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    C.B. reacted to Emma in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    Day 20 -
    Breakfast: I forget, but it was something not very spectacular
    Lunch: Oh my gosh - I made a super tasty satay sauce for dinner! It was SO good (out of the Quick and Easy Whole30 book). And, as I made it, there was extra coconut milk and almond butter so I mixed those up and ATE and it was SO delicious. I recognized that I was indulging quite a bit and I'd had a very light breakfast so I took out my big bowl of broccoli/cabbage/carrot slaw and cooked some up with a couple eggs and the leftovers of last night's greek sauce (coconut milk, lemon, mint) and just ate it.  I am very glad my kids chose the recipes otherwise we'd be having the same 'ol, same 'ol. Afterwards I was tired and the house was quiet and it felt like one of those nice moments where you just lie down in your living room on a sunny day and let the sounds from outside float in. So, I tried, but my mind was too awake so I got up to get my body moving and the tiredness went away.  
    Dinner: Chicken Satay and Salad and it was delicious. The kids didn't like the satay sauce, but I can't fathom why. It's my favorite ever. Before dinner, while cutting up cucumbers and carrots for the salad, I ate a bunch and at one point I licked my upper lip and then I noticed that my upper lip felt tingly so I was definitely having a little allergic reaction to the fresh veggies. It didn't help that right before then I was outside pulling up grass and not wearing a face mask so I probably got a good dose of allergens in me. Nonetheless, I ate carrots and cucumbers in my salad at dinner time and other than things feeling a little weird and unhappy in my throat and mouth, I'm okay. I also have a slight headache and I did eat about half of an onion that I grilled. But overall, it was great. And there is one kabob left for me to have for breakfast tomorrow.
    Lots got done today and also lots did not. I started a new project in the yard when I had some sudden inspiration and, with a little help from the family in the evening, it was completed. And now we are going to play a family game. It's already bedtime! But I told the kids I would and that's the reason everybody chipped in outside.
    But before I go, I walked around today feeling thinner or fitter or just not taking up as much bumbling space. I assume I've lost some weight, but I'm imagining it's only a couple pounds because anything else would be too hopeful and too likely be dashed by the reality of a scale. I'm feeling thinner though - maybe it's internally around my organs. I like the idea of my inner body being less marbled.
    Allrighty-O. I'm off to check in on others until the kids get the table set up!!!
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    Sometimes the hardest thing is to hold back and stick to only a few things. It seems simple and too easy at first when our motivation is in high gear, but choosing a few simple habits is the path to success and achieving those goals. Keep up the discipline and hard work!
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    C.B. got a reaction from Amy_Michigan in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    Sometimes the hardest thing is to hold back and stick to only a few things. It seems simple and too easy at first when our motivation is in high gear, but choosing a few simple habits is the path to success and achieving those goals. Keep up the discipline and hard work!
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    C.B. got a reaction from Emma in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    Sometimes the hardest thing is to hold back and stick to only a few things. It seems simple and too easy at first when our motivation is in high gear, but choosing a few simple habits is the path to success and achieving those goals. Keep up the discipline and hard work!
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    C.B. reacted to Emma in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    Day Twelve - Ahhh, I'm getting back to where I was before my reset.  Maybe that reset will be a good thing because if I hadn't had it, then I would be nearing the 30 day mark and I'm feeling good, but not great. My body needs a LOT MORE healing time. But with the fifteen day warm-up, by the time I get to the thirty day mark, it will really be about 45 days about clean eating and that's a good healthy dose of healthiness. And then to continue.
    Reintroduction thinking - I've never pulled off a reintroduction, but I really do want to this time. I've been noting what you've said, Jihanna, and think I should probably right some things down. Soy is a big one.  Corn is another because it seeps into so many things and I like corn on the cob. Dairy I only eat when it's in a cake or ice cream. Cocoa! I should check that. Eh - enough thinking about this. It's all two weeks away and life is going to be very busy. I can focus on it closer to that date.
    I slept from 11-6:30 which one quick visit to the bathroom. My dreams were vivid and a bit frenetic.  I am sore today still from doing squats two days ago. I love it! Even if I am hobbling around a bit. I also have blisters on the sides of my feet. I'm not sure why. I've been wearing the same birkenstocks. A hopeful part of me wondered if it was because I lost weight in my feet and so now my shoes fit differently. Haha. It's the only place that feels like it might have lost weight.
    Weight. I just did a guided meditation by Tara Brach and one of the things she says is to accept yourself as you are or love yourself or something open and loving and I was right there breathing in the good open loving energy and I DO love myself and all by myself, I feel just fine. But energy wise, my body isn't happy. And the extra weight on these joints must be exhausting. So then I forget about loving me and get focused on the weight which will take forever to go away. How long is forever? I'm going to quantify that. OMG - Forty weeks. I've lost thirty by watching calories and then eating clean and then I gained ten and then lost ten. But if I lost 40 more, I'd be in a much better space health wise. So, one pound a week - forty weeks. That's less than a year, but what a crazy amount of focus and attention and consistency for SO long. And yet, in one year, I'd be quite happy. I really just want results in six weeks.  That's not so possible.
    Plug along and plug along and stay focused on learning to eat the healthy foods and only healthy foods so that they become my base. And practice becoming aware of the foods that drag me down. My family is going to want to go out to eat once this Whole30 ends. We have several pizza parties we are hosting in upcoming weeks. Eeegadz. I'm going to want to join in. I think I'm going to need to start mentally prepping for these upcoming events. I will make paleo deserts for myself, but even that takes some mental prep. I can do it. 
    I like that I'm thinking in terms of longer term. 
    Ahh - the house is awake now so my quiet time is ending.
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    C.B. got a reaction from Emma in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    I totally agree - Day 8 feels like an accomplishment. Great work everyone!!
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    C.B. reacted to Beckha99 in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    8 does sound pretty amazing! I can't wait until tomorrow. There is something where I get past the 7 day mark where it feels like an accomplishment b/c it was a whole week!! The allergy situation must be crazy to deal with. I hope you figure out what was bothering you! Just think, tomorrow is your day 9 and then you are in.....**gasp**...DOUBLE DIGITS!! 
    I am totally with you on leaving something in the oven, with the husband to watch, and then it getting ruined. You are much more gracious then I could have been!
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    C.B. reacted to Emma in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    Day Eight - Ahhhhh. Eight has a nice sound to it because soon will be fifteen. One and two and three and four just sound like the beginning, which are also good places. The climb up a mountain always starts with the first step and so One is really quite a beautifully strong number, but I'm liking how eight sounds. Eight. Day eight. I had a dream last night that I ate something non Whole30, but kept it secret. And then I continued to eat non Whole30 things effectively living a double life of clean posts in the forum and unhealthy eating on the side. Just to be clear - that's not my plan, but my brain was certainly presenting that as an option.
    I woke up early. The cat and the dog were both staring at me and the cat was making tiny mew mew sounds in an attempt to communicate that he was hungry, but in a seemingly polite way since I was clearly asleep. I felt awake enough so I got up. I think, though, it was only 6.5 hours of sleep. Maybe only six. Dang.
    My ears and head are feeling much better, but my ears are still itchy if I think about them. Maybe they'll clear up as I wake up, drink coffee, and do that early morning sniffing to clear out the ear, nose, throat pipes. It was unpleasant last night as the inflammation moved from my ears into my head causing an entire heaviness of ocean inside my skull when I leaned over to kiss my kid goodnight. I will eat my fish oil pills today to see if they trigger it, but I don't think they will. I will eat some more fish in the next few days and I'll use the same curry broth, but that would surprise me. I don't particularly want to roast and burn broccoli and cauliflower to test things out. In fact, I don't want to buy those veggies anymore from that vendor even though I can't imagine there was a problem with the veggies since, once they are cooked, I don't have issues (I do react to them when they are raw).
    Plan for today:
    1. Go to the sauna and meditate in there
    2. Practice much earlier in the day than I did yesterday
    3. Whole30 
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    C.B. got a reaction from Emma in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    I am thoroughly caught up on your journey this round! I totally agree with this ^^ - I first read FFF during my 2nd whole30 and going through it again now has me thinking a lot about balance as well. I am confident that the on/off cycles will become shorter and less de-railing as we work through our food a little bit more each round. 
    Also totally second Beckha99's msg above - the mere effort it takes to re-start the 30 days is worth so much. And it's not like we're starting back at square one earlier. I think someone commented earlier on this thread that we have the knowledge and experience learned in the first attempt to carry us through this next one. 
    I'm looking forward to keeping up with both of your Whole30s!
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    C.B. reacted to Beckha99 in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    Ok, I have decided you are my new buddy. Congratulations (Yes, I realize I gave you no choice in the matter). Your timeline is very close to mine (I am one day behind), and I have been dealing with a lot of similar things. Although, I feel like you are MUCH stronger then I am at this point. I don't care if you had to restart a few times, YOU KEEP COMING BACK!!! It is so easy after messing up to just want to say "Screw it!", and then go nuts. But you accept the mistake, process it, learn,  and KEEP GOING!!! I feel like that is pretty great. And we can do it this time!! (Even if I kept telling myself last night, how easy it would be to just quit.) We have got this. Keep kicking butt Emma!
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    C.B. reacted to Jihanna in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    Starting over is definitely a great idea, here, and I'm so glad you seem like you're in a good mindset for that to happen! If the idea of going back to the beginning (I always hated Chutes and Ladders because inevitably I'd get to that top chute and wind up back at the bottom!) is too harsh, it might help to consider this as an extension instead of a re-start -- instead of back to day 1, it could be day 16 of a Whole45. The important parts really are to get that full month of reset in and to remember your symptoms/experience might reflect some of what's expected during early days on the program.
    I'm so sorry it's happening, and I know how frustrating it can be, but you definitely have cheering and support happening (even though many of us don't post on logs, I'm sure I'm not the only one that tends to scan through them!)