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  1. Sometimes the hardest thing is to hold back and stick to only a few things. It seems simple and too easy at first when our motivation is in high gear, but choosing a few simple habits is the path to success and achieving those goals. Keep up the discipline and hard work!
  2. I totally agree - Day 8 feels like an accomplishment. Great work everyone!!
  3. I am thoroughly caught up on your journey this round! I totally agree with this ^^ - I first read FFF during my 2nd whole30 and going through it again now has me thinking a lot about balance as well. I am confident that the on/off cycles will become shorter and less de-railing as we work through our food a little bit more each round. Also totally second Beckha99's msg above - the mere effort it takes to re-start the 30 days is worth so much. And it's not like we're starting back at square one earlier. I think someone commented earlier on this thread that we have the knowledge and experie