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  1. artemis

    Starting August 1

    Congrats and good luck to you too!
  2. artemis

    Starting August 1

    Awesome! Good luck to us both. :)
  3. artemis

    Starting August 1

    Hi everyone! I'm going to be starting a whole30 on August 1. It's my first time and I'm looking forward to it! For the past few months I've gradually been eliminating processed food from my diet and have recently cut way back on sugar and gluten and have noticed a lot of positive effects including better mood and less migraines. I'm really excited to see how it goes and how I feel. I'm also really looking forward to cooking more and learning how to cook new things. My skills are fairly limited at this point so this will be a great motivator. I'm getting ready to turn 40 this year and really focused on making my health a priority.