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    You completed your whole30!  Wow!!! Awesome work!  Sorry about your toe situation- major bummer.  Hope you feel better soon.  Love that you know yourself enough to know right away this is for life, not 30 days.  
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    Day 31:  5/14/20

    Had to be at work at 6 am, and definitely had an unhappy gut this morning.  Took two Imodium just so I could make the drive to work.  Ugh.
    I was careless yesterday with the garlic and onion in the meatballs … and of course, the ranch.  I know better, and I ate it anyway.  It’s too easy when my husband cooks “compliant” items - just because it’s W30 compliant does NOT mean it is going to do great things for me.
    Broken record on that issue.  

    12:30 pm:  quickly crammed down a sad bowl of cold leftover potatoes w/ ghee and salt at work
    This is what happens when you don’t plan ahead on W30.

    After I clocked out, I actually went and examined everything in the vending machines - and I *almost* bought a diet Mt. Dew for the drive home.  I stood there for a minute, mentally slapping myself right back out of that idea.
    What was I thinking?
    The 30 days are done - it’s like another part of me wanted to take over now.  Ridiculous.

    4:30 pm:  frozen W30 meal w/ ghee

    7:30 pm:  banana

    Weird eating day.  Just a weird day overall.  When I have to get up that early for work … well, it’s not something my body is ever going to get used to.  It is completely unnatural to get up when it is still totally dark outside.  Period.
    Re-examining what shifts I should actually be signing up to work.  Morning shifts are too early - evening shifts go too late.
    I think I just chose the wrong profession.  {Joking, not joking.}
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    Day 29:  5/12/20

    10:30 am:  banana

    11:15 am:  (1) acetaminophen d/t headache

    11:30 am:  (3) eggs w/ diced potatoes and ghee

    12:45 pm:  (1) Imodium & (1) acetaminophen

    I just don’t feel good today.  Feel like my blood pressure is up.  I finally ordered a BP monitor so I can check it out at home.  This doesn’t happen very often, but I’d like to see what it looks like when I’m feeling this way.
    I don’t think this has anything to do with my diet.  I have come to realize that emotional stress creates physical symptoms that are quite real.  A recent conversation with a friend stirred some things up in me, and I don’t feel at peace.

    8:00 pm:  W30 frozen meal w/ ghee

    I was pretty wiped out after just a 5-hour shift.  Went to sleep without posting - so I’m posting this the next day.
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    Day 30:  5/13/20

    11:00 am:  banana & egg (yes, pancakes) w/ bacon
    I wasn’t planning to eat these today, but my husband made them - and when I decided I was ready to eat, there they were on the counter. 
    Too easy.  I’ve got other stuff to do and worry about.

    12:15 pm:  grabbed more banana egg circles lol

    2:30 pm:  meatballs w/ ranch

    5:45 pm:  finished the ... umm, bananas cradled in eggs

    9:30 pm:  steak, diced potatoes, ghee

    Well, I did it.
    Tomorrow morning I will weigh myself, out of curiosity and for the sake of documentation.
    I predict a small loss of # on the scale.  But I’d be happy if the number were exactly the same as when I started.  I had been gaining, gaining, gaining at a rapid rate … for I don’t know how long.  {I’d really have to think about it ~ and I’m too tired for that.} 
    I just wanted/needed the gaining to stop.  I’m sure I’ve achieved that ~ and of course, so much more = many NSV’s.
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    Thanks so much @BabyBear ~ you have been here at some crucial moments for me ... I still remember when I was feeling lost, and was ready to turn my back and walk away from the forum earlier in the year - and your sad face was all it took to make me stay.  
    I'll be taking it one day at a time ... which, honestly, is what I've been doing all along.  Each day I have still had the choice to say "screw it" and have a glass of wine (or whatever) ... I mean, look how many times I have started numbering, re-started numbering, etc etc. 
    My tiny goal was to make it past my record (on this journal, this year) of 10 days - and by the time I got to that point, I was over the hump of cravings, and it was no big deal to just keep going.
    On the subject of reintroduction: no.  And the reason for this is twofold: 1) I don't believe that anything W30 excludes is good for me, and 2) I have already done reintro in the past.  I have a pretty good idea of how each excluded item affects me.
    That is not to say that anyone else should not do a reintro -- I believe that is a vital part of the program, especially for anyone on their first round.  But this is far from my first round.  I believe this is officially four.  
    And, as I've mentioned before - I have been experimenting with my nutrition for close to 20 years.  I have been a member on this forum for 6 years now, and W30 has been a part of me and the way I view what is food vs. what is not food for the entirety of those 6 years.  I most certainly have not stuck to W30 foods - and I am not claiming anything of the sort.  But I have always believed, since 2014, that some combination of W30 foods is best.  
    So for me, personally, these 30 days really need to serve as a stepping stone to the next level.  I've established a good baseline - but I still have plenty of room for optimization.
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    Day 31:  5/14/20
    Weighed in today ~ same conditions:  126.4 lbs
    That's 4.8 lbs in 30 days ~ and 3.7% of my weight = gone.
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    Day 24:  5/7/20

    9:30 am:  frozen W30 meal w/ ghee

    Definitely feeling the effects of working an evening shift … didn’t get to sleep until around 1 am, and that’s pretty far from my norm.
    Had a moment in the kitchen this morning of: “screw it, let’s just shove in whatever’s easy” … but didn’t take me long to counter that with: “no way, you’ve come too far”.
    And I don’t mean far as in # of days.  I mean far, as in:  managing anxiety much more effectively / reduced overall, majorly cutting down on the painful bloat and bowel issues, beginning to shed some of the ridiculous winter fat layer, and not feeling out of control with my food decisions.
    So I know that the next day after a nursing shift, I’m going to need to be careful to honor my body’s needs … and no, that isn’t cramming in “whatever works” in that moment because I’m tired.  That is *nourishing* my body.  Giving it good food, fluids, and rest … realizing that, internally, I have just gone through a battle - because it is.  For me, especially.  I think some do better with it than others - but we are not designed to be “ON” for 8, 10, 12, 16 hours STRAIGHT.  Alas ~ that is nursing.  The woman I took report from yesterday afternoon had just been on duty for 20 hours.

    3:15 pm:  chicken breast, tri-color cole slaw veggies w/ ranch

    9:15 pm:  (2) HB eggs, tri-color Cole slaw veggies w/ ranch
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    Day 26:  5/9/20

    8:30 am - 3:00 pm:  I consumed the (1) banana and (4) eggs my husband made (yes, into pancakes) for me the night before, so that I could have them in the fridge at work to grab whenever I could on my shift today.
    I am not a pancake addict.  Sadly, I don’t think bananas are the best choice for me  - so this is not going to turn into a pancake addiction, either.  They make my mouth feel weird.  I don't think they make me feel great overall.

    7:00 pm:  homemade steak fries in air fryer w/ avocado ranch

    Weird eating day - weird day, anyway.  I got 4 hours of sleep last night, and feel a little bit like I’m in a dream state since I got home from work.  Had a really good day at work, though.
    Feeling thankful.   
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    Day 27:  5/10/20

    I have had some things popping up on this W30 journey that I don’t think I’ve talked about here yet.  I have felt so good in other areas, I haven’t wanted to address it just yet.
    I had a Baker’s cyst in the back of my knee years ago, when my kids were little - and one day at the library, it ruptured.  That was a feeling quite unlike anything I’d ever experienced.  I was convinced that something was terribly wrong, and all I could think was that I had a blockage - a blood clot somewhere that was going to kill me.  It might not make any sense to me now, but at the time I was convinced that I was going to die, so I went to the ER.  They told me what was going on, I went home and elevated the leg, and soon all was well.
    That feeling in the back of my knee flares up sometimes - and I haven’t been able to pinpoint the cause, exactly.  It seemed to happen when I would try to go back to carnivore - and that is part of what has kept me from it.
    But now … I am not eating what I would consider meat-heavy, at all, and yet it has been an ongoing issue.
    So there is inflammation.  That is the bottom line.  I want to point my finger at potatoes, but I wasn’t eating potatoes on carnivore.

    NOW I have had something new - a feeling (pain) in my right elbow.  It’s gone on long enough that I don’t feel that this is an acute injury … and I never did.  It’s more inflammation, and this time in a new place.  I’ve been able to live my daily life … but, if I were really trying to do things with that right arm - like lifting weights, mowing the yard, using my chainsaw - all of those things that I love - then this would REALLY be pissing me off.
    (As I'm typing this, there's a feeling in my left pinky, like pins and needles.  WTF...)

    I’m not sure, at this moment, at 7:35 am on Mother’s Day, what I’m going to do about it.  I don’t know how I want to proceed.  I feel like I’m getting back to that place of “I don’t know what to eat” and “I wish I just didn’t have to eat” because W30 limits so many things (and rightfully so) - and then I have to narrow it down even further, because I have issues with so many plant foods, for one reason or another.

    I think possibly no one is going to read this today.  Lol.  But, if you are out there reading - I hope you have a nice, relaxing Mother’s Day.
    I have decided to give myself the day off - no attempting to do my work on the computer.  I am behind on hours, but I can play catch-up starting tomorrow.
    Today I want to put down new flooring in the kitchen.  And so, I shall.  My joints might be unhappy with me ... but they can get over it.   
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    Day 27:  5/10/20 (cont)

    1:30 pm:  piece of salmon w/ ghee, air fryer steak fries

    8:50 pm:  Five Guys two patties, grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, air fryer steak fries w/ ranch

    Clearly I didn’t decide to cut out potatoes today.
    I did have a good, productive day - got about 1/3 of the kitchen floor done.  I felt great doing it, but ever since I decided to sit down and eat supper, I’m feeling it in my lower back.
    Getting old sucks.  
    I don't think it has much to do with my age, though.  I'm just not as strong as I used to be.  My body isn't used to all of this.  Part of what I loved about weightlifting was that when you progressively build up that kind of muscle - it makes everyday activities so much easier ... like nothing.  I miss that.
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    Day 8!
    I made it through the first week, and the first weekend! I actually don't find weekends too problematic when there aren't social engagements causing angst.
    I probably ate more fat than I needed yesterday, particularly with dinner, but there was crackling and we all know that if you don't eat it while it's fresh... lol
    Today's plan:
    Meal 1: A small red pepper stuffed with leftover carnitas and cauli/brocc rice, topped with nutritional yeast and a handful of raw cashews
    Meal 2: Hmmmm. Maybe lamb koftas. Side of sauteed cabbage and broccoli, and some seared carrots and beans with lemon tahini.  
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    Yay!  That is wonderful to hear!  Good luck with the new job To get my mind off of my own job stress and worries, I've been walking everyday and doing Spanish lessons.  Only 3 days in...hope I can keep up this up because goal achievement feels really good!!!
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    Day 23:  5/6/20

    9:00 am:  banana

    1:45 pm:  1/2 chicken breast, 1/2 diced potato

    6:30 pm:  1/2 chicken breast, 1/2 diced potato

    First full shift back at nursing.  It was good!
    BUSY … what a dumb word.  Doesn’t quite cover it.  Lol.
    But good.
    I really, really love caring for these people.  Feels like a part of me awakened that has been sleeping.
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    Day 16:  4/29/20 (cont)

    11:00 am:  two burgers w/ ghee and salt

    2:35 pm:  banana and 1 oz. raw macadamia nuts

    4:35 pm:  diced potatoes cooked in ghee w/ avocado ranch

    10:00 pm:  two chicken breasts, sliced potatoes cooked in ghee, all topped w/ buffalo ranch

    It’s going to be one of those weird times where I pretty much just post my food.  Today was fine - just busy. 
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    Day 16:  4/29/20

    First:  Let’s get this out of the way.
    I DID end up finishing the bag of raw almonds last night - this was probably 2-3 oz. WITH an undetermined amount of raisins.
    I knew the potential was there - it was such a tasty combo, and I hadn’t had anything like that for a bit.  “Wow, this could be dangerous…” I thought to myself.
    Yes, yes it could.
    So the almonds are gone, and I won’t be buying any more.
    I majorly passed out on the couch - “slept in” until close to 7:00 - and woke up, of course not feeling great, with just stupid thoughts going through my head:  “This is why I always give up, I can eat W30 foods and still feel like shit…” etc. etc.
    And that is just ridiculous.
    Let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water here.
    Time for personal responsibility:
    I KNOW that nuts and seeds - pretty much ALL nuts and seeds - should be out of my life.  I did an entire W30 not allowing ANY nuts and seeds - it was that important.
    I KNOW I have histamine intolerance - and raisins are at the top of the list re: histamine-containing foods.
    So wtf did you think was going to happen, dummy?  Lol.  I mean, really.
    A quick evaluation in my mind of HALT: Was I Hungry? Angry? Lonely? Tired? reveals the answer pretty quickly:  I was TIRED.  I had already started to doze off at my computer after the too-late bowl of supper - and got up and “grabbed a snack” - thinking it would help me plow through and finish the school work I was in the middle of.
    To quote Samuel L. Jackson and a wonderful children’s book  :  Go the fuck to sleep.
    Old habits die hard.  But new habits are where the gold is.
    In the time it's taken me to type this out - I've moved on and forgiven myself already.  See how easy that was?!  It's a beautiful new day - I am halfway-through a Whole 30 - and I have a lot to be thankful for in my life.  Now, I get on with living it.  Have a glorious day!
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    As much as I wanted it, I haven't started over yet in terms of my food choices.  It totally sucks that I keep making the wrong choices every day.  However, until I'm ready, I want to try to remember to post one good thing I did on each given day, so I'm not so down on myself.
    One good thing about today:  I walked a mile during my lunch hour.   I used the Map my Walk app so I could get my total time and distance walked.  
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    Haha...Oops.  Just trying to say I felt bad you may have eaten something that didnt make you feel the best... anyway, very cool that you live in the Indianapolis area and we are both midwesterners.  I don't think I have ever visited Indiana.  Ohio and Wisconsin- yes.  I haven't had an excuse to go to many other midwestern states.  I decided after studying abroad in college that I wanted to appreciate where I live more and explore every corner of the cities I live in and keep travel within my state for the most part and cherish moments with family instead of leaving them behind again.  I know I'm missing out on a lot of wonderful parks and other touristy places doing that, so maybe eventually I will change my tune, but that has kind of been my motto unless my work sends me somewhere.  
    Anyway, I love the vibe and energy you are giving off in your posts lately!  You are rocking it!  It is a bit contagious, I feel!  And the weather is beautiful today, so that helps!
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    At first I thought you meant that green beans aren't compliant - and I thought, oh geez, did they change the rules on this one?  Lol.  No ... no, they did not.  So while they are perfectly acceptable on a W30 - no, they are not a good choice for me.  I don't think I mentioned that canned green beans cause my blood sugar to spike (I know, that sounds weird, but it is true) - and I had SO much trouble keeping my eyes open after I ate that meal.  It was ridiculous.  Not worth it.  I'm used to feeling pretty mentally clear now, and that was not the right food for it.
    I should be writing a book.  I have several books inside me.    
    And I hear you - there are a variety of factors that all have to (at least sort of) come together in order to be healthy and successful overall.  A huge turning point for me was the change in the weather.  I live not too far from you - Indianapolis vicinity (although not too close, thank God) - so you and I are suffering the same shitty weather / consequences of being too far north.  I realized recently I really feel my best in about the 2 months leading up to summer solstice (June 20-22) and the 2 months after.  This is a rough timeline ... but it's pretty much my reality.  That's 4 good months out of the year, and the rest is just: "ugh".
    I choose right now not to be depressed about it ~ but to make the very most of the good time that I have.
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    Day 14:  4/27/20

    Up on my own at 5:45 am today … okay, I guess this is good as I begin to think about going back into nursing - where day shift generally starts at 6:00 or 7:00 am.  I don’t feel tired, or wired … just awake and ready to start my day.  So, {shrug}.  Cool.

    10:40 am:  bacon and eggs, brahmi ghee in my coffee
    I was feeling pretty overstimulated after a big online quiz.  I wouldn’t have started it at that moment if I had known what I was getting into.  The brahmi ghee is W30 approved, and supposed to be calming, so I tried it in my coffee for the first time.  Not bad ~ and might have helped.  Eating {and taking a step away from the school work for awhile} helped, too. 

    5:00 pm:  burger, W30 frozen meal, tri-color cole slaw veggie mix w/ avocado ranch

    8:00 pm:  burger, cole slaw w/ ranch, HB eggs w/ mayo

    SO happy to have groceries again!
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    Day 14:  4/27/20 (cont)
    9:30 pm:  1 oz raw almonds w/ raisins - (I didn't measure the raisins, but I didn't go too crazy with them )
    Had a call today from a recruiter - a LTC staffing agency.  My aunt gave her my name, so I know the lady is "super nice" and it's legit.  Offering to pay considerably more than the already-good rate I negotiated with the one I just signed up with.  I can be employed by both of them ... I can be signed up with however many PRN jobs I want.  ...How many jobs do I want?  That is the question.
    So ~ feeling a little overwhelmed today.  We do need the money - and there are many parts of nursing that I do love.  It feels like a part of myself has been missing, on one hand - and on the other hand, I've been free to explore other paths and consider what I really want to do, and what kind of work is best for my personality.  We have also gotten a ton of projects done around the house (although there are always plenty more).
    Having the kids home has been an overall good thing.  Not being able to go work at my desk in the office with my employer - in my clutter-free, and mostly distraction-free little nook - has overall not been a good thing.  I feel like I get no real downtime ... like I'm "on" all the time.  There are a million things to do, everywhere I look.  Part of this is also starting this new degree.  I sometimes think, what in the world was I thinking?
    Well.  I sure as hell wasn't thinking that the world was going to get turned upside down.  So.  I'm trying to grant myself some grace with the new school program.  I can, for the most part, work at my own pace.  Note: I said "pace".  I don't think you have a pace if you are standing still.  I have to be at least moving forward.  Lol.
    All of this has nothing to do with food.  The past 2 weeks I have felt considerably better - my mood has been better, my energy, my mental clarity.  Sometimes I feel like I can take on the world - and that's great!  But that can also be dangerous.  I don't want to be juggling so many balls in the air that just ONE more ball thrown at me sends them all crashing down.
    I think what I really need is to shut up and get a good night of sleep.  
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    Day 12:  4/25/20

    Waking *on my own* as the sun starts coming up … man, this is a good sign.  Normally the puppy wakes me up - HER circadian rhythm has never been off.  “Whine, whine, whine, whine…”.  That is what has been my alarm clock, for months now.  And normally I've been like:  “okay, okay, I hear you!”
    Today I woke at 6:20 am, feeling well-rested and ready to go.  Not only that - last night I found myself thinking that I was happy to go to sleep, because I was really looking forward to getting up and starting a new day.
    Now … I need to pause right there.
    I need to point out that - just a couple of weeks ago - I applied to a couple of nursing jobs thinking, “Oh well, if coronavirus takes me out, shit happens, WTF-ever.”
    I was not feeling suicidal - and please don’t read it that way.  I have never been suicidal.  Life is a GIFT, my children are a GIFT - and I generally have a deep appreciation for it, and try to make the most of each day.
    But I felt really defeated.
    My days felt like an endless series of “trudging through”.

    I have wistfully remembered the summer of 2018 … when I was still in nursing school.  My class load was super light - one class - and I was not working.  I ate carnivore pretty much that entire summer.  I lived like a human - OUTSIDE most of the time - and shunning the artificial indoor light as much as possible, as if it were a disease.  Because it is.
    It was the first time in my life that I felt like I had a real, healthy, normal circadian rhythm.
    Well, what does that mean?  What difference does it make?
    It means EVERYTHING.  And it is a WORLD of difference.

    I started a book sometime in March, that remains unfinished.  Not because it isn’t good - it’s freaking great - but because I “got busy” {rolling my eyes} with other things.  {Truthfully, my mind was like a bunch of static on the radio.  It needed some turns of the dial to get back to beautiful, crisp, clear music.}
    He talks in this book about our body being like a computer.  What would happen if you tried to run a Mac program on a Windows computer?  And vice versa.  You get the idea.
    It made a lot of sense to me, then - but man, it REALLY makes a lot of sense to me now.
    We complicate things.  We humans get in our own way.  All the time.  Our bodies - no matter how you believe they were designed - they have a DESIGN.  We are amazing and complex machines, or computers - however you want to look at it - and we have an operating system, already built in.
    Would you skip several steps on assembling a piece of IKEA furniture, then stand around cursing about why it doesn’t look right?  Why it’s not sturdy?
    Well, that sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?
    But it’s what we tend to do.  Some of us do it each and every day.

    So what happened?  What happened to me since this clarity in the summer of 2018?  Well, THAT is the great big onion.  I’ve been peeling back the layers to examine it, both here ~ and in my mind.
    I still have a lot I could say, but I’ll leave it at that for now.  I have a fresh new day to enjoy!  I hope you do the same.   
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    @Amy_Michigan ~ I was thinking about posting this earlier in the day, before I even read your post about "feeling" your heart.
    I was introduced to the Paleo way of eating way back in 2012, by a woman who was a serious bodybuilder ... along with her husband, who had won some awards across the globe.  They were NOT your typical "protein shake" bodybuilders ... they had been doing this for a long time, had even owned a gym where they trained others ... and they were all about fueling with real food.
    She said to me (and others) many times, that she had been learning about nutrition and her body for 20 years - and she knew her body very well.  She was able to pinpoint when something was "off" because she had learned her own body's signals, and she listened.
    At the time - I admit, it sort of went in one ear and out the other - I was probably sort of like, "Well, that's great for you - but WTF is going on with me?!"  Lol.  {Just give me the "fast track" to looking like YOU ... right?}   The truth is, she could give me gentle nudges in the right directions - but I had to have a lot of my OWN experiences in order to figure out what worked for me, and what did not.
    After I posted this morning, it dawned on me that now I AM her ... in the sense that I have been learning about nutrition and my own body for close to 20 years now. I DO know when something is "off" and I CAN pinpoint things - so much better than I used to be able to.  It is very cool that I knew what I needed to do, basically before my eyes were even open this morning.  And I've been great ever since!
    Thank you for popping in and sharing your thoughts ... and don't ever feel like you are posting too much.  I love the conversation.  And I LOVE helping others - who want the help.  As you remember from the story about my dad ... my days of unsolicited advice are pretty much over.  Lol.  That ship has sailed.  
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    And, sorry I didn't mention this, but I've had a weird heart skipping a beat or heart fluttering situation (something that makes me "feel/notice" the beats) that has freaked me out before in the past.  Always scary, and sorry to hear something like that happened to you.    At least you knew to try things that could help keep your body in balance.  I'm very impressed!
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    Yay, DAY 11!!!!  That is great!  I'm glad I'm back to logging in and reading your posts.  I'm still eating non-compliant foods, unfortunately, but inching my way closer to where I want to be because I've been making more paleo recipes and all of the snacks in the house that I liked are gone and I am NOT replacing them.  After I made hamburgers, my daughter asked if we could have them every week, and both of my kids finished theirs.  It am so happy when I am able to have my daughter finish a meal, especially including red meat.  I also made tuna salad with onions, celery, primal kitchen mayo, salt/pepper, and garlic powder....I used three 5oz cans of tuna and an entire package of celery.  I told my husband that he could eat one of the three containers I filled up because it was so much.  I will be eating tuna salad for lunch for about a week, I think.  But the only way I was going to make this tuna salad was cutting up the vegetables as soon as I got them delivered from the store.  Otherwise I would let them go bad.  And it worked! I made carrot fries the same day... so I'm eating a lot more veggies now.  Anyway, sorry for such a long update on your log.  Just want to say thanks for all of the food ideas   
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    Day 11:  4/24/20
    Woke up this morning “aware” of my heart … whether you call it pounding or palpitations, doesn’t matter - anytime I am “feeling” my heart like this, I know it’s time to focus on hydration - and more specifically, electrolytes.
    This is not a new feeling for me, but it’s one I haven’t experienced for some time.  It’s not anxiety, but it can be misconstrued as such - and that is not a path I choose to go down.  I am going to go back in the house and check my ketones after I get done typing this.  I would be shocked if I’m not registering an amount well over 0.1 mmol /L- which is where I would be if I were not in ketosis.
    So, I instinctively grabbed a banana from the counter.  This is WAY earlier than I’ve normally been eating - and probably not the best way to start my day.  I got halfway through, and had zero desire to finish it.
    I also made my coffee with 1/3 decaf, and I would assume that will be my new norm.  I’ve been feeling the need coming to make that transition for a couple of days now.  There is no “need” for the high amount of caffeine when I start burning ketones.
    And I had a shot of Lyte Show in water.  This is a simple mix of electrolytes - sodium, potassium, magnesium, etc - and no extra crap in there.  I discovered Lyte Show years ago, and it has been a life saver.  So many of the symptoms of “carb flu” that people go through are completely unnecessary, if you know how to manage it.  (I did not, when I first made my journey into keto long ago - and there was a lot of this heart stuff I went through, before I understood what was going on.)
    I will not report every time I use Lyte Show.  Just like I don’t report my coffee or sparkling water.  It’s just going to be a part of my day, when I feel like I need it.  I also will just EAT 1/4 tsp of Redmond Real Salt sometimes.  My biggest clue that I need sodium is when I have symptoms of orthostatic hypotension.  No, heavily salting your food sometimes is NOT enough.  Yes, I just straight-up eat salt. 

    6:50 am:  1/2 banana

    Ha - it’s been so long since I’ve used my monitors, I first had to go on a treasure hunt through my house to find them.  Tucked away together in a box with a bunch of other random crap that got cleaned off the kitchen counter at some point in time.
    My ketone strips expired in August 2019.  Don’t care - will use them anyway.  Registered at 0.4 mmol/L … this was about 30 minutes after that banana.  That sounds about right, based on how I am feeling.  I didn’t measure my glucose.  I just don’t feel the need.  It doesn’t tell me nearly as much as I once thought it did.
    It's now a little over an hour since I woke up - and the heart stuff calmed down awhile ago.  I feel great.  It takes me a long time to type this stuff out.  I'm a deep thinker, and a perfectionist.
    HEY - Day 11 is here ... and it was my goal to get through at least 11 days - remember?!  Well, I'm almost there.  And zero signs of slowing down.
    Have a great day, all.