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  1. Great suggestions, Shannon, thank you! I will keep those in mind! No headache this morning yet! Crossing fingers for better days!
  2. Hi, everyone! I wasn’t sure whether to put my post here because I’m breastfeeding or in the headaches section because I’m having headaches...?Anywho! I’m on day 7 and not doing too great. I’ve been breastfeeding my 6 month old and feed her about 6 or more times a day, I also have a toddler who is almost 2 and have a full time job working from home. I’ve been having headaches everyday since I started. Initially, it was more of a dull, foggy kind of headache on/ off throughout the day. Most recently as of the last few days, my headaches are more painful and sometimes will last all day. I noticed I wasn’t really eating starchy carbs sono had a baked potatoes during dinner just the other day and that seemed to help decrease the severity of my headache but didn’t completely go away so I took tylenol. Had more baked potato the following morning and that seemed to help but later in the day in came back and was pretty painful. I drink lots of water and don’t hold back on the salt so I’m just wondering is it possible that I need to be eating starchy carbs three times a day?? I don’t usually eat that much of those kinds of carbs to begin with so trying to figure out what kind of starchy carbs to eat is going to be a challenge. I do also drink black coffee every single day but that doesn’t touch my headache at all. Anybody have any thoughts on this? I really am committed to finishing this program all the way through 100% but these headaches are really annoying and to have it everyday is becoming very discouraging. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!