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    My W30 log - Starting on August 15th

    Tonight was horrible, I slept really really bad. My son woke me up and I could not sleep any more, thoughts about all the things I should be doing kept creeping into my mind and they would not let me rest. I ended up getting up in the middle in the night to do some work. I felt awful the whole day. I wanted to take a nap but my son was in a too playful mood to let me sleep (I've always been a bad sleeper and I need certain situations to be able to fall aslept). But I did not crave sweets. Whenever I had a bad night, my body always asked for extra energy - of course in the shape of caloric bombs, preferably baked treats. So a bad night was followed by a lot of bad food choices, which left me not only tired but also losing confidence. Today I feel exhausted, I do, my body needs to rest, but definetely I'm much happier about my response to the situation. So I guess this is another NSV for me
  2. Time for some planning ahead and getting ready! I have decided to start on the 15th because I don't have to work on August (so I hopefully won't be feeling any side effects while back to work) and I'll be back home (so I feel more in control of what I buy/eat). GETTING TO KNOW W30 - Up until now So I'm reading The Whole30 book, and by now I realize I should have started with It starts with Food. Because I'm an stubborn person I'll finish it before I start the other one, but yeah, this is not what I was looking forward reading. Today I've told my husband about W30. He asked if I expected him and our 4yo to join me, but I said no - I'm gonna try to keep changes in the family routine to a minimum while still sharing the same meal most of the time. I think it's feasible. I've just gone thru my blog recipes to find those that are compliant and I'm afraid I've got only 18, but I believe many of the other ones are easy to fix - remove peas (I love peas!) or that spoonfull of flour to thiken the sauce and you are done. And my plans for the next few days... GETTING READY - August 13th Back home in the afternoon, unpacking and grocery shopping. I have an old little notebook at home which I think I'll use as a daily journal. I want to note down all the changes that I feel, good ol' pencil and paper feel like the better choice for a nightly self-evaluation. I will also keep this log because I feel it could be useful to plan ahead (as I'm doing now) or share some thoughts - and I may need somewhere to shout my desperation in the middle of the day (hopefully it helps me get distracted from craving!). DAY 0 - August 14th I'll start with W30-compliant breakfast already, because I love omelette and tea for breakfast. Probably toss in some carrots or a piece of fruit. We have some errands to run in the city, and we'll either eat out or at my in-laws. In any case I'll try to easy into the plan ordering a no-grain, no dairy-meal and pass on bread and choose fruit as dessert. I'll leave a potato salad ready in the fridge. DAY 1 - August 15th Let's rock the Whole30 For a few days I'll have the same plain breakfast: unsweetened tea, omelette and whatever raw veggies I have around (or potato salada leftovers if any). My cousin will be visiting, we'll have a simple lunch: roasted chicken, baked potatoes and pepper, and a simple salad. I can offer either fruit or plain yoghurt as dessert, although I'll have to stay away from the latter. For dinner I'll be eating a piece of skate which I have frozen already cooked, and the rest of the family may enjoy spaghetti - I think being the first day it won't be too hard. I'll also be making my pork loin confit, because it's good to have some already-cooked preserved meat in the fridge for those days the rest of the family has a different kind of meal. And it's time to meal plan the rest of the week!
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    Usually constipation is caused by lack of either water or fat. Make sure you are drinking enough water, and also that you are adding enough fat to all your meals. One old granny trick: drink a glass of warm water before breakfast. It usually helps getting things moving. I would not advise to use laxatives unless you feel really bad. Constipation may mean that something in your diet is not working 100%, and learning what it is and how to solve it will lead to better long-term results.
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    Protein portions

    1 to 2 palm-sized portions is quite a broad range imho. If you are in doubt, buy as much as you usually would. Then, as you serve it on your plate, compare it to your palm. Is it at least as large as your palm, but not more than twice your palm? You are ok. Served too much? Remove a bit and save the leftovers for later. (Leftovers are great for breakfast.) Served too little? Grab some tinned fish or boil and egg, and make sure you get enough protein. Once you have tested it you'll have your own reference of how much a portion should be. My own reference is about 150g - 200g of boneless meat, about the double if it has some bone, and for fresh fish (whole pieces) I buy at least half kg for two people.
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    oh no! Breath mint.

    I would not overthink it. If you had already planned to run it for 40 days and you are on day 10 now, you still have 30 days of 100% compliant foods ahead. So technically you would be making it according to the rules. The difference between calling it day 11 or day 1 would be only about how you perceive your Whole30. That said, hide those mints for a while. It's better not having them around, so you don't take more of them by mistake.
  6. Amura

    My W30 log - Starting on August 15th

    DAY 30 + 2 Yesterday I ate dairy derivates, namely yoghurt after lunch and snaked on mature cheese during dinner. I did not notice anything right after eating and I'm feeling perfectly fine today. No reaction whatsoever. This lack of reaction tempts me to move forward in a "fast track" fashion, but on the other hand it might be wise making it slow and letting the body readjust a bit at a time. I'll see how this goes. I like planning ahead but I'm gonna try to be flexible. Also. I have decided I will weight myself again when the reintroduction is over. Just to see if I actually lose a bit more weight during this new period.
  7. Amura

    My W30 log - Starting on August 15th

    Thanks! Yeah, I think it's been worth it indeed. I mean, you hear about how important veggies are all the time, but I used to think I was eating enough of them. Whole30 has been eye opening in that sense, I really could be eating way more veggies than I used to, only if I made room for them in my meals. I still don't know how other foods affect me (if at all) so it's impossible to reach any other kind of conclussions, but at this point I feel like just having reaching a better understanding of how important veggies are and proving myself that I can easily live with no sugar are worth-mentioning milestones. I guess you can say those are my overall NSV. And today I weighted myself first thing in the morning. I have lost almost 4 kg (that's about 8 lb) in 30 days, and I think that's impressive! It's a lot of weight for someone who has been eating such large meals, and making just a tiny bit of exercise. I'm looking forward losing some more during reintroduction (probably not that much, I'm sure testing foods will mess it all up a bit) and hopefully find a point where I can steadily lose smallish amounts of weight until I reach my desired weight (dropping about 15kg - that's about 30lb). I had not expected to lose so much to begin with and definetely I'm not in a hurry to lose it all, but I must admit that sheding some weight off makes me more positive about the fact that it's feasible (which at certain points in my life seemed unlikely).
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    My W30 log - Starting on August 15th

    DAY 30 Meal 1: Omelette (3 eggs, coconut milk), pumpkin pureed soup Snack: Black tea, a handful cashews Meal 2: Boiled hake, potatoes and carrots, plus some mayo Meal 3: Leftover rabbit, broccoli and sweet potato, some black olive oils So here we are. Day 30 already. In all honesty I thought this would be much harder, but it was not. It was rather easy, with very little issues. And time passed really quickly. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones Tomorrow is day 31. I'll be stepping on the scale right after breakfast, just out of curiosity. I think I've lost some weight, but I don't really care if the actual number is small. Anyway I think it's good doing something for one's health and I've made way better choices lately so I'm quite proud of myself. But that does not mean I'm gonna make my Whole30 any longer. Tomorrow I'm officially in the reintroduction phase, and I'll start testing foods from the first day. It's gonna be dairy, it's an easy test - yoghourt after lunch, some cheese with my dinner. Then back to compliant for a week, and testing wheat next Friday. I really want to figure out those two, because I think they are the ones in which my diet has changed drastically, so it would be nice to get some insight. And I'll be testing on Fridays just in case I don't feel so good for a day or two. I'll keep posting here but I think I'm not gonna log my meals anymore. I thought it would be useful in case I needed help or advice, but at this point I don't think it's of much use. Also I'll be looking forward trying some fancy recipes. Up to this point I tried to focus on simple meals because I wanted to be as true as possible to the spirit of the program, and I was afraid that looking for new recipes would lead me stray. Now I feel much more confident on my skills to build a balanced set of meals within the Whole30 frame, so I think that it's time to get wild in the kitchen! Things I have already learned and that I want to keep with me after Whole30: Breakfast should include veggies. I am a breakfast person, but veggies were not part of it most of the times. I realize now my mistake. It requires a bit of prepping for my everyday breakfast but I think it's worth it. Some foods may not be bad for me (I haven't tested yet) BUT in any case, they used to be the cause I had a reduced intake of veggies. When I make pasta or rice, I usually pair it with a protein - not with veggies. When I make legumes (which are a protein source anyway) I pair them with even more protein - and only a little bit of veggies . When I make a dairy-based sauce for a meat dish, I don't reduce the amount of meat in it - I limit the side dish which would be typically veggies. So even if those foods end up feelin ok, I must forge a plan to make sure I have enough veggies with them! Prepping and cooking large amounts of my go-to veggies is a real time saver. I used to prep only one day in advance, and I keep doing so with my protein sources (I like to buy them very fresh) but having veggies ready to eat allow me to make a quick breakfast, to fix something easily while the rest of the family eats non-compliant meals, etc. Sugar was not that hard to quit after all. I have struggled with it for so long, trying to eat my tea unsweetened, never managed to do so. I see now that I needed to go an step further to be able to see it with clarity. I'll be keeping a no-sugar rule, with exception of special occassions and homemade treats. This sense of accomplishment is great. I'm hoping that all of those who are now in the middle of their Whole30 reach this blissful point. And thank you everybody for reading my rants!
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    My W30 log - Starting on August 15th

    DAY 29 Meal 1: Omelette (3 eggs, coconut milk), pumpkin pureed soup Meal 2: Stewed rabbit and salad (lettuce, carrot, radishes, nuts, maio), green tea Snack: Black tea and a handful cashews Meal 3: Leftover sea bass, wild asparagus and sweet potato Only one day to go - times flies! Today I felt quite sleepy but I don't think it's food related. Weather was very hot and that always makes me a bit dizzy. I noticed it midday and drank a tea after lunch, then I drank another one while I was cooking dinner, but I don't think it helped. Oh, well, whatever. Today I went back to my planking routine, but I decided to level down to the easiest ones because I do not want to overdo it. I'm striving for consistency, not quick results.
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    Whole30 with toddlers.

    You can make lemonade without sweeteners. I add a teaspoon of baking soda per lemon (it's alcaline and modifies the overall acidity) and dilute it in water. It's also cute to do with kids because it's a very bubbly chemical reaction
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    Some fat options

    Olive oil. It's great on almost anything. If you have a salad of any sort, make a simple vinagrette (or spice it up!). If you want a more dense dressing, make mayo (or any of its many variants). If you are roasting veggies, make sure to use a generous amount of oil. If you have boiled anything and it tastes bland (think boiled potatoes and hardboiled eggs) sprinkle some black pepper, paprila and drizzle a generous amount of olive oil. Dish saved. I also have always on hand some olives. You can add them to pretty much any dish, it's a nice finishing touch. Cashews and nuts are cool too. Perfect to add to an stir-fry, perfect as a salad topping. I love them but sometimes I end up snacking on them so it's something I need to watch out.
  12. As an aditional practical advantage, soaking reduces cooking time. Have it in mind, you may need to adjust the cooking time advised in the package. Also, if you use an slow cooker make sure you know your varieties. Some beans have Phytohaemagglutinin and therefore should boil for a while (and the slow cooker does not reach enough temperature).
  13. Amura

    Kirbz's Whole30 Log

    Oh, my, such an awesome place, do wonder you'd rather be there than at work!
  14. Amura

    JessFind's Whole 30 Log - Sept. 2nd-30th

    Wow, you really did not eat much. If I were you I would try to eat full meals even if I don't feel like it. I mean, you don't want your body to get into a "save energy" mode. Which supposedly does when you undereat. I don't think a day is a big deal, mind you, and if tomorrow you are back to normal hungry levels I'm sure it's all right, but if you keep not being hungry I would suggest you to post in the troubleshooting section so a mod or another experienced user can give you some advice. Keep it up, you are now moving into the HARDEST days!
  15. Amura

    My W30 log - Starting on August 15th

    DAY 28 Meal 1: Omelette (3 eggs, coconut milk), carrot, green beans and potatoes Meal 2: Sea bass, green beans, potatoes and black olives Snack: Green tea and a handful nuts Meal 3: Half an apple, wild asparagus, cherry tomatoes, an small portion of leftover pork sirloin, small sardines and a hanful black olives So my menstruation has gone nuts. It hurted yesterday, it still hurts a bit today - but there is no bleeding at all 3-days long periods are not normal, not for me anyway. The lack of blood is an oddity, the persistence of pain is even more so. I don't even know if the Whole30 can affect to menstruation this way, I mean, it's supposed to change hormones in some ways, and they are all related and maybe my reproductive system needs adjusting too? I don't know. Other than that, I'm fine. Only two more days to go!
  16. Amura

    Tasha30's 1st Timer Food Log

    I'm eating up to 2 pieces of fruit a day. Some days I don't eat any at all. I never eat any it in my breakfast, I think this is better for my energy levels and I make sure I don't need a mid-morning snack. I never thought I would enjoy veggies for breakfast but I do, and that's something I'm gonna keep after my Whole30. I may eat a piece after lunch or dinner, specially if I have no more food to serve and I don't feel completely satiated. But I try not to think of it as dessert. "Oh, what will I eat for dessert?" makes my mind wander and think of sweet options - so I try to avoid that mindset.
  17. Amura

    Prairie Dawn's September Whole30 Log

    Sending you lots of vitual hugs. I think you have already received great advice, I just wanted to say that here you have a little community and you can count on our support. If the Whole30 feels like a bit too much at this point in your life then maybe take a break. Re-arranging your plan is not a failure, not at all. But if you feel that focusing on food and health helps you to keep going with your life and your routines, it might be worth trying. Either way it's ok.
  18. Amura

    JessFind's Whole 30 Log - Sept. 2nd-30th

    I think I actually eat more than I used to. All my meals are larger than before, and my snacks have reduced but not so much. The difference is that now I feel satiated and I can easily say no to a treat. I don't need so much willpower as I used to, and so now I prevail! Eggs had an undeserved bad reputation. But even so, your cholesterol may or may not go up. It's a bit more complicated that one number going up or down, and scientists are learning more about it every day - or so it seems.
  19. Amura

    Anew in Arkansas (My first WHOLE30)

    Sugar is an extremely common preservative. It's actually a quite traditional one, along with salt, oil and vinegar. It's also a very affordable one. And it's very palatable. Because not everybody likes vinegar, and not everybody likes oily preserves. But salty and sugary are appealing to the general public. In the last decades artificial preservatives got really bad press so they rather use "natural" ones such as sugar and salt, and write a huge label in their product saying "NO PRESERVATIVES" - implying it's nearly homemade and/or healthier than other similar items. Also for savory food, sweet taste is often counteracted with an acid (vinegar, citric acid) which also works as a preservative. Most people will run away from preservatives and eat happily the oh-so-natural sugar+salt combo. It's similar to what happens with "light" versions of food. Oh, yeah, you are not eating mayo because it has so much fat, you'd rather eat some sugar-'n-salt-filled nutrient-void dressing which has much less calories. Tsk. There is a lot of missinformation, and administrations have little interest in providing a reliable information to the general public I'm afraid.
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    My W30 log - Starting on August 15th

    DAY 27 Meal 1: 2 hardboiled eggs, small sardines, lettuce, carrot and mayo Snack: Half an apple Meal 2: Pork sirloin, green little peppers, salad (lettuce, apple, carrot, almonds) and stawberries with coconut milk Meal 3: Green beans with potatoes and chorizo, one hardboiled egg Yesterday I skipped my planks, I should try to do some today but I'm not feeling my best - menstruation pain. I'll see later if I feel up to the task or I postpone it until I feel a bit better. I'm getting very excited about finishing this 30 days plan. I'm almost there! Looking forward reintroduction.
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    Whole 30 (July 2)

    Depends on the recipe, some have a base made of cookies or things like that - but I'm not really sure. I don't have any go-to recipe because I don't make cakes that often, and I guess I could find something closer to compliant (or even fully compliant ingredient-wise) but right now my idea is to make something I think he would love, and decide whether or not I try it or pass.
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    My W30 log - Starting on August 15th

    DAY 26 Meal 1: Omelette (3 eggs), lettuce, carrot, radishes and some mayo Meal 2: Barbecued marinated pork ribs, some salad and potatoes, also one banana Snack: Green tea Meal 3: Pumpkin creamy soup and a handful cashews Today I felt quite sleepy - but I think it's more about my menstruation than my diet. Anyway it's not big deal during the weekend. Morning spent playing on the beach, then visiting my in-laws for lunch and afterwards a nice walk back home. I don't plan to do planks today, I think the walk suffices. My lunch was once again too protein-based so for dinner I decided to go for veggies and fat instead. This is the first time I have a protein-less meal in 26 days, because I really did not feel like it. Again, it might be mentruation putting everything upside down, but I'm listening to my body in these kind of things. Also I've been thinking about reintroduction a lot. Because, you know, only 4 days more and then I'm moving into reintroduction. I'm a bit worried about possible after-effects. I may have not noticed much when removing some foods from my diet, but that does not mean I won't suffer noticeable issues when I reintroduce them. And some of those after-effects might be very complicated to deal with at work... Oh, the idea of diarrhea at work is certainly scary. So. I think I'll be testing foods on Friday (lunch & dinner only) so I can deal with any uncomfortable situation during the weekend. My day 31 falls on Friday (Sept 13th), so maybe checking my weight in the morning and reintroducing dairy the very same day. Yoghourt and cheese, most likely. One week later (Sept 20th) I would test wheat. I'm thinking bread and pasta, because they are staples. Then on Tuesday 24th we'll celebrate my husband's birthday with a homemade cake, and I'm considering whether I should exert my food freedom this early... This could count as testing a risky combination (dairy + wheat flour + sugar) in a "worth it" kind of situation for me, I think. Unless I had some after-effects during the previous tests, because then I would not risk feeling unwell in the middle of the week. Later on (I have not decided the order yet) I would try some legumes (I really like peas, so peas got their own day, and probably other days for chickpeas, lentils and beans) and also some other grains (mostly rice and corn, not-so-sure about oats anymore, maybe baking some rye bread). I think I want to make this into separate sections, just to see if some legumes/grains feel different from others. This is a systematic approach but it would take me more than two months, so I guess it's neither fast track nor slow roll. I'm just gonna call it "my thing"
  23. Amura

    Whole 30 (July 2)

    I would not mind eating a "normal" cake. His fave ones are either cheesecakes, and I'll think I'll give a try to a chocolate cheesecake - because chocolate is a crowd pleaser. This is one of those ocassions (my bday, his bday and the child's bday) where a piece of cake would be "worth it". My problem is that I'll be in the middle of reintroduction. And that's not a proper reintroduction I've thought of testing dairy first, then wheat... and then make an exception for the cake, then go back to compliant for a while so I can keep testing everything else. Then I think that maybe I should pass and finish the reintroduction by the book, I'll have another chance for sweet treats on Christmas mind you. I'm torn on that. I don't think I can make my mind this early, I need to see how dairy and wheat feel, then I'll figure it out.
  24. Amura

    Whole 30 (July 2)

    My husband birthday is only two weeks two, and I don't have any presents but that's ok. My only issue is CAKE. I'll be making one for him, and I would like to try it indeed
  25. Amura

    JessFind's Whole 30 Log - Sept. 2nd-30th

    You did it, of course you did! And from now on things are gonna look quite easier, you'll see, because your body is adjusting and because compared to that market pretty much any situation will be less stressful for a healthy diet. You are gonna do great! I don't do a lot of prepping on Sunday, I usually prep ingredients the day before I'm gonna eat them (and for those I use frequently I make a larger batch to store) but not huge Sunday prepping for me