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    Hello, everyone!

    Name’s Frank.. started W30 last week Monday. This program really works (and I’m saying this from someone only 1 week into it). I mainly wanted to do this because I’ve had an unhealthy relationship with food and I want to change that. I will admit the first 5 days were brutal. I craved almost every single thing I enjoyed all day every day - fried chicken, pizza, tacos, etc. after I got over the hump, now I feel like I can do this forever! anyways, on to my question. I love being outdoors and I love working out. I like lifting heavy so I need a lot of energy and stamina. My supplements before starting this are: pre-workout: Total War + Big Noise intra-workout: Xtend BCAAs post-workout: Scivation XTEND PROTein in addition to creatine. what can I use while I’m on this program? I’d like to keep the same routine if possible, but I know it may not be possible. Thanks in advance!