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  1. Hi, i have been having a bowl of fruit and nuts for breakfast for the last 10 days currently on day 21. I’m feeling my clothes still as tight on and don’t appear to be loosing any more weight. Is there the potential all the fruit is making me put weight on? i exercise daily. Average of 10K a day. Combination of a walk and run. Also kettlebells. AlSo, I am feeling much more bloated and constipated in the last week. thanks. banana, handful of strawberries, melon, grapefruit, hazelnuts, cashews, raspberries and apples.
  2. Hi all, I’m on day 20. Energy levels suck and I’m struggling to excercise. Before whole 30 I could comfortably run 5km and most days and do a 10km once or twice a week. My legs are so so heavy I just can’t run. Any suggestions? x
  3. Can anyone advise if this is ok?
  4. Hey everyone, I am on Day 5. I am 38 and had a hysterectomy 2 years ago ( I kept my ovaries). I am naturally a nervous person and suffered from hot flushes, going red and sweating all my life. Since my hysterectomy they are much more severe and feel more intense. The DR put me on HRT however my blood tests were inconclusive. My memory is awful and energy is always low, my skin is also no prone to breakouts and my pores are huge so they think I am in menopause. Anyway, as I am not really getting anywhere with my DR, I am wondering if looking at my nutrition will help. I have
  5. Hi all, I'm really new to this and really battling. I am generally a really healthy eater and exercise well but I decided to give Whole30 a try to see if it improves my gut, my skin, my mental health, sleep and if it will help my excessive hot flushes and sweating (part related to nerves and part related to potential menopause). I am on day 5 and I am shattered. I am struggling with running. My legs just don't carry me and I feel drained. Below is an example of my food for the day. Can anyone help me? Laura