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  1. Day 21 I like having this log here because it reminds me of the motivation I have felt on certain days and the fatigue I have felt on others. Today has been a mix. I have gotten into a rut with my eating and have also fallen back into old habits of deliberately finding time by myself to binge on foods that are technically W30 compliant, but eaten in a way that is not mindful at all. I can see myself on this treadmill, feeling good some days and terrible on others and finding it difficult not only to break out of it but to want to break out of it. This pattern I've developed is so co
  2. Sometimes the hardest thing is to hold back and stick to only a few things. It seems simple and too easy at first when our motivation is in high gear, but choosing a few simple habits is the path to success and achieving those goals. Keep up the discipline and hard work!
  3. Day 20 Today I woke up feeling blah and generally feeling down. Coming to the end of the day and reading your comments on here is brightening my spirits, though! I find that if I am productive and have some structure to my morning routine, as well as my routine the night before, it sets up my day SO much better. I like to wake up early and get things done before work, but today I felt a bit lost and that feeling followed me through the day. Almond butter made an appearance again today but I did manage to have a great first shift back at an old job. I caught myself thinking a lot of negati
  4. It sounds like your rest day was much needed and deserved today, good for you for taking it. Taking time to reflect is totally important, I agree! Sometimes things need to sit before we can process them. I second Emma - the day moved along and you held it and your family together, even if it wasn't what you had planned/hoped.
  5. Day 13-19 recap I'm back from a being away for the long weekend (I got to visit Waterton in Alberta and Glacier National Park in Montana and both were totally stunning!!) and ready to recap & share how the past few days have been. Going into this weekend, I had the feelings I posted about earlier of apathy towards my W30 and was contemplating eating the goodies and drinking the beer that I knew my friends would be indulging in. Thankfully, a solid therapy session and some reflection afterward got me thinking about how I have been selling myself short throughout the past 1-2 month
  6. Day 12 I totally feel what you said, Emma, about being conflicted in wanting to get to the end but also not quite being ready for it. I was struggling yesterday to think of measurable, specific goals in the realm of achieving food freedom. I was looking to the end result, rather than to the process, which is where all of the insights and moments of growth lie (I had my 2nd session with my therapist today and she helped me drill down to this). So in that vein, I will look to set some specific goals about the process of achieving food freedom, because although the whole30 will come to an en
  7. Day 11 I felt much more in control of my choices and thoughts around food today, although everything felt generally lacklustre. I did have a yummy dinner, though, of ground beef, green beans with onions and carrot greens, all sauteed together and topped with nutritional yeast and kimchi. I have some leftovers that I am looking forward to for lunch tomorrow! I think I need to get clearer on why I am doing the Whole30 and how this specific program is helping me work towards my goals...and what "food freedom" specifically means for me. At the moment, I feel like I am going through the m
  8. 100% - I think that's the mindset shift that makes all of the difference!
  9. I went to see a therapist for the first time ever last month and I can only recommend that you give it a try! Being able to be open and honest about my relationship with food in a safe space was a game-changer and she provided some actionable tips on how to heal. To your point about not quite knowing what will come up, my reasons for booking an apt was to discuss food but we ended up going over depression and how they are related. The experience has made me more curious about mental health and food, and I think it has been beneficial to have my therapy and Whole30 journeys side by side.
  10. Day 10 Soooo today I fell into old habits, and my energy today (both mental and physical) suffered for it. I dove into fruit and almond butter and I felt committed to then continuing to eat the whole jar of almond butter that I KNOW is a no brakes food for me. After having the first spoonful, I felt shame for eating a food that I know has negative attachments for me and that slump in my mood and energy carried on through the rest of the day. My productivity suffered big time and I didn't feel like doing much of anything for the rest of the day. I know, from several versions of this
  11. Day 9 (yesterday) Right on schedule, my guts were in a bit of a bind yesterday but it only lasted for a few hours in the morning and then settled down later on, which is a (welcomed) changed from past W30s. I was fairly high energy yesterday and did not have fruit dessert after lunch, which made a noticeable difference on my mental game in the afternoon. I was hungry a couple hours later and ate an egg scrambled with sunflower seeds and saskatoon berries, which satisfied me and kept me full until a late dinner. I've been eating a lot of canned salmon and tuna this past week and am s
  12. I think you hit the nail on the head, Jihanna! I like your method of skipping fruit for a while as well and see how that changes things. Thank you for sharing
  13. I totally agree - Day 8 feels like an accomplishment. Great work everyone!!
  14. Days 7 & 8 Thank you all for your messages and comments on here - I really appreciate reading your thoughts when I come to write my log and knowing that you're out there somewhere going through these same things (or have gone through them at a different time) is incredibly reassuring, and it makes this experience feel much more communal! This weekend was a combo of great food and some more stress/boredom binge eating. I stayed compliant, which I am happy about, but I ate a LOT of nuts last night with berries and I felt bloated and tired today because of it. I am seeing a pa
  15. Interesting insight about them never overlapping. Thank you for sharing!