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    Amura reacted to Emma in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    It's nice having lots of leftovers in the fridge. I didn't cook once today and I ate well throughout the day. And, even better, there are shredded veggies sitting in the fridge just waiting to be cooked up in the morning. I love having food already prepped.  I did struggle once today when we went to a little grocery deli for lunch. I walked around looking for something I could eat. The Greek salad used canola oil and I'm avoiding canola - Oh my goodness - I just had an interesting memory pop up - I just remembered that the times I've eaten that salad, I've had a very upset loose stomach afterwards. Every time, I chalked it up to a lot of greens (doubtful given how many greens I often eat) or to bacteria (I had it during one of the romaine lettuce outbreaks) but now I wonder if it was the CANOLA oil. Whoa. This is pretty interesting to think about it. I suppose I could buy the salad and eat it with my personal dressing and see how it affects me. I kinda like that idea because I like the salad. 
    Anyway, the store had almost nothing for me because I did not want a Lara bar or fruit, but then I found some locally made Kimchi and had that. It was good and not too spicy.
    Our guests left late afternoon and I then grumbled and mumbled and drank an iced coffee at 5:00 to get my body into work to get ready for tomorrow. I got focused thankfully and got things done, but nowhere near what I want done. Ah well. Tomorrow will pass and I'll work tomorrow evening and get more done. I'm pleased that I was able to shift from feeling stressed about work and not wanting to work to something productive. I think that's one of the NSV's and one I am really appreciating (The coffee helped as well).
    I loved having a three day weekend. I loved having my friends visit. I found I dropped my work stress for two and a half days and I enjoyed myself. My appetite also picked back up which was nice - and interesting - Interesting how stress can impact eating both by eating too much and by eating too little. I feel like I ate way too much today, but I really didn't. I felt like I feasted, but when I think back, everything I had was pretty moderately portioned. That's an NSV too - that I'm naturally eating more appropriate serving sizes without thinking about it.
    Off to read my book and then to sleep.
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    Amura got a reaction from LadyWolf0926 in LadyWolf's Whole 30 Log   
    Yeah, I think they definetely fall into that category, but since you have already finished your round I do not think they are any kind of big deal.
    Not fully compliant, right, but if you make sure they do not become a food-with-no-brakes for you then they should be right, I think.
    Also, bread. Have you tried only wheat bread?
    If you are going to go compliant for a week with your son, maybe at the end or the week you can test other breads - such as rye bread, or corn flour. Making sure that they have no wheat in their ingredients.
    I don't know, might be worth a try if you really miss bread.
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    Amura got a reaction from JessFind in JessFind's Whole 30 Log - Sept. 2nd-30th   
    I missed bread a lot in the very first days too!
    Use veggies instead, if you wish. You can stillmake a toast on an slice of sweet potato! I also used carrots whenever I wanted to push those tiny bits that sometimes seem to be impossible to catch  
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    Amura got a reaction from heb2014 in Anew in Arkansas (My first WHOLE30)   
    Welcome aboard! I'm new to the Whole30 myself, halfway there and enjoying it so far, I'm hoping you have a great experience too.
    Logging it is great imho, because it helps you think and evaluate your progress
    Btw impressive if/then list.
    I was lazy and made a mental list, and even that was way shorter that yours 
    If you have read the Whole30 book, I would certainly recommed the It Starts With Food - the why to everything gets explained there.
    For example, SWYPO foods.
    In my understanding, it's not so much about what replaces what (ingredients) but whether you are recreating something which you crave or simply discovering a new ingredient. Because of the mental associations we have for certain foods, and also the mechanisms they trigger.
    So. Cauliflower rice.
    If you use it to make a very salty, fatty and/or sweety meal, specially if you are trying to satisfy cravings about fried rice or something like that, would be a big no - because SWYPO!
    But now that you are working with more restrictions than usual, maybe you want to learn how to incorporate new ingredients to your meals and how to make them more appealing. Then why not cauliflower? Well, maybe you don't love it. And what if we try to make it fancy? It's worth trying, isn't it? And definetely not against the spirit of the Whole30.
    At least that's what I think.
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    Amura got a reaction from JessFind in JessFind's Whole 30 Log - Sept. 2nd-30th   
    Looks like  you are well versed in meal prepping, and you have it all well planned!
    I'm sure you are gonna do great
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    Amura got a reaction from LadyWolf0926 in LadyWolf's Whole 30 Log   
    Wow, seems you had a great time!  Life is wonderful!
    Fast food is not a great choice, we all know that - and that's why we are here - but I don't think one-time bad choices are what really matter.
    I believe that your attitude regarding it is great. Yeah, that's what was avaliable and you ate it, you know you won't feel great but at the moment it was worth-it (actually it was more of a otherwise-I-don't-eat-anything-at-all kind of situation) and the hurting is your body reminding you which is the path you should go. Which you'll do.
    I'm really looking forward living my food-freedom in  similar fashion.
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    Amura reacted to LadyWolf0926 in LadyWolf's Whole 30 Log   
    Recap..... Braves won!! Great game AND a bonus concert after the game with Steve Aoki  So. Much. Fun!! It was a really long set, and he did play Boneless (which made me uber-happy)! I got up and danced in the stands with my son and his GF, and I haven't danced in years! It was a great time!
    Dinner was a bit of an ordeal. We got to the stadium, and there just wasn't anything compliant, so I just went ahead and had a cheeseburger and curly fries. It tasted so good, but I'm not feeling all that great. Got a little heartburn going on. My hubs is a little worried I'll be hurting tomorrow, but we'll deal with it like we've dealt with the rest. I'll pound the fluids, flush the nastiness out of my system and eat compliant.  I'm going to sink some Tazo Chamomile Calm before bed; that'll help a lot. Plus, eating like I'm on round next week will help my son anyway, so no big deal there.
    Right now, I don't care. I got to see Steve Aoki play live, and my day is made! Lol 
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    Amura got a reaction from KiwiKendra in My W30 log - Starting on August 15th   
    This forum is great!
    But to be honest, a really good thing is that it is kinda slow. I mean, only a few posts are written every day so if you log in once a day - such as I do to post in my log - you can really manage to read all the *new* posts without feeling like you waste a lot of time.
    I read lots of older threads in the beginning, but now it does not take me a lot of time to keep up with everything else that goes on - even without figuring out how to subscribe 
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    Amura got a reaction from Elizabeth33 in I Quit Smoking and Started Eating— I start Whole 30 tomorrow!   
    You are working so hard towards making healthy choices, and already achieved huge milestones!
    You must be so proud of yourself 
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    Amura reacted to ShannonM816 in KiwiKendra's Log from New Zealand   
    Remember that all your meals don't have to be fancy. Some really simple meals that I do that don't take a lot of prep:  scrambled eggs with spinach/other vegetables; a can of tuna or salmon mixed with mayo or avocado or even just olive oil, on top of salad; hamburger patty (I buy frozen, pre-formed ones and cook them straight from the freezer, but you could buy ground meat of whatever type you prefer and freeze it in patties) with mayo and mustard or avocado, tomato, onion, and pickles, with a side of roasted potato or sweet potato.  Or I grill a bunch of chicken at the start of the week, then I can use it in salads or stir fries for several meals. You don't have to have a brand new recipe at every meal. Just make sure you have food that is easy to prepare quickly on days when you don't have time to do anything elaborate. 
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    Amura reacted to KiwiKendra in My W30 log - Starting on August 15th   
    LOLOLOL thats sooo funny. I'm chuckling to myself reading your comment here.  THis forum is soo good, but honestly I could sit here all day reading and not get off the couch. I'm still trying to work out how to use it all (the forums, the likes, the favourites, the following, and what to do next).....  Its like I'm getting a network of new friends. Loving it, coz we are all thinking and going through similar things. :-)
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    Amura got a reaction from Jihanna in My W30 log - Starting on August 15th   
    DAY 18
    Meal 1: Confitted pork loin, spinachs, radishes and some black olives Snack: A portion of Spanish omelette Meal 2: Pomfret in tomato sauce and salad (lettuce, spinachs, cherry tomatoes, radishes, carrit,  black olives), some grapes as dessert Meal 3: A handful cashews, then sauteéd zucchini, carrot and sweet potato, one hardbioled egg, canned small sardines. I'm afraid I'm doing something wrong with all the snacking.
    I did not need the morning snack but I like it, and it was compliant so I ate it. So this is an unfixed problem: eating something just because it's avaliable - and yummy. 
    Also I've been snacking on nuts while I cook, so I've been counting them a part of the meal - but I think I should not.
    Because, yes, I am hungry but I could wait 5 minutes more. It's again all about the avaliability. 
    I think I should get this "healthy" snacking under control. Just in case.
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    Amura got a reaction from Emma in My W30 log - Starting on August 15th   
    DAY 17
    Meal 1: sauteéd zucchini & sweet potato, a bit of leftover sea bream and some black olives. Meal 2: Shoulder of pork (cured, boiled, typical dish here), little green peppers and a bunch of grapes. Snack: Black tea, one carrot, nuts. Meal 3: Grilled veggies (zucchini, carrots, sweet potato) and a hardboiled egg, 1 pear. Today I felt ok, no tiger blood but nothing amiss either.
    But my meals were far from perfect.
    I think I started the day with a meal too low on protein (I have just learned that I do not like leftover baked fish for breakfast) which was setting myself for failure.
    Because I'm more of a morning protein person and a evening veggies person, I think. So it's hard for me to compensate with extra protein in the dinner.
    We are on vacation (about to end) so every morning we go to a cafe. I usually order water. They always give us some complimentary snack - I would eat a portion of omelette but reject any sweet treat. I hoped for the omelette today, but I wasn't lucky.
    It was a mini croissant.  My dream come true!
    I was hungry for lunch, and I ate a lot of meat. So technically I should be full - but I felt like eating quite a lot of grapes.
    Ok, it is not terrible, but it gave me the sensation that I failed at balancing today's meals. Hm.
    I still have some leftover fish which I meant to eat for tomorrow's breakfast but I think I'll be eating some of my confitted pork loin instead.
    Also my husband had quite a bit of leftover bread. 
    I usually bake our bread - but on weekends/vacation. Now my husband buys it, but it's too much for just one person (and a half). There is a good bakery, their bread may last up to three days, but four days had passed and he still had quite a bit so I decided to make some French toast for an afternoon snack.
    Awful idea. Seeing other people eating a treat is one thing, making it is something completely different!
    I snacked on approved foods, but still felt the craving 
    By dinner time I was fine, our meal was satisfying and no cravings appeared, but I can't help thinking that I must watch my first meal very carefully. Had this happen on a workday it might have been a disaster...
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    Amura reacted to Jihanna in My W30 log - Starting on August 15th   
    I remember my food dreams during Whole30. I had one where I woke up (in my dream) with crumbs on my face and shirt, and went to the fridge to see that I'd somehow scarfed down an entire birthday cake. Woke up (for real) so upset, feeling nauseated and undone, and had to physically check the fridge, the kitchen, etc., and verify with others in the house that no one had put a cake in the fridge the previous day! It was insane. There was another where I'd accidentally licked my fingers while making my kid's lunch for school, and wound up downing a jar of peanut butter as result -- of course, had to check every trash can in the house AND the outside bin to be certain I hadn't really done that one.
    Totally get it  
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    Amura reacted to Emma in Whole 30 (July 2)   
    Day 39
    Well, thank goodness I'm doing this because the emotions of today were rough and there was no desire to eat or pull through a drive through on the way home. It just didn't exist and it's not because I've done some deep soul searching or cognitive processing on my food eating relationships. It's because the foods that trigger those dopamine or seratonin rushes (or whatever it is that they do) are not in my system. I really do feel like an addict that is finally off the things that were an issue. Cigarettes. I'd never smoke one again because I know I'd be immediately hooked. Beer - not a problem for me. I can have one every day for weeks and then nothing. I sometimes finish them and sometimes don't. Not all people are so lucky. Wouldn't it be great if FOOD was just like beer is for me. But instead food (some foods) is more like an addiction for me. I was reading more of the Food Freedom book and now I wish I'd taken notes so I could reflect, but it's good stuff. I also don't feel like I'm living restrictively at all. Until I'm faced with going out to eat or traveling, I feel like I'm just plugging along eating the things I want to eat and which are working for me. I'm also not eating the same quantity of nuts or nut bars that I was the first few weeks and that seemed to just kinda happen as I started feeling better. 
    I did run to the store this evening and picked up a bunch of stuff to cook for this weekend. Other than Egg Roll in a Bowl and maybe Garbage Sink, I don't have any great plans. I wanted to make spaghetti boulangaise or pesto pasta using spaghetti squash, but the store only had ONE TINY squash. Only one! So that idea is out. i did pick up stuff that I can roast like cauliflower and carrots and onions. Good healthy meals for all the guests this weekend and they'll all be glad that this happens.
    Hey - I practiced today and semi meditated. Now if I can get to bed and wake up early and get gracefully through tomorrow, that will be good.
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    Amura reacted to KTH1010 in You know you're on Whole30 when...   
    you worry whether you've eaten ENOUGH mayonnaise with your breakfast
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    Amura reacted to heb2014 in Anew in Arkansas (My first WHOLE30)   
    This is my first WHOLE30 and I just wanted a space where I can record some thoughts (whether anyone reads them or not)
    My WHY:  I feel like crap. I live with constant brain fog that I blame on being a mother of two young children (5 y.o. and almost 2 y.o.) and that it's hit or miss if my almost 2 year old will sleep through the night. I pretend that  my sleep being interrupted is the reason I can't lose weight, but being honest, I eat like crap. It's the food and my lack of control around it. And my lack of motivation - about everything - work, exercise, eating smaller portions. To make things even worse, I've been sick for about two week's now (I have been to the doctor) and I feel even more foggy than normal...and I just feel off - heavy - not like "myself" (which I used to also blame on the "new normal" after becoming a mom, but it's worse now. I don't buy that any more - something else is going on). Yes I would love to lose some weight or reconfigure my body to be less giggly/more muscular...but this isn't about that. I feel like crap. 
    A bunch of IF/THEN planning (from Whole30 Day by Day plus my own):
    IF I am stuck at work late/in traffic/at the game, THEN I'll...have some snacks handy. Better stock my desk/bag/car. (more realistic situation) IF I don't feel like cooking one night (even my "easy backup plan" meals, THEN I'll...ask my husband to help our or we'll go to Chipotle (or Newks or Slim Chickens might be easy with a little customization - like a salad with no cheese, croutons, and BYO dressing). I should also make a meal to keep in the freezer for quick use. IF I'm at happy hour and offered a drink, Then I'll...say no thanks; I can deal. The bigger surprise would be that I go to a happy hour (ha!). (the harder situation for me) IF I am invited to someone's house for dinner and offered something non-compliant, THEN I'll...say no thanks and be ready to explain why. A drink I can say no to, no problem; even desert I can say no to. A meal would be harder. I think my best bet is to bring a compliant dish to share so I know I could eat something...and then be prepared to explain why I am only eating what I brought.   Ideas for dishes to bring: homemade baba ganoush or guacamole with veggies for dipping, salad and dressing, meatballs, chicken salad, fruit salad (probably not the best to just eat fruit) IF there's nothing compliant at the party, THEN I'll...(realistically) probably shove my face full of non-compliant food; better plan to not stay long! There's always the option to eat before or after, but I know if I am there, I will be tempted, regardless of plans. I can probably hold out for a little while, and perhaps without a glass of wine, I could make it (yes, let's blame the alcohol for all the poor choices), but knowing myself, I would need to remove myself from the temptation, at least in this one situation (introvert, "needing" to fit in around people I don't know at a party) IF my friends tease me about my "crazy diet", THEN I'll...find new friends. Just kidding - I just don't see this being a problem. Guess I should prepare in case I'm wrong.  I will tell them about how awful I've been feeling and that's it's just an experiment for 30 days that could help the rest of my life. I'll tell them I'll let them know how it goes when it's over. IF the in-laws want to have us over for dinner and make something non-compliant, THEN I'll...likely eat as small a portion as I can get away with. If it's a side dish, dessert,  or accompaniment (like FIL's amazing homemade bread), I can manage to not eat it, but if it's something more like the whole meal, as an obliger and this being my in-laws, I'm in trouble. I think my best strategy in this case would be to offer to cook for them at our house (control freak much!). IF we go to my parents' house for a weekend visit, THEN I' to them about how we're eating and ask to help with the meal planning/cooking (because my mom sends me the meal plan regardless). I know this is how I should be with my in-laws also, but realistically, it's just different. I should probably give it a try with them too though... If a rep brings lunch for our office (as is the case from time to time), THEN I'll....find something compliant if given the option to chose my order; if not, then I'll bring a back up lunch and eat it if what they bring doesn't comply. The people at work know I'm doing this (yay for going public!) and I think they'll be supportive.  IF my husband falls off the wagon, THEN I'll..continue on without him. My WHY isn't affected by him and he's really only doing this because I asked him. (tougher situation) IF my husband falls off the wagon and is eating ALL THE THINGS (specifically late at night like he does now), THEN I'll...make some hot tea and have a piece of fruit at most. Or go to bed. This will only feel a little depressing if he's gone out and bought Nestle Drumsticks for him and the kids....but I think he'll be more supportive than that even if he doesn't complete the Whole30. (another tough one) IF I don't start feeling any different or notice any changes, THEN I'll...likely need some outside motivation. Just knowing myself, I like to see results. 30 days really isn't that long, but if I read something in Day by Day that says "You should see improvements to your brain fog by now" and I haven' would make me want to eat all the things. If I still feel this "heavy" on Day 21...I'll need support. Perhaps I should plan to not wait until day 30 to evaluate my NSV, but purposefully run down the list on Day 10 and Day 20. If I am stressed out about something, THEN I'll...go for a walk. If I don't have much time, I'll do some stretching and breathing...or maybe some squats. If I don't have much privacy, I'll go to the bathroom and do them. And because it's September...IF I am craving a Pumpkin Spice Latte, THEN I'll...tough it out and plan to drink one first thing after reintroduction. Making a compliant version would be SWYPO for me...and I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be as good as the sugar-laden, whipped cream topped version. But just some random thoughts on SWYPO...why isn't riced cauliflower SWYPO? I mean it's sole purpose is to replace an off-limits food. Especially when you use it to make something like "fried rice" which I would say is extremely easy to over indulge.   
    This brain dump got extremely long. Kudos (or apologies?) if you took the time to read it all.
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    Amura got a reaction from Jihanna in My W30 log - Starting on August 15th   
    DAY 16
    Meal 1: Omelette (3 eggs), spinachs, black olives. Meal 2: a handful nuts, baked sea bream & potatoes, little green peppers, plus some grapes Snack: More nuts!  Meal 3: Green beans, one hardboiled egg, leftover chicken and black olives, and more grapes Today I got up and needed to go to the toilet right away.
    That's odd. I used to be an after-breakfast kind of person, because of the Whole30 it seemed to have changed to an after-dinner thing, and today this.
    I've been having these soft stools, but it does not feel bad so I don't think I should change anything. I just wished to be more regular, for next week I'm back to work and it would be a bit incovenient 
    We had guests today (my husband's uncle and cousin) but instead of going out for lunch we insisted on lunching at home.
    The brought some treats for dessert but it's ok with me - I can watch others while I sip my tea.
    (Btw the orange tea I bought yesterday is really yummy!)
    My parents want to visit on the weekend. I've told them the same, that we'd rather not eat out - but it's always complicated with them.
    They mean good, they think that going out is less trouble, but I've been telling them for years that it is actually more trouble. And I like cooking!
    Today I walked back from my in-laws house (my footgear wasn't a good choice but still felt good) and I was thinking about my Whole30.
    I'm on day 16 and I don't notice any tiger blood. I haven't noticed much in general. My clothes do not seem any looser. I can't pinpoint health improvements. I'm starting to think that maybe I won't notice much during the reintroduction either. I may well be one of those cases.
    And still I think the Whole30 is something positive for me, in the psychological level.
    Having clear boundaries made my food choices much easier, I can reject treats without doubts and that makes me feel empowered. Which is great.
    That's why I think I must write some new personal rules for me, after the reintroduction is done. This powerful feeling might prove really useful.

    I dreamed that I ate a croissant.
    But it was not a delicious dream, it was a guilty one - I had to restart my Whole30 because of the damned croissant 
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    Amura got a reaction from Emma in My W30 log - Starting on August 15th   
    Also, today log.
    DAY 15
    Meal 1: Pork loin, spinachs, radishes and one carrot. Meal 2: Pork ribs, potatoes, salad (lettuce, tomato, onion, green olives). Snack: a portion of Spanish omelette Meal 3: Green beans, leftover chicken, black olives. Visiting our friends, and eating out with them.
    We went to the restaurant we expected, I had already seen the menu online and I knew I had one compliant option (and maybe two more if I ordered no-dressing). Last minute idea: order also a plain salad, just to fill with greens (a more balanced meal!) and to be less tempted by other people ordering dessert.
    I felt very proud of myself because I ate all the tomato. Which I hate. I usually would give it to my husband, but I decided it's never late to learn to like things. I'm trying to teach my son to eat all kinds of veggies and I must set a good example.
    The weather was too hot and we wanted to drink something, and it's common here to offer some food as a courtesy.
    I usually order either water or tea, and if the food is compliant I will eat it - that's why the snack, not that I was so hungry but it was a nice treat.
    Had a great day.
    Back home we were not very hungry, so we had dinner a bit later than usual.
    Everything was prepped, so I took my ingredients, salt&pepper and olive oil and ready to eat. I'm a woman of simple tastes
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    Amura reacted to MindyG7000 in My W30 log - Starting on August 15th   
    You are very inspiring. I am 2 days behind you. My 20+ hot-flashes a day are down to 1 or 2, and the reason I was trying this experiment in the first place.
    But today.....I want a cookie! I don't eat a lot of sweets but I'm not 'satisfied' I'm looking for that bit of ahhhh after dinner. Any suggestions?
    Mindy from Oregon
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    Amura got a reaction from Emma in My W30 log - Starting on August 15th   
    DAY 14
    Meal 1: omelette (3 eggs), plenty of spinachs and 1 carrot. Meal 2: cod, potatoes, pickled veggies, and black tea Meal 3: a handful nuts, scrambled eggs with mushrooms, some wild berries
      Today we crossed the border to Portugal. Their cuisine is very good, they have lots of dishes with cod which I love - but my usual has dairy in it, so I asked something different.
    Everybody else ordered a dessert, I ordered only some tea. I really miss having a dessert when we eat out!
    I travelled in the back seat, which usually makes me feel dizzy, my stomach upset. And I've noticed that since I'm on the Whole30 this is not happening. So I'm assuming it has something to do with either grains or dairy (which I ate on a daily basis). Something to test during reintroduction.
    And I guess it's an NSV after all, having learned that I can travel on the back seat and still feel good - just be 100% compliant in the meals before travelling!
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    Amura reacted to LadyWolf0926 in LadyWolf's Whole 30 Log   
    I get you! 100%!! What I don't get is why we don't have a hug emoji cuz I'd sent you one of those @Jihanna    
    I totally understood where you were leading me, and I LOVE your guidance! And you're right (again) of course. Once I start feeling better in a week or so, I'm going to want to try something else. Today? I just want to hide under the covers and burn this candle lol

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    Amura got a reaction from Emma in My W30 log - Starting on August 15th   
    Today I dreamt of chocolate!
    In my dream I was savouring it, mmmmm, yummy!

    DAY 12
    Meal 1: Arugula & lamb lettuce, 1 hardboiled egg, canned tuna, a handful nuts and green tea. Meal 2: Arugula & lamb lettuce, canned tuna, mango and leftover barbecued lamb. Snack: Nuts. Meal 3: Spanish omelette (with confitted onions) and raw spinachs. Some grapes.
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    Amura got a reaction from Emma in My W30 log - Starting on August 15th   
    Imho FIX #2 works better 
    But, yeah, that's what I was talking about. Good to know this information is around here. I wasn't sure if those were well-known facts!
    Yes, making a decision and sticking to it is great. But maybe the problem is that I never actually made a firm desision before!
    I mean, yes, some general ones, such as "eating healthy" or "eating less treats" or "not eating much sugar". There was room for hesitating - and when I hesitate I fall into temptation.
    Now, because of such strict rules, I know it's not allowed and I simply don't give it any thought. I simply say no.
    But I wonder: how hard will this be when the 30 days are over and I have the choice? 
    I still have much work to do!
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    Amura got a reaction from Emma in My W30 log - Starting on August 15th   
    Imho FIX #2 works better 
    But, yeah, that's what I was talking about. Good to know this information is around here. I wasn't sure if those were well-known facts!
    Yes, making a decision and sticking to it is great. But maybe the problem is that I never actually made a firm desision before!
    I mean, yes, some general ones, such as "eating healthy" or "eating less treats" or "not eating much sugar". There was room for hesitating - and when I hesitate I fall into temptation.
    Now, because of such strict rules, I know it's not allowed and I simply don't give it any thought. I simply say no.
    But I wonder: how hard will this be when the 30 days are over and I have the choice? 
    I still have much work to do!