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    Amura got a reaction from heb2014 in JessFind's Whole 30 Log - Sept. 2nd-30th   
    I think I actually eat more than I used to. All my meals are larger than before, and my snacks have reduced but not so much.
    The difference is that now I feel satiated and I can easily say no to a treat. I don't need so much willpower as I used to, and so now I prevail!
    Eggs had an undeserved bad reputation.  But even so, your cholesterol may or may not go up.
    It's a bit more complicated that one number going up or down, and scientists are learning more about it every day - or so it seems.
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    Amura got a reaction from heb2014 in Anew in Arkansas (My first WHOLE30)   
    Sugar is an extremely common preservative.  It's actually a quite traditional one, along with salt, oil and vinegar. It's also a very affordable one.
    And it's very palatable. Because not everybody likes vinegar, and not everybody likes oily preserves. But salty and sugary are appealing to the general public.
    In the last decades artificial preservatives got really bad press so they rather use "natural" ones such as sugar and salt, and write a huge label in their product saying "NO PRESERVATIVES" - implying it's nearly homemade and/or healthier than other similar items.
    Also for savory food, sweet taste is often counteracted with an acid (vinegar, citric acid) which also works as a preservative.
    Most people will run away from preservatives and eat happily the oh-so-natural sugar+salt combo.
    It's similar to what happens with "light" versions of food. Oh, yeah, you are not eating mayo because it has so much fat, you'd rather eat some sugar-'n-salt-filled nutrient-void dressing which has much less calories. Tsk.
    There is a lot of missinformation, and administrations have little interest in providing a reliable information to the general public I'm afraid.
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    Amura reacted to Emma in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    I was happy as a lark today breaking out my salad and salad dressing on our road trip. I also substituted the salad's salami for my own, which is way better. I had a soda water and life was pretty perfect. I felt awake and alert and content. It was quite nice. I did have some moments earlier when others had baked goods and smartfood popcorn. THAT stuff is pretty tasty. I wanted it, but didn't want it. I wanted it, but my mouth couldn't really send those urgency signals to my brain and I figured I'd better keep it that way. I had thought about savoring a few pieces of popcorn or bites of cookie, but I didn't really want to and so I didn't. And when others were probably feeling fatigued from their sugar load and processed foods, I was feeling good and excited for future trips and hikes. My desire to get out and do things is increasing. I'm still quite happy hanging at home, but the part of me that loves exploring is starting to emerge.
    I had roasted cauliflower with dinner tonight and it was so good, but I ate so much. I think the salt and garlic is part of the reason I kept eating it. There's none left. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I definitely have a cauliflower gut right now. Thankfully, it should all magically disappear while I sleep. Let's see if that happens!
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    Amura reacted to ShannonM816 in Seeds and Nuts   
    Nuts and seeds are a fat source on Whole30. While they contain some protein, they aren't complete sources of protein like meat, eggs, or fish are -- they just don't have quite the same mix of stuff in them. So in general, you'll be eating less fat than you would protein.
    Additionally, nuts and seeds don't have a great omega-3 to omega-6 ratio, so in large quantities they can increase inflammation.
    Some people also find that nuts and seeds eaten in larger quantities can cause digestive problems, especially if they have any underlying digestive issues already. 
    On a more psychological/emotional eating note, nuts and seeds are very easy to over eat -- you may see them referred to as "food with no brakes." If you're eating some protein, some fat, and plenty of vegetables at every meal, you're unlikely to overeat any of it, but sometimes with nuts, they hit that crunchy-salty-easy-to-eat sweet spot that causes people to just keep eating them, without realizing they really aren't hungry anymore.
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    Amura got a reaction from Emma in My W30 log - Starting on August 15th   
    DAY 26
    Meal 1: Omelette (3 eggs), lettuce, carrot, radishes and some mayo Meal 2: Barbecued marinated pork ribs, some salad and potatoes, also one banana Snack: Green tea Meal 3: Pumpkin creamy soup and a handful cashews Today I felt quite sleepy - but I think it's more about my menstruation than my diet. Anyway it's not big deal during the weekend.
    Morning spent playing on the beach, then visiting my in-laws for lunch and afterwards a nice walk back home. I don't plan to do planks today, I think the walk suffices.
    My lunch was once again too protein-based so for dinner I decided to go for veggies and fat instead.
    This is the first time I have a protein-less meal in 26 days, because I really did not feel like it. Again, it might be mentruation putting everything upside down, but I'm listening to my body in these kind of things.
    Also I've been thinking about reintroduction a lot. Because, you know, only 4 days more and then I'm moving into reintroduction.
    I'm a bit worried about possible after-effects. I may have not noticed much when removing some foods from my diet, but that does not mean I won't suffer noticeable issues when I reintroduce them.
    And some of those after-effects might be very complicated to deal with at work... Oh, the idea of diarrhea at work is certainly scary.
    I think I'll be testing foods on Friday (lunch & dinner only) so I can deal with any uncomfortable situation during the weekend.
    My day 31 falls on Friday (Sept 13th), so maybe checking my weight in the morning and reintroducing dairy the very same day. Yoghourt and cheese, most likely.
    One week later (Sept 20th) I would test wheat. I'm thinking bread and pasta, because they are staples.
    Then on Tuesday 24th we'll celebrate my husband's birthday with a homemade cake, and I'm considering whether I should exert my food freedom this early...
    This could count as testing a risky combination (dairy + wheat flour + sugar) in a "worth it" kind of situation for me, I think.
    Unless I had some after-effects during the previous tests, because then I would not risk feeling unwell in the middle of the week.
    Later on (I have not decided the order yet) I would try some legumes (I really like peas, so peas got their own day, and probably other days for chickpeas, lentils and beans) and also some other grains (mostly rice and corn, not-so-sure about oats anymore, maybe baking some rye bread).
    I think I want to make this into separate sections, just to see if some legumes/grains feel different from others.
    This is a systematic approach but it would take me more than two months, so I guess it's neither fast track nor slow roll. 
    I'm just gonna call it "my thing" 
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    Amura got a reaction from Emma in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    My husband birthday is only two weeks two, and I don't have any presents but that's ok.
    My only issue is CAKE. I'll be making one for him, and I would like to try  it indeed
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    Amura got a reaction from PaleoPatronus in Picky Eater   
    On my humble opinion, Whole30 is great for picky eaters. It forces you to try new things.
    I don't like tomato, but here I am eating it just because otherwise my salad would be too boring 
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    Amura got a reaction from JessFind in JessFind's Whole 30 Log - Sept. 2nd-30th   
    You did it, of course you did! 
    And from now on things are gonna look quite easier, you'll see, because your body is adjusting and because compared to that market pretty much any situation will be less stressful for a healthy diet.
    You are gonna do great!
    I don't do a lot of prepping on Sunday, I usually prep ingredients the day before I'm gonna eat them (and for those I use frequently I make a larger batch to store) but not huge Sunday prepping for me
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    Amura reacted to SchrodingersCat in Sugar Reintro... not what I expected   
    I will admit I'm sceptical about the whole sugar hangover thing. Do I feel awful after eating a whole bag of gummies in one sitting? Of course! But feeling like I've had a big night out the day after a piece of cake? I don't see why I would. Sugar isn't a foreign concept to the body - everything we eat is processed to glucose by the liver. Eating it as already glucose makes it hit the bloodstream faster, but that's really it.
    My grandparents ate cake every day and they never seemed to suffer for it. Sugar isn't an allergen, and intolerance of it is incredibly rare (fructose aside). Sugar is being majorly demonised at the moment - it's like fat in the 90s. There is no question that it's often "empty" calories, unless you need a boost of energy ASAP (think marathon runners and the like), but it's not only natural (yup, even the refined stuff!) but our bodies actually produce it. Our bodies of course produce a lot of things that an excess of would be a very bad idea (acid, formaldehyde to name a couple) but as far as non-toxic substances floating around in there, sugar (glucose) is a big one.
    So I'm interested to see how my sugar reintro goes, but I'm one of the folk who is expecting sugar to be the least of my issues. 
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    Amura reacted to JessFind in JessFind's Whole 30 Log - Sept. 2nd-30th   
    Day 6 - Sept. 7:
    I did it, you guys! I DID IT. I survived the baker’s market without eating any sweets. But oh man, it was touch and go there for a bit. I’m in Charlotte, NC, and it was 95 degrees today. Our table was outside on asphalt for 6 hours, it was SO HOT, and all I wanted was a damn cookie. It might not have been smart to do this during the “kill all the things” phase. My poor husband. But I prevailed! Thankfully I planned ahead and did a good job having things that were filling and easy. 
    So here’s what I ate: 
    Breakfast: scrambled eggs with some bacon crumbles and a dash of truffle oil 
    Lunch: turkey burger on lettuce with tomato and compliant mayo 
    Dinner: seasoned chicken with roasted broccoli and mashed potatoes. This was our first time using ghee and it was delish! We needed something hearty after sweating outside for so long. 
    My energy level is better today than yesterday, which was much needed. And overall I’m feeling good! I’m much less testy now that I’m in AC away from good-smelling sweets.  
    What are you guys prepping for the week tomorrow?
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    Amura got a reaction from Emma in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    They don't?
    They do sound like a whole lot to me, honestly.
    I only have one week to finish my Whole30 and I doubt my scale will show such a big difference, I'm sure it's gonna be tiny. 
    But it's ok, because it has helped me to move in the right direction, so I'm happy I'm doing this.
    If the scale is not helping you, and you have already learned different ways to measure your improvements, DITCH IT.
    I mean it.
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    Amura reacted to Jihanna in foods in reintro??   
    The elimination phase (the 30 days) gives you a "control environment" to work from, and each reintroduced food is a separate "test". Just as in a science experiment, your first goal would be to establish the effects of the test subjects individually within the control environment, and later you could choose to test reactions of combined subjects. Renewing the control environment between tests is why we return to Whole30 compliance between test days, and establishing individual reactions before combined reactions is why we don't include previously reintroduced foods while testing a new one. You CAN repeat a test if you need clarification, but you don't want to mix until you're sure of how individual ones affect you first... otherwise you wouldn't know if a reaction was caused by the new food or the combination of two.
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    Amura got a reaction from Jihanna in Space after location   
    That's a wise workaround, Jihanna!
    I'm gonna try that.
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    Amura reacted to Jihanna in Space after location   
    Agreed, it's been driving me nuts to the point that I nearly removed my location.
    However! I found a fix  I just tested this, so I know it works... your profile, change your location to ": (wherever)" and it'll read "Location: (wherever)"
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    Amura reacted to ArtFossil in Can I have Recess sparkling water?   
    It's simple really. When in doubt, leave it out!
    People, it's only 30 days!
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    Amura got a reaction from JessFind in JessFind's Whole 30 Log - Sept. 2nd-30th   
    But we do 
    It's always great to see how others do, to support each others, to find inspiration in their achievements  
    And I want to say that you are doing awesome, and it's impressive how much you've learned about yourself and dieting in just a few days!
    Also, keep it up, great temptations ahead but I'm sure they won't beat you.
    I'm going to a mediaeval market tomorrow and I think I'll be tempted enough but yours is gonna be a feat. And when I say feat, I mean NSV!
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    Amura got a reaction from Prairie Dawn in Prairie Dawn's September Whole30 Log   
    Does not seem easy. At all. 
    And much more dynamic than the general idea of yoga for me!
    It's very interesting, I think it's the kind of thing I would not mind trying...
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    Amura got a reaction from JessFind in JessFind's Whole 30 Log - Sept. 2nd-30th   
    But we do 
    It's always great to see how others do, to support each others, to find inspiration in their achievements  
    And I want to say that you are doing awesome, and it's impressive how much you've learned about yourself and dieting in just a few days!
    Also, keep it up, great temptations ahead but I'm sure they won't beat you.
    I'm going to a mediaeval market tomorrow and I think I'll be tempted enough but yours is gonna be a feat. And when I say feat, I mean NSV!
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    Amura got a reaction from KiwiKendra in KiwiKendra's Log from New Zealand   
    I think that when you get to the Kill-All-The-Things stage, spouses learn they are in charge of the kids. Or else. 

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    Amura reacted to heb2014 in Anew in Arkansas (My first WHOLE30)   
    Day 4 (September 4)
    Lots of things went well yesterday. i remembered a dream I had upon waking (though it was kind of a crazy one). There were pastries at work (including savory ones with eggs and sausage that are my favorite and I rarely eat) and I DID NOT EAT ONE! The Great Value frozen meal I had for lunch was good; I wouldn't want to eat  them the whole time, but they're a good option to keep handy. We have something to go to this evening, so I cooked sloppy joes and sweet potatoes before bed to eat quickly before we go tonight. And the biggest victory was still cooking dinner after having to unexpectedly take my daughter to the doctor late in the afternoon. This is a prime example of a time I would have looked at my husband and said "It's late; I don't feel like cooking - Let's go grab something" and he would have said "sounds good". Instead, we had about 45 minutes before I could get her in to see the doctor after I picked her up, so we went home and while she slept on the couch, I prepped veggies to be roasted and sliced a pork loin to be pan fried; everything was ready to cook when we got home later than expected. 
    I keep forgetting to bring a water bottle to work so I have to refill my tiny water cup 1,000 times a day (#annoying)
    I sort of laughed at the KATT in the book...until I felt it (see the comment above about the water bottle). I really noticed it after I had washed ALL.THE.DISHES. (or at least those we don't put in the dishwasher - which was still quite a bit), then my husband ate a almond covered banana...and put the dish in the sink rather than STRAIGHT INTO THE DISHWASHER. I acknowledged it right away as KATT, had a little chuckle, and let it go. Then later when he asked me how my day was, I went on a complete rant about something that had happened at work (which I was frustrated with at the time it happened, but not to the extent I ranted about).
    And forgot my water bottle again today....#$&%*& tiny water cups...
    In all seriousness though, the last 4 days have gone better than expected. Again, I think there's something to be said about lots of planning, but allowing for flexibility.
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    Amura got a reaction from Emma in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    I'm definetely a procrastinator. That's why my house is never as clean as it is when I am stressed 
    People often think I'm very organized but that's just because I manage to keep stress at bay most of the time.
    But I remember when I college, those exams periods, whoa! All the washing, cleaning, organizing, getting up just to sit in another place... I hardly managed to do anything done because I was constantly doing all those little things that were not what I was supposed to be doing.
    Very rarely I have that super-focused kind of stress. For me it's way easier to focus on things that I'm doing at leisure (even if they are work-related).
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    Amura reacted to Jihanna in LadyWolf's Whole 30 Log   
    *cough* make your own naan *cough*

    As with anything else in this genre of foods, definitely NOT something to try out during Whole30... but I definitely lean more toward making my own bread-type stuff compared to relying on the store-bought stuff when I feel like a "bread" is needed for a meal. I recently bought a couple of bags of cassava flour because I'd heard (read) some fairly wonderful things about it, so started looking for cassava bread recipes and ran across naan... so had to share  
    Edited to add: I also find that I'm less likely to over-eat bread-type stuff when I've gone through the trouble of making it at home, compared to when it's as easy to buying another loaf/bag/whatever in the store. There is effort involved when I want more, so I tend to be more calculated with when and how I eat it.
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    Amura got a reaction from heb2014 in Anew in Arkansas (My first WHOLE30)   
    Also some studies point that frozen vegetables are actually quite good, compared to fresh veggies which have been harvested a few days ago.
    Fresh-from-the-earth veggies are the best, but if they are harvested wherever, travel some miles to your local market and are for sale there one or two days, plus you store them two days more in your kitchen before you eat them... well, they are not that fresh anymore.
    Unless you grow your own vegetables it's likely there is not such a big difference after all.
    But if by "fresh ones are better" you meant "tastier" I would certainly agree!
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    Amura got a reaction from LadyWolf0926 in LadyWolf's Whole 30 Log   
    I don't know if this would work for you, but when I lived alone I used to slice a loaf and then freeze it.  Whenever I wanted some bread, an slice would go directly into the toaster.
    And if it does not sit well with you either, you can keep it in the freezer til the next time you have guests 
    But actually, if you do not miss it, you are probably better off without it 
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    Amura got a reaction from Sunshine2020 in JessFind's Whole 30 Log - Sept. 2nd-30th   
    I would be careful with the fruits. You don't want sugar spikes, even if the sugar is from a natural source.
    I personally think it's better to be as strict as possible from the very beginning, it makes the path ahead just clearer - and easier!