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  1. R4 D28 I am glad I decided to extend my Whole30 to a Whole50 since I'm still getting lethargic and not quite there yet. I've definitely noticed the physical changes: reduced pain, reduced swelling, sleeping better, no cravings. I'm getting there, but it is much slower this time. I'm eating to the template, and maybe it's just my body still adjusting took the be nutrition. It doesn't matter; I'm clearly not ready for reintroduction just yet. I've had a couple of good restaurant experiences these past 9 days. Both times I scoped out the menu beforehand, and the chefs have been more than ac
  2. R4 D19 I'm really tired today. Slept great, fell asleep fast but did not want to wake up. I should've gone to bed earlier, but I still had things to do so it was late. I'll sleep in tomorrow and do some catch up; only thing I have to do is food prep and some housecleaning. Next week is a travel week, and I'm gearing up for some eating out. It's so hard when almost all restaurants use vegetable oil that contains soybean oil, which makes me sick as a dog. I've checked the restaurant menus we're eating at, and it's going to be a lot of salads. One place I may be able to get a lettuce wrap bu
  3. Last post was R4 D6, and today is R4 D18, and I'm cruising right along. I've been writing in my W30 Day-by-Day Guide and tracking everything there. It just feels like I've been drinking from a fire hose these past two weeks, and today was no exception. Normally, I would have caved by now, but I've been sticking to the process, planning and prepping meals, and it's paid off. NSV! And I'm starting to feel the good good that comes with Whole30. Falling asleep faster, sleeping better, better gut health, more energy, no mid-day crashes, no cravings, less joint pain..... I'm feeling it and seeing i
  4. R4 D6 and I'm finally starting to feel like I'm getting over the hump. I was super cranky D5, and it's seemed like everything and everyone got on my last nerve and massaged it. I'm still getting headaches in the morning, but they're improving. Sleep is better, and I'm doing good getting my water in. I noticed the swelling in my hands and legs is much improved, and I'm not waking up with hand pain. I've been wearing compression gloves at night to help with the arthritis, and I'm not having to wear those anymore; that's a great NSV! I'm having improved gut health, and my cravings for bread
  5. R4 D4 Much better today! Got a better night's sleep and do not feel as foggy or lethargic. I did run in to a bit of the KATT today, though. The "jingle" notification that tells me an email has arrived just got on my last nerve and massaged it today. I found I had zero patience for emails today or responding to them, so I engaged my team (who know I'm on W30) and they were kind enough to step in and respond on my behalf so I didn't do or say anything stupid to a client. Like I said D1, I have my village, and I am super grateful for them! I am doing a much better job or getting my water in
  6. R4 D3 A little better day today, although I didn't sleep well at all. Headache isn't there but still feeling lethargic, and I'm sure my lack of sleep has something to do with that. I'm keeping up with my journaling and working in my Whole 30 Day-by-Day, so I feel good about that. I also signed up for Whole 30 group coaching for the September Whole 30. Even though I am already in round, I see no issue with continuing my round, especially if this is a committed lifestyle change. I have not used a certified Whole 30 coach before, and I am excited to see how the process works with a coach. I
  7. R4 D2 - Woke up this morning a little head-achy and super foggy. My head felt like a ball of cotton, and I've just been so "out of it" all day. I'm working through it, but it has not been easy. This is just the beginning of the detox, and I know what the next few days will bring. It's a short term problem, although I am kicking myself for not starting closer to the weekend so I don't have to focus so hard on work. I'll just continue to wade through the quicksand until it passes. Sticking to my meals and not having the cravings yet, but I know they're coming. A big NSV for me yesterd
  8. Today is R4 D1, and as with anything new, motivation is high. I have had successful rounds before and have had gone through reintroduction, so I feel I have a good handle on what foods are okay for me to eat, what I need to eat in moderation and what foods I need to avoid altogether. My relationship with food is still a bit tricky, though. When I am on round, I am great! I am all-in, I have only needed to do a restart once and have had phenomenal results each time. I struggle on reintroduction, and while I have been able to identify my inflammatory triggers (some of which surprised me), I