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  1. Hello, Well thats sad to know, very confusing, so am I supposed to check everything I have read about the whole30 each rule or thing on the internet to see if it was updated or if it has changed or not? Very disorganized this system tbh, how am I supposed to do something if I'm not even sure about how to follow it, because the intel has updated throughout the years and I have to search myself for the things that have changed and the ones that haven't, since they're both out there for everyone to read. Thanks for the reply anyways.
  2. Hi, so on this link it tells you to eat carbs and proteins before a workout, but then on the whole30 meal template and books, it tells you not to eat carbs before workout, and instead eat fat + protein. So my question is, whats the deal here, what am I supposed to eat? I train crossfit 1 hour everyday in medium to high intensity, and then on weekends I train 3 hours a day. Female, 22 years of age, overweight.