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    Kacieleonab reacted to Carlaccini in Bloated, looking awful, feeling low   
    I hear you. I had digestive issues for a good 20 days. I am on day 28 and it has only been the last week and little bit that my gut has been reacting like it is really happy.
    So it does come. I did not take any flora because I, like you, honestly thought that if I was eating good food it should iron itself out. Mind you my gut has always been somewhat erratic, so I figured changes in my diet would obviously take some time for my gut to re-adjust. Especially since I didn't consume large quantities of meat previously. (I was kind of a high carb girl)
    So it does come, just be patient with your body. It is adjusting itself. After all Rome wasn't built in a day, so you can't expect your gut to re-adjust itself quickly when you are eating completely different foods than pre-whole 30 days.
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    Kacieleonab reacted to Tom Denham in Bloated, looking awful, feeling low   
    Your gut flora adjusts to whatever you eat habitually. When you change your habits, your gut flora must adjust too, but those changes tend to be slow. Your digestion is probably disturbed right now because your gut flora is still good for your old diet, but has not grown in the proper ways to digest your new diet. That's why you need digestive enzymes and maybe probiotics. Many people can adjust without taking supplements, but for those who adjust slowly, the sensible thing to do is supplement. Many people no longer need supplements after their bodies have had enough time to adjust.
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    Kacieleonab got a reaction from ashleyparik in How to cook eggplant to substitute for a bread slice?   
    I read online that there is a lot of moisture in eggplant. So after you slice, add a generous amount of salt...wait, dab the moisture...and then repeat this 2 or 3 times before you make the "toast." the moisture probably made it a bit soggy.