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    I applause you for being straightforward with yourself and starting over! YOU CAN DO THIS!! I hope you have amazing camping trip and an easier time staying dedicated after this little bump.  I honestly think you'll feel even better once you get to the new Day 30 now, since it'll pretty much be 44 days of clean!  I really liked Jihanna's view of a Whole45.
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    Mariina got a reaction from Emma in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    This was so helpful, thanks!  Something online said that some of the information is outdated because the Food Freedom Forever book came out years ago.  But it did say that the rest is still very great for helping people gain food freedom and a better relationship with food.  They weren't dogging the book at all, just saying some of the info we know now isn't the most accurate.  So, I wasn't sure if it was worth it to get the book or not... it sounds like it actually might be.
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    Mariina got a reaction from Emma in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    Wow, you brought up a great topic.  I had to ask for clarification on the whole not-looking-at-foods-as-good-or-bad topic.  I stopped reading the Whole30 book once I got to the reintroduction chapter because I didn't feel like it had to do with me in that moment, being a whole month away from the reintroduction phase. I'd rather wait until I get closer to the end (I'm on Day 16).  I think I'll have a more confident view of this topic once I read it.  I have a strong feeling it'll be a game changer for me, since one of my issues before starting whole30 was feeling guilty over the food choices I would make.  Okay, maybe I should start reading it a bit sooner.  My sister is one of those "ew, McDonald's is fake food I haven't eaten it in TEN YEARS" (acting all high and mighty ha) types of people.  And I sit there like ....well I like Mcdonald's.. as if I should be ashamed.  The stigma and judgement around it bothers me as well. I think that's a smart way to look at it-- dairy doesn't sit well, say it causes bloating or whatever.  But a McDonalds burger and fries doesn't leave you feeling gross, in fact you feel fine!  So I think this is a great example of giving yourself that food freedom and enjoying that burger, guilt-free, every once in a while!  I'll be curious as to whether or not I'll want it once I'm done with the program.  At the moment, I don't crave it.
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    Mariina got a reaction from Emma in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    Here's the link:
    The flexibound is just like a normal paperback book and 13ish dollars, which I think is worth it.  I don't know why the "paperback" version is like 10$ more.  And I agree on how it can get dull, I think it might because I'm not really a journal person to begin with so forcing myself to write in a journal feels a bit tedious to me.  BUT it's a good way for me to self reflect and it has you rate your energy for the day, sleep quality, what could have gone better/what went well, non-scale victories for the day, and more.  Worth it.
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    Mariina reacted to Emma in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    Day Seven. 
    My energy this morning was pretty good. I spent the morning prepping food and then ate the entire head of cauliflower that I roasted. It was SO good. I made a bunch of chicken marsala and spiraled out some zoodles and cooked some squash. It doesn't sound like much and in reality, there's not much in the fridge, but it took a while and I enjoyed the process. My daughter made her own lunch today and it looked so beautiful with sliced peppers, seaweed, kiwi, a hard boiled egg, and a couple crackers. It's not a Whole30 meal, but it was a good looking plate of colorful food. This evening the children were forced to eat the chicken marsala WITH mushrooms over a bed of zoodles. My daughter's face was pretty pained. My other kid rose to the occasion without complaint - probably because his sister was so dramatically distressed. They both ate the food without choking or gagging so I think it was a win and not nearly as bad as they claimed. My husband and I thought it was really good. I did have a headache after dinner though which makes me wonder what things I ate did not sit with me. Mushrooms perhaps?
    I got my lab results back. My inflammation markers are DOWN! "Keep doing what you're doing" said my doctor. Well, heck, I don't quite know what I've been doing but right now I'm doing Whole30 and that's encouraging. I also got my blood test allergy results. They're so interesting. They're also not set in stone and the tests yield a lot of false positives and, in my case, didn't even identify a whole host of fruits and things that I know without a doubt I react to EVERY single time I eat them.  It was interesting though to think about what was identified. Mushrooms were one of them. So were almonds. I eat a lot of almonds. So maybe the test is inaccurate or maybe almonds are aggravating my system in a way I don't notice. It also said  peanuts and soybeans. I've never had an issue with peanuts, but I'm not surprised about soybeans.  Coconut was okay, but then so were a few things that cause my throat to swell so I'm taking the results with a grain of salt.  AND, I'm again glad I'm doing the Whole30 because it will help me wade through the things more systematically.
    Breakfast: Cauliflower and egg
    Lunch: Chicken and spaghetti squash
    Dinner: Zoodles and Chicken Marsala
    Meditated and practiced. Didn't pay bills. Didn't clean. Did mow the lawn and weed wacked and set up appointments and went to the gym!! Never separated myself from my body before I ate. :/  I remembered after I ate. Did feel bummed about how going to the movies is no longer something to look forward to because I partly like it for the food. Tried to talk myself through all my reasons for doing this. Felt more fit and slender. Saw myself in the mirror - haha. I'm not, but inside I'm feeling better.