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  1. Today is day 7 of reintroduction. Had beans with chili yesterday and today, no problems noted. Bought some corn tortillas today and want to try to make some tacos. Going to try some corn. My plan for now is to stick with dairy, beans and corn....unless I encounter some special occasion.
  2. Day 2 of reintroduction. No issues with the dairy products yesterday. I did add a hard boiled egg to my breakfast today as I was a little hungry between breakfast and lunch yesterday. Plan is to continue the same plan today then go back to whole30 for the 3 day weekend (I’m working ). Next week I’m going to try beans in some chili.
  3. So today is day 31 or reintroduction day 1. The Whole30 was more beneficial than I expected or hoped. My plan moving forward is for a limited reintroduction, almost a slow roll type plan. I spent time over the last few days thinking about what food/food groups I can live without and which are triggers for me. My plan as of today is to add limited dairy products (plain yogurt with fruit for breakfasts, half and half in my coffee, limited amts of cheese with meals) and next week add some beans (I plan to make chili with kidney beans). Beyond that I may add corn but plan to avoid most other grain
  4. Made it through the Whole30! Had a lot of non-scale victories. I don’t have the carb and sugar cravings, spend less time thinking about junk food, spend a lot less money on meals out/fast food/snacks, clothes fit better and my lower extremity edema is a lot better. And, even though weight loss is not the primary goal, it is important to me. I lost 22.7 lbs!!!! The weight loss without the other victories would be less meaningful. I know as I do reintroduction that the Whole30 was doable and effective and is there if I need it.
  5. Thanks for that suggestion - I will try it. Had coconut water once and found it disgusting but maybe super cold might be better. Can’t be worse than some of the other constipation remedies!
  6. Day 24. I can’t believe I am less than a week from completing my whole30! I am feeling great and notice clothes fitting me better. Couple of issues...some problems with constipation. You would think this wouldn’t be a problem with all the veggies I eat, but there you go. Have needed to incorporate some meds to manage things. Also have had to do some alterations related to my history of a gastric sleeve, but otherwise have been rolling along!
  7. Officially halfway through! Today is day 15. I have been surprised that (so far) I have not had any major withdrawal symptoms, just some fatigue. I notice a reduction in leg swelling. I am amazed that I am really not having any is shocking to realize how much time I spent thinking about food and eating! I feel like my mind has been liberated from an endless loop of planning my next meal and worrying if I had enough snacks for the night... Been thinking about the next phase of this lifestyle change. I would like to add a small amt of dairy such as cream for my coffee or
  8. Day 4. Surprised (but not sad) that i haven’t experienced any major problems, no headaches or excessive fatigue. Major cooking marathon today in preparation for my 12 hour weekend shifts...gonna look like a bag lady going in tomorrow but I will be prepared! Had opportunity to go out to breakfast with some friends today. Scoped out the menu online and ate a full breakfast (egg, sausage, peppers and potatoes) before leaving. Restaurant was closed, went to alternative place and had a bowl of fresh fruit and black coffee.. Success!
  9. Day one complete! Did my three meals plus a couple of snacks. Had a couple of hard boiled eggs and an orange and last night had some cherries. Occasionally felt hungry and definitely had some cravings but no headaches. I feel ok this morning. Struggling with breakfast...not enjoying scrambled eggs or the avocado. Looked up some different recipes.
  10. Several hours into day one...had scrambled eggs with salsa and avocado with a side of watermelon for breakfast. I’m glad I got the Nutpods, makes my coffee a lot easier to drink compared to black. Had a Chomp stick a few minutes ago, not bad. one thing that is becoming very clear (not that I wasn’t aware) is how much time I spend eating, planning to eat, thinking about eating, buying food! Looking forward to being more free from this
  11. Thanks for the support! Getting ready for day 1! Looking forward to the next 30 days...
  12. So I am embarking on this journey to improve my life. In the last week I have read the Whole30 book and have decided to jump right in. I have been on every diet known to man and had weight loss surgery in 2014 and still struggle with weight. What has made me eager to do this plan is the benefit to my health overall. In addition to obesity, I have arthritis in both knees which is getting worse, chronic swelling in my legs and lots of aches and pains. I’m only 54 but I feel ancient! I did a 10 day detox program a couple of years was hard and I think 10 days was not long en
  13. Hi Ashley! I have been cleaning out my kitchen and making note of what I have on hand. Tomorrow I plan to make my first week menu and Friday I am grocery shopping. I work every weekend and Monday evening so Monday I will start prepping what I can and Tuesday is go day! I am worried now I’m going to feel at work that first weekend! I work 12 hr shifts. Not much i can do,other than make sure I am eating adequate fats, proteins and veggies. I plan to keep drinking black coffee to avoid headaches. Any other suggestions?
  14. Hi all! New to Whole 30 but have been dieting my whole life . My plan is to start in one week...looking forward to the journey and appreciate all the support!