will talk to my Dr if I don’t wake up awesome tomorrow, which I am hoping for.
  2. So I don’t have answers but since I didn’t feel great I extended my whole30 to at least 45 days. I have been reading the books and they talk about not snacking to allow our hormones to work properly. I also have read that eggs should be as many as we can hold in our hand so 4-5 for a woman. I am also experiencing tired and stomach issues so have been considering cutting our FODMAPS for a week. Just google whole30 FODMAPs and you can learn more if interested. Hang in there, and be proud of yourself for doing this. It isn’t easy when we don’t feel good. Hope you feel better soon!
  3. Today is day43 and I extended because I felt I needed to but I have been exhausted. I’m in the forums a lot so I believe I am eating enough but here is meal sample. I’m also getting 9+ hours of sleep. Chorizo hash with 1 egg half alvacado Lunch chicken breast with 2 cups of zucchini or other veggies or left over dinner. Half alvacado dinner broccoli and beef cooked in lots of fat but I will even eat half alvacado to be safe with fat. Im wondering about maybe FODMAPs. What can I do in the mean time to just have enough energy to take care of the kids? Cause I can’t
  4. Thank you for this very helpful! I think I’m hesitate to take the training wheels off. I feel like I just got a handle on whole30 eating and want to stay paleo/ healthy but get overwhelmed when thinking about what I want to add in. I would love to hear what healthy things you eat on a regular basis that maybe came after whole30.
  5. I am doing the slow roll reintroduction and I want to find a gluten free grain type of wrap. I’m overwhelmed the ones I saw in the store seem to have a lot of weird ingredients. My Dr said I should not ReIntroduce gluten yet.
  6. Yay! I am looking now! Thanks!
  7. Is Ezekiel wrap okay for ReIntro as non gluten grain?
  8. Congratulations we made it to day 31!!! We all rock!! I lost 2 inches off almost every part I measured and thank God I did that as my weight loss is not to important to me. (8lbs) I will do at least another 30 days without reintroduction. 2 inches off a thigh is a lot of fat! I have gone down 1 whole size in 30 days!! I can’t introduce sugar because I still have cravings. I really want to read it starts with food but haven’t been able to go get it yet. I wonder if I can start to read it online? I am proud of myself for this what feels like a first big baby step to living healthy!
  9. Today is day 30. I feel like I need more time. I’m fighting candida overgrowth and I haven’t restricted much of any food. I have kept fruit to a minimum. I haven’t done final measurements or weight but I am going to continue on to 60. I’m worried that I need anti-candida supplements and more restrictions but got overwhelmed when I tried to do my own research. I am thinking on doing SteadyMD and was trying to find people discussing it in the forum but couldn’t find anything. Has anyone used SteadyMD? Can anyone share their experience or knowledge with SteadyMD. I would also like to know w
  10. Thank you Jihanna! I am also cooking for a boatload if people including kids not eating whole30 and it’s exciting/ but also sometimes overwhelming getting it all done. This information is so helpful to me! Tonight I am trying a chicken teriyaki recipe I found and I plan on making extra sides not whole30 for the others. We will see how it goes. I am also going to do your meatloaf and the teriyaki bake this week. Your so wonderful by sharing because now I can check out all those websites for even more recipes. You got me excited for meal prep today! Thanks ❤️
  11. So I am on day 28 and going to extend because I am still experiencing detox symptoms and have candida so I think I need longer. However I have small kids and a busy life and I really desperately need some simpler meal ideas. I have looked through the forums a bunch for every concern and heard people refer to one pan meal. Can someone share with me what this is, or offer to share your easier/fav meal ideas. I’m struggling with energy and motivation but I believe whole30 will help if I give it more time. The food prep needs to get dialed in here. I’m still a hot mess trying to figure this out.
  12. I am considering extending my w30 to a w60. My sugar cravings are strong sometimes but less often for sure. My body is still adjusting and I can feel it. I am trying to clean out a candida overgrowth and I do not believe 30 days is enough. What I want to know is should I do reintroduction and stay whole30 compliant but adding in what ever does not bother me? I won’t introduce sugar because candida. Or should I not do any reintroduction until after the w60? I am renewing my vows 10 Yrs in 2 weeks and I planned this to be done with reintroduction before. However my health is more important than
  13. Thanks Ashleypaeik! I have been looking through the whole30 logs trying to find motivation and I am just seeing a lot of people that did not make it through the 30 days. Then the posts on this thread have died down. I’m here day 17 and yesterday was hard emotionally as I posted but I stayed compliant. My body is not adjusting well, my mi d is fighting it too. The sugar cravings are less though and I haven’t reached for a snack bar yesterday or today at 8 am, lol. I have prepared carrots and compliant ranch sauce for emergencies. People have said my face looks better and I can notice that too.
  14. Day 16. Husband has gone from little help to no help. He is stepping in the scale and hating the food and lost a ton of weight. I am not doing this for him it’s 100% for me. So I did all the shopping and cooking by myself with 3 kids and birthday parties this weekend. I think he will come around but I wish I had more help now. The update on medical doctors and candida is that they can’t help me and told me they go see a natural path Dr. Which of course is not covered by insurance. Dr’s break my heart. They could not or would not even recommend anything. As if an overgrowth of yeast is an imagi
  15. Guys I needed to read this article https://whole30.com/2018/02/dear-melissa-perfect-whole30/