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  1. Today is MUCH better and yesterday was too. I added a little more fat and some starch and that seems to have helped a lot. Yes! Way to go! I’m glad you went ahead and started! I’ve been debating doing this for a year. It took me awhile to decide I could do it. I’ve had some cravings but on the whole it’s been relatively easy with the mindset of “I can”
  2. I know. It’s in the book too. And according to all of them I should be feeling great right now as I’m on day 17 (since I started early). But I don’t feel great. I’m going to reassess my meals this weekend and probably post some of them for opinions. Because there is no way I’ll make it if I don’t start to feel better.
  3. So sorry! I could not for the life of me get it to let me comment the other day! Tuesday was okay. Wednesday, Thursday and today have been a struggle. I am EXHAUSTED. I feel like I'm eating well/enough and balanced so I don't know what's killing my energy levels. But I could legitimately fall asleep at my desk right now. How are you doing?
  4. I wasn’t really hungry and I didn’t have anything. It was more of an this is taking forever and I want to nap and then have snacks. But I’m trying to push through.
  5. So I'm on day 9. I'm doing okay. Everyone talks about being tired of eggs, but honestly... I'm getting tired of avocado. Which I NEVER thought I'd say. But I am. I'm not really seeing any changes yet. I haven't really had any of the side effects that I've noticed either. All and all it's been rather uneventful. Which I know is also normal and I shouldn't get discouraged, but I was really hoping to notice something by now.
  6. I ended up starting early. So I’m on day 7 today. I’ve not really had any fogginess or headaches worse than my norm. I did have a day or two of intense cravings, but I’m not sure if it was just the norm or if it was due to all the cookies and cake surrounding me this weekend! Yesterday I stayed compliant but didn’t really eat well. Nothing sounded good when I was home for lunch and so I ate an RX bar and a couple strawberries. Which I regretted an hour or two later when I got hungry.
  7. Thank you, I think I was just dreading explaining, but they seemed to not really care so that was great!
  8. Originally I set my start date for the 5th because we are out of town for my husbands grandmother’s 90th birthday and I was worried about navigating that while on the whole30. But I’ve been eating almost completely whole30 for over a week now and I don’t want to lose that progress so I’m bringing a bag with essentials and a small cooler with us. Am I being ridiculous? I feel like I’m being a little over the top.
  9. Thank you so much! I actually have some stuff in my cart for thrive market already. I hadn’t heard of whole30 day by day. I’ll definitely be looking into that. Thank you again. ☺️
  10. My name is Tiffany and I'm 34. I'm doing my first Whole30 in just two weeks! I've started easing myself into it already though. I know going cold turkey would just be setting myself up for failure. We also don't live close to places with some of the staples so I've been ordering online and making trips into the next town to find what I need. I'm really nervous. I've tried to change my eating habits before and been successful for a short time, but eventually crashed. I'm really determined to make a difference this time though. I live with chronic headaches, joint pain/swelling and high blood p