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  1. Day 29: So, I have moved forward with my Whole30 as originally planned. I definitely like it get a bit to me for a second there, starting to eat the technically-compliant but not-as-healthy version of foods. That's the habit I want to break though, which is why I will do another Whole30 in the near future. I have gone back to my normal Whole30 food, did a HUGE meal prep Monday, and I'm feeling better mentally because of that. I've also worked out a few times, improvement. I had to get the Meningococcal B vaccine on Monday though, which has made my left arm so sore and hurts to raise
  2. I appreciate your positivity and insight so much. Sorry for the late reply, it took me a few days to get back into rhythm after feeling bummed out after the tea incident and then reflecting on my Whole30, realizing that there are multiple things that could have gone better. Not only that, but after that downfall, for a few days I started eating the "less healthy version of technically-compliant foods" but I have gotten back into where I feel happier, eating how I was before the tea downfall! However, I have come to the acceptance in my process and I'm proud of what I DID do and won't focus
  3. Hey Mandie! I was hoping you could read my post for Day 23 and help with some feedback... I'm struggling a little inside and would appreciate someone else's opinion.
  4. Day 23: A Teabag made me Fail A teabag made me fail. Yes, you heard me. A TEA BAG... On Day 23 I decided to make some tea with my breakfast instead of the coffee I've been having. Harmless, I thought. I went along with my day and then at nighttime I was like "oooh I want more of that tea" and then chose one by the same brand, opened it up, THEN was like woah wait, let's check the ingredients just in case. Vanilla extract. I put it in a zip lock bag and then went upstairs to learn that the tea I had this morning had vanilla extract as the last ingredient. I had to give myself a day
  5. Day 22: Today has been a weird one... So Aunt Flo left 2 days ago (lol) and today I have had a lot of emotions inside of me. First off, I had very low energy this morning and had to force myself to get ready and not lay down. It was actually to the point where I set my alarm for 2 minutes and just laid there in an attempt to regain mental/physical energy to get ready. My dad got to visit me for a few hours (he lives about 3-4 hours away) so that was cool, and I was happy and fine while he was here, but he left around 1:30. Then, I had to get just a few things done which shouldn't have
  6. I applause you for being straightforward with yourself and starting over! YOU CAN DO THIS!! I hope you have amazing camping trip and an easier time staying dedicated after this little bump. I honestly think you'll feel even better once you get to the new Day 30 now, since it'll pretty much be 44 days of clean! I really liked Jihanna's view of a Whole45.
  7. Hmm, it was a review on Amazon about a book that came out in 2009 by Melissa..? Maybe their comment was outdated haha! Good to know, I'm definitely gonna look into getting it!
  8. Day 20: This previous weekend was Pride in my city, so I didn't have the time to come on here and update. Look who didn't cheat! It wasn't difficult to not cheat actually, I have been having an easy time saying no thanks and my friends have all been so nice to me and keep giving me props for sticking with it! They keep offering food and apologizing or feeling bad for eating around me and I'm always like "trust me you're fine, don't feel bad!" I don't want people to feel bad for MY choice to stay away from whatever they are having. Actually, I know I under-ate at points which wasn't t
  9. Thank you so much for this response!! I feel like I connect with it a lot. Yes I just told myself that I would go as much as I can without the allergy pills, because I also realized I don't want my body to be fully reliant on them anyways. And so far it's actually shown me I don't need them daily like how I had been taking them before!! But I agree, once it becomes miserable I definitely think it's worth it for me to take one, cause I'm not trying to sneeze 15x straight with watery itchy eyes! It's cool to hear that you did see changes in your allergies. It makes me believe that if I stic
  10. Very true, thanks for the reminder that this can't always be the answer to ALL of our issues. I had gotten an allergy test where they give you a bunch of tiny scratches on your back and wait a while to see if any flare up, which they didn't.
  11. This was so helpful, thanks! Something online said that some of the information is outdated because the Food Freedom Forever book came out years ago. But it did say that the rest is still very great for helping people gain food freedom and a better relationship with food. They weren't dogging the book at all, just saying some of the info we know now isn't the most accurate. So, I wasn't sure if it was worth it to get the book or not... it sounds like it actually might be.
  12. Day 17 Morning: I scheduled an OrangeTheory workout class with my friend I cooked dinner with last night for this morning. I took the time to french braid my hair, so I wanted to use the excuse of time to just eat a banana before my workout. But, I know that Melissa says that your pre-workout mini meals should be protein and fat, so I knew I'd be going against what I knew I should actually do, because I want my body to run off of fat NOT the sugar from the banana. I looked at the clock and realized that I had 10 minutes, so I quickly whipped up 2 eggs in coconut oil, put hot sauce and
  13. Day 16 (written on Day 17): So the night of Day 15, I sat there and thought "how do I feel at this moment?" And i realized my nose was stuffed and when I breathe in through it, it still doesn't sound clear. This is a bit of a bummer because one of my goals with whole30 is to see if my foods are causing my constantly having a stuffy nose (for years). The book made me realize that so many of us eventually consider allergies our "new normal" and we forget that they are NOT! Hopefully this will improve as I move forward with the program. Now today for dinner, I went to my friend's house a
  14. Wow, you brought up a great topic. I had to ask for clarification on the whole not-looking-at-foods-as-good-or-bad topic. I stopped reading the Whole30 book once I got to the reintroduction chapter because I didn't feel like it had to do with me in that moment, being a whole month away from the reintroduction phase. I'd rather wait until I get closer to the end (I'm on Day 16). I think I'll have a more confident view of this topic once I read it. I have a strong feeling it'll be a game changer for me, since one of my issues before starting whole30 was feeling guilty over the food choices I
  15. Here's the link: The flexibound is just like a normal paperback book and 13ish dollars, which I think is worth it. I don't know why the "paperback" version is like 10$ more. And I agree on how it can get dull, I think it might because I'm not really a journal person to begin with so forcing myself to write in a journal feels a bit tedious to me. BUT it's a good way for me to self reflect and it has you rate your energy for the day