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  1. cdmrsfwb

    Meal Planner - how to cut back on meat?

    Thanks everyone for the tips! As for my initial question, I found out that you can add your own recipes to Real Plans and that there are a lot of vegetarian whole30 meals freely available elsewhere, so I'll just add those to my plan
  2. cdmrsfwb

    Meal Planner - how to cut back on meat?

    Any quick tips on how to find "decent quality meat"? I've actually never had to buy meat before
  3. cdmrsfwb

    Meal Planner - how to cut back on meat?

    Thanks, I had a look at all those. I'd actually checked the meal template before and it seems great, but since I don't have too much cooking experience I decided to get me a meal plan instead - it would take me much longer to find suitable meals on my own (I'm already spending 6h a day fiddling with the recipes, trying to find how to do everything etc) And yes, I am using Real Plans. I assumed it would be popular here
  4. Just started a whole30, bought the meal planner and all the ingredients I didn't have for the first day, and then I realized... I normally eat this much meat in a month. Not a day. I'm not vegan or vegetarian, I've just never felt like I needed to eat that much meat. Surely suddenly downing 115g bacon and "1 turkey sausage" (assuming that's like maybe 250g? I bought 300g of it just to be sure) in a day can't go well, right? Sure enough, I started feeling tired and sluggish some time after my breakfast consisting mainly of bacon. Not completely sure it was the culprit, but - how do you cut back on meat in the meal planner? Not completely eliminate it - getting some in small quantities a couple times a week would be nice. I tried applying the "vegetarian" filter to most of my meals in a week, but turns out only 3 lunch/dinner recipes have this tag, and I'm not sure I want to prepare me 40 servings of ratatouille during the course of the program. Cycling between the "Whole30" and "Vegetarian" meal plans is definitely an option - the latter seems to have a few more lunches/dinners if you eliminate all the things eliminated in a regular W30, it's just not very convenient to have to completely rewrite the entire meal plan several times a week. If anyone's had a similar experience I'd love to hear from you! I really like the feel of this meal planner and it'd be sad to have to resort to using something else :/ (I guess I could just decrease the quantities of meat and increase those of everything else in the recipes?)