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    Business Trip to Albuquerque-Whole30 Panic!

    @Jihanna Great advice, thank you. I feel less stressed after seeing a few places that claim to have paleo options, now I just need to look at their menus and ask questions. Eliminating the stress helps to feel in better control of the situation.
  2. I just found out I have to travel to Albuquerque on Monday and I’m panicking because I’m not familiar with that city and have no idea where I can eat compliant. I’ll be in a hotel and won’t be able to cook. Anyone familiar with the city and know of any options for dining out? I have a business dinner to attend at a...MEXICAN RESTAURANT! I have already planned what I’ll be eating there. Luckily they offer chicken breast, salad, and baked potato. I’ll make sure they leave any butter off and I’m planning on bringing my own ghee, salad dressing, and bacon crumbles. Beyond that I’m at a loss for where to eat my other meals. I’m afraid most places use butter when cooking steaks and it’s the hidden ingredients that have me freaking out. Anyone in Albuquerque know where there are Whole30 friendly restaurants? Thanks for your help.