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  1. I'm on day 45... and I"m still experiencing bloating and occasional constipation I've just recently cut out eggs and nightshades, low fodmap to see if this helps. Is it best to keep going until i see major improvements into these areas.. or should i reintroduce some foods? Thanks, Kacie
  2. I don't know if you still get notifications for this post... but if you do... My stomach either feels amazing, full of energy or I'm bloated and constipated. I'm on day 28. I would say when I feel good I feel really good and am very impressed with the program... and when I feel bad, I'm quite discouraged. I've felt the same... if I'm eating so healthy, why should i need a probiotic? But if this is true, will it take more than 28 days for my good bacteria to get on track again? Should I continue with the program for a bit longer, or try reintroducing foods? thanks!
  3. Hey Shannon, Day 28 and still constipated. Most days I feel great- when I get enough sleep I have more energy. But the constipation has turned bad, leaving me not feeling well the last few days. I'm still overall pretty happy with my Whole30 results so far, but this was one of the reasons I wanted to start and It's gotten worse since being Whole30. SOS. Kacie
  4. Ok this is good to know... my energy levels are still good- but there are days that I feel like I need to go bad, like today.. but can’t. Defiantly drinking enough water, just added ACV into my routine and ginger tea at night.. we’ll see how it goes. Overall, the bloating hasn’t returned since going low Fodmap. Praise Jesus.
  5. Hey Shannon! I'm 15 days in, I decided to follow a low fodmap diet which has greatly improved my blaoting, but my bowel movements haven't changed at all. TMI warning, I've only gone to the bathroom 4 times in the last 2 weeks, 3 of those times due to a stool softener. However, my stomach doesn't feel bad- I feel great!
  6. I read online that there is a lot of moisture in eggplant. So after you slice, add a generous amount of salt...wait, dab the moisture...and then repeat this 2 or 3 times before you make the "toast." the moisture probably made it a bit soggy.
  7. Thanks so much for the advice Shannon... So is the Tuna and Chicken in the afternoon and at night not enough protein? I feel like 4 eggs is so much, but I will try it and see how I feel. I've been trying to add more fats, I know there are some in the book, but besides avocado, what could I add to my meals? thanks again, Kacie
  8. I should add, I drink one cup of black coffee in the morning and drink between 80-100 ounces of warm water throughout the day (I'm apx 145lbs)
  9. Day 4. I just started Whole30 to improve digestion and to gain an overall healthier lifestyle as well as see if it would treat occasional anxiety. The first 4 days have been great, I'm not experiencing any of the symptoms (yet) that I've heard about. I feel like my meals are good but don't keep me full for long which has allowed for snacks twice daily throughout my 12 hour shifts. After reading I realized that I should substitute my 2 servings of fruits for more healthy fats and veggies for my snack and the fat has really helped. I wanted to put what I've been eating out there to make sur