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    Advice for starting over or continuing Whole30

    During previous scenarios, it was on me. I would forget to ask about things that appeared to be already compliant on the menu, such as seasoned broccoli. I couldn't fathom that a seemingly simple, dry seasoning could contain butter flakes! This is due to a lack of practice I'm sure, as I am improving with each outing. I struggle with poor memory sometimes when it comes to taking in a lot of information. My second week during my first attempt, I ate CORN ON THE COB! I truly ate it with good intentions after reading The Whole30 cover to cover. I was so distraught once it clicked afterwards, and frantically flipped through the book to confirm my mistake. The reason I joined the Whole30 was to help with chronic acne. Although I truly do want to succeed and complete the program, I am nervous about reintroduction. I'm willing to take on a Whole60 and even a Whole90 because my painful, chronic acne has improved. I feel so much better about my skin! Postponing reintroduction is a mixture between wanting to see if my skin can get even clearer, and being fearful of having my old skin back.
  2. Hello! I've been doing my best to complete my first Whole30 since June. I've been tempted to remain a "Whole30 Hermit" so I could successfully complete the program unscathed, but continue to fail when I challenge myself to dine out. I start over fresh immediately after discovering there were noncompliant seasonings, additives, oils, etc. in the food. Today is Day 29 for me, and although I'm so excited to feel the relief from the pressure this program puts on me (I'm a severe perfectionist!), I'm honestly wondering if I should start over again. Yesterday I dined out and asked my server for no oils or seasonings in an already compliant meal. She was very attentive and helpful, going out of her way to consult the manager. The pans and grill they use to cook contain butter residue, but they would not add anything else to it for me. Since i do not have an allergy, I believed this to be a go. I was careful not to touch the bottom of the skillet when eating (which had butter) but it still didn't taste right. It tasted too good! I was immediately concerned, the over easy egg on top was oddly fluffy too, as though pancake batter had been added to it. I stopped eating immediately, leaving the majority of the meal behind, and discarded my current (yet delicious) mouthful into a napkin. I am aware starting over is a personal decision to be made, but this is so "on the line" for me that I would greatly appreciate any and all advice! Provided is a similar picture of the meal I ordered: a veggie skillet from Denny's. Thank you all so much for reading through.