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  1. This message board is kinda slow, so how about a fun topic? I'm sure a list like that already exists buried deep somewhere, but I'll start anew. You know you're on Whole30 when... eat pistachios with unsweetened coffee like it's your normal breakfast/snack. check the label on your Starbucks before your first sip, just in case they didn't hear you say 'unsweetened'. ...20 days into your month your kids eat cupcakes in front of you, and it doesn't even phase you. No temptation! But still beware, your sugar monsters are just hiding, planning a moment wh
  2. And finally, maybe a touch of Tiger's Blood. It could have been Marie Kondo getting to me, or the fact that my in-laws are coming this weekend, but I was doing some light cleaning/organizing at 10:15 last night, when I should have been too tired and lazy to lift a finger.
  3. Woohoo!!! Last week I started to experience some non-scale victories. It's too soon to really feel that Tiger Blood level of energy, and I might not even get it and that's ok. My insides (GI system) actually feel better; which means I'm not feeling anything at all. I won't know what is my irritant until reintroduction, but I can wait 16 days. So, one thing that happens and I just assumed was due to age is that when I am sitting for a while (like an hour or more), when I get up to move my feet hurt for the first few steps. The discomfort goes away rather quickly, it's just like working ou
  4. How are you doing? I thought of you a moment ago when I realized I sorta feel lighter today, in a mental way. Not in a super positive take on the world way, just clearer headed and not as bothered by interruptions to my plan for the day. I'm on day 8, if you are wondering when I started feeling clearer. Hope you are already feeling better or will very soon.
  5. Ladies I needed to hear your struggles and plans to overcome and your successes most of all. Today kinda sucked; mostly due to a day long headache. Have not gone off plan and have a great week of dinners planned for the week ahead. And since my Thrive order arrived, I have compliant sauces/condiments to make even more recipes and increase the variety of meals I am making. Slightly unrelated, anybody want to take my kids for an hour or 2? How do a 5 year old and 2 year old fight so much.
  6. Not too bad. I'll probably crash later this evening. Look online for a Whole30 calendar, there's a pretty accurate description of how you feel as you move through the 30 days. It goes from "Hangover" to "Kill All the Things" to "I just want to nap" and moves through the month. I'm getting some good foods to make it through the weekend with plenty of options, and a Thrive order is arriving today. I will have no excuse for any mishaps. Have a good weekend!
  7. Specifically, I'm wondering if fresh collard greens taste better than canned? I'm sure the answer is a resounding yes, as I've come to know fresh spinach is tasty, but the canned version makes me gag. Similar with brussel sprouts, love them roasted, but not soggy after too much boiling. Ewwww Did anyone else discover a new veggie they liked, but only when cooked a certain way? I need to learn to eat my greens better, but cannot stomach mushy, wet veggies. Yuck! Thanks!
  8. Good Morning, I'm starting this morning, so only 1 day behind you. I've done a round of Whole 30 before, but it was almost 3 years ago and I know I should have kept it going better. I too have blood pressure that is creeping up, and I think my gall bladder may be going out on me. I have a family history of that, so Whole 30 can't fix it, but it might help it until I see the GI doctor. I definitely have acid reflux really bad, so I'm hoping that by making better choices for a month I will realize I have to change permanently. And finally, I work for a company that has done a good bit