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    Sugar = ANXIETY

    My husband and I finished our second Whole30 a few weeks ago. We skipped the reintro phase this time since we did it the first time around and I pretty much knew that bothered me (i.e. gluten). We've off-roaded a bit the last few weeks and I have been feeling like complete shit. I know that gluten (and grains in excess) will flare up my IBS like no other, but this time around sugar is trying to ruin me! I have directly linked that sugar amplifies my anxiety like no other. I have been miserable the last week trying to deal with my anxiety and took me a few days to realize that all those chocolate treats and sugar were the culprit. I was bad yesterday and had a doughnut and boy am I paying for it. It is NOT WORTH IT to feel like this. I am trying to remember how I feel right now so it will help me make better choices when presented with sweet treats. That being said, I am doing a Whole7 to hopefully reset things and have made some strict rules for myself when it comes to sugar. Does anyone notice a major link with sugar and their anxiety? Danielle
  2. Danielle Rutherford

    Hormonal Birth Control - Conflicted

    Hi ladies! I wanted to get some opinions here. I am on day 28 of my second Whole30 and feel pretty great. I am going to be turning 29 this year, but have never really used birth control. I did twice before, but for maybe 3-4 months each go and ended up stopping because I hated how they would make me feel. Moody, breast tenderness, breakouts, etc. YUCK. Plus, something about taking hormones and all that business just seems so strange to me, it always has. My question is around starting to take them again or not. My mom was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer about 3 months ago. We don't know if it's genetic (her doctor thinks it's not, but she is doing the testing soon). However, a lot of information says that taking hormonal birth control for five years or longer can lower your risk by 50%. When I read that I was a little shocked at how high that percentage was. The simple answer seems to be to take it, but as you saw above, I don't want to feel yucky all the time. I've also read having a child before 30 lowers your risk, which I have not yet. I am married and we plan on having children within the next year or two, which then also makes me think about how I won't be taking the BC for 5+ years anyway. :\ So I guess I just really wanted to ask a group of health conscious ladies if you you think the crappy side effects of BC is worth it? I know only I can answer that for myself, but I wanted to kind of talk it out. Thanks ladies.
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    calorie counting dilemma

    I have completed my Whole30 and it has been a really eye opening and wonderful experience for both my husband and myself. I haven't gone back to tracking yet, but this past week I find myself logging into my myfitnesspal.com account. I'll start to log food and then stop. HELP! I have tracked my foods for the past eight years either with Weight Watchers of MyFitnessPal. I lost 100lbs on Weight Watchers and had gained 30 back and really want to lose those 30 to be at my ideal healthy weight. For some reason it's SO hard for me to completely get go of the idea of tracking. Trust me, I completely understand how it can be bad and make you become obsessive and restrictive and all the bad things. On the other hand, it has helped me lose weight before. I don't so much have a question here, but I am looking for support and would like to hear others post W30 experience with weight loss and NOT tracking. Thanks all! <3
  4. Danielle Rutherford

    Reintroduction and sugar?

    I wanted to see if someone can clarify for me how sugar plays into the reintroduction. In the book it seemed like it was okay to mix in with dairy, etc. How we will know if it's the dairy or sugar that causes a reaction? I'm specifically concerned about it for my husband because we think sugar is a suspect on its own for his eczema flares. Thoughts?
  5. Danielle Rutherford

    Reaction to something?

    I am thinking it might be that damn rotisserie chicken. My husband feels fine and that was the only thing I ate that he didn't. Hopefully it's not a stomach bug - yuck!
  6. Danielle Rutherford

    Reaction to something?

    I am on day 19 of my Whole30 and this morning on my way to work my stomach started feeling quite upset and nauseated. It got worse and worse over the next hour and I found myself having to keep running to the bathroom. I feel like I may throw up, but I haven't. I am trying to think of what I've eaten in the past 24 hours and in theory it's all fine, unless something was contaminated. I will list out my last two meals and see what you all think. Dinner last night was organic ground beef made into meatballs, spaghetti squash, and tomato sauce which was compliant. I also had some strawberries. None of the fruit/veg last night was organic. :\ Breakfast this morning was a small smoothie made with coconut milk, a tiny bit of pineapple, berries, and some spinach. Again, none of the produce was organic. The only other thing I've eaten was a little rotisserie chicken from Publix and I did consume a little of the skin. It's listed by then as gluten-free though, but I do know it could have been contaminated. I try and buy all organic/grass-fed meats, but the veggies and fruit just depend on if I can afford it that week. Any thoughts as to what might have causes this reaction?
  7. Danielle Rutherford

    Weight Loss?

    Thanks to everyone for the responses! It's hard to change mentality after years of calorie counting, measuring, tracking, etc. I am going to try and just listen to my body and eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm full. I know I'm only on day four but I could swear my digestive system already feels happier and lighter!
  8. Danielle Rutherford

    Weight Loss?

    Hi all, I am on day 4 of my first Whole30. I have done Paleo before so it wasn't a total shock to me. However, I have basically been a Weight Watchers member for the last 7 years. I lost 75lbs on WW, but I know I was eating a lot of crap. I actually lost 105lbs in a matter of 16 months on WW back in 2005-2007 and I hit a major plateau. Over the next five years I've been up and down, but gained back 25lbs. I really want to lose 30lbs to get to a healthy weight for my height/body. I have been bad and trying to count points these first few days of Whole30 and seeing that isn't really going to work. According to WW I am eating too much when I know in fact I am not and that I am eating much healthier. I guess my question is, which I'm sure many of you can understand is how can I be sure I will lose weight during this process? Should I limit my fruit and nut intake to one serving a day? Should I track my foods? My CrossFit box had me tracking on a 30 day Paleo challenge I did last year. I know this isn't about weight loss, but that is very important to me too. Thank you!