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  1. Thank you for posting this. Your list of complaints are my list & more. It’s a lesion I have to learn several times hopefully the last. But you nailed it. If we don’t take care of ourselves we don’t have the stamina to help take care of the ones we love. Imagine the toll the stress it would have taken on you pre whole 30. I’m only on day two and am looking on this forum for inspiration. Your my inspiration today thank you!
  2. I posted yesterday what I made but haven’t figured out where it got posted. i made sweet potatoes and veg (zucchini and yellow squash onion and fresh basil. Split it into four for breakfast I added 3 eggs hard boiled but I’ll cut that back today too much and for lunch I added half a chicken breast for dinner I had chicken sweet potato and apple with ghee drizzled on top (one bowl meal) Didn’t feel the need to snack i bought some steak tips yesterday I’ll look for a marinade and grill them off tonight with broccoli and maybe new potatoes.. How did you do copi
  3. Today is day one for me as well
  4. I’m not too sure how to work this forum but so far so good. i went to the store to get more veggies and meat but think I’ll have leftovers and cook later. had mixed veg for lunch sweet potato with zucchini summer squash fresh basil and onion topped with simply grilled chicken whats the question about sugar?
  5. Today is day one off to work breakfast and lunch packed here we go! anyone want to join and keep each other accountable?
  6. I’m going to start on September 2nd I’m going camping with family and won’t be able to start till then. id love to have the company and don’t know a lot about joining a group but if I don’t find your thread again know I’ll be rooting for you