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  1. I live in London, 

    Tesco do 97% meat sausages in their finest range that I included after my whole30: 

    INGREDIENTS: Pork (97%), Potato Starch, Salt, Water, Dried Herbs, White Pepper, Preservative (Sodium Metabisulphite), Nutmeg.

    Filled into natural casings.


    Emergency food:

    a piece of fruit from Costa/Starbucks/Nero etc, the spinach and egg pots from Pret a Manger. Most supermarkets also have melon, pineapple, etc pre-chopped into small containers near the sandwiches. bags of chopped carrot sticks and salad pots. 

    Nakd bars and primal pantry bars.

    I keep a small box of almonds in my bag, decanted from the aasani brand they sell in the world food aisle in big tescos. 


    I avoid any recipes calling for Applesauce, canned sweet potato, canned pumpkin, tomato sauce or a jar of salsa because these items are virtually impossible to find in the U.K. (Occasionally they have the canned pumpkin in the American food aisle but it's crazy expensive)

    Tesco sell Cholula and frank's hot sauce and french's mustard. Coleman's mustard powder is compliant.

    I buy big tubs of almond butter/other butters from Bulk Powders online. they also sell coconut oil, coconut flour and chia seeds.

    Wholefoodsonline sell big bags of arrowroot powder, tapioca flour, etc for after a whole30. they also sell large bags of pitted dried dates without sunflower oil and bigger bags of pecans, pumpkin seeds, linseeds etc. 

    Tesco and Sainsburys now sell butternut squash 'lasagne sheets', waffles, chips etc that are just raw squash cut into shapes. They also sell courgetti and cauliflower rice which is expensive but helps on lazy evenings or if they don't have any fresh courgettes or cauliflower in stock (true story!)