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  1. UPDATE copied from my own Facebook page on 1st October 2019: Okay so Whole30 turned into Whole27.I fell off the wagon for a chip butty! Lots of butter on white bread and a big squirt of tomato sauce!!! Wtf. I didnt even enjoy it and I got indigestion afterwards.I'm not beaten though as now I understand the pull that food had on me. I no longer need to have a biscuit every time I have a cup of tea. I enjoy coffee without milk and sugar.I know now that cooking wasnt an issue it was my own laziness. I need to prep meals so that I have healthy emergency food on standby. I can drive past the
  2. oh really?? but I was going by the recipe that says you need to use it within a few days. I'll start r
  3. oh really?? but I was going by the recipe that says you need to use it within a few days. I'll start writing the egg expiry date on the jars instead then. COOL. Thanks for that tip.
  4. its the early morning of DAY 6 for me (6.14 am NZ time Saturday 7th Sept as I start to write) I haven't slept much at all. Tossed and turned again for most of the night with indegistion and gas - sorry Its the second night in a row and now I'm not sure if its coconut milk that doesn't agrees with me... Heck I hope not!! Last night I had a portion of quick curry which I made using up the half can of Coconut milk leftover from the Shepherds Pie recipe the night before. I'm really struggling with breakfasts - have I mentioned that before? Its the main thing on my mind these days.... I
  5. Thanks HEAPS Emma. It will be a whole different ball game this coming week when I am back at work! LOL
  6. I'm on DAY 4 - OMG I'm doing this! Heck I am soooo glad I took this week off from work though. How you people with young families cope I just don't know. I only have a husband to contend to (the kids are now full grown and have left the nest). Trying to get into a routine when there is only MYSELF to look after (hubby can fend for himself) this week has still been daunting - hence why I haven't been back here for a few days. When I'm back at work next week, I'll have to do this at the end of the day, probably on a daily basis to keep up with it. Well, first day of Spring came and it was
  7. Oh. That's a good idea about bookmarking. I'm a methodical person ya need to keep it in order. Lol thankyou.
  8. Oh yep...I see the @names now. Thanks. Appreciate it.
  9. QUESTION: To keep adding pages to my Own Personal Log do I just go to the bottom add a "reply" and keep writing? Or do I have to click somewhere specific? Are the responses to my log separate comments that I can respond to, but my personal log separate? Or are they one and the same thing? I'm getting confused.
  10. I really appreciate everyone's feedback. I don't know why I do this to myself but I really do freak out at the thought of all that prep/cooking etc. There are just soooooo many recipes out there. At the moment I feel I am constantly looking at Whole30 books, re-reading and thinking about it. I signed up to "Real Plans" too, to try to take the guess work out of planning and I think I've overloaded my brain again coz now Im even more daunted. HAHA So I've booked the first week of September as annual leave so that I can concentrate solely on the start to this experiment. 1st Sept is the fir
  11. I FAILED!!!!! - I FAILED before I'd even begun and I was so gutted!! LadyWolf, Emma and Beckha thank you sooooo much for replying to my very first log. I just hope I'm replying to you all in the right place and continuing on with my saga in the right place too! So....on the Sunday night before my actual start date, I started off with the Tomato Sauce (working through the 7 Day Meal Plan) and whilst that was simmering (for an hour?!?! wow that long??) I moved on to my first ever Mayo, flipping back and for to the recipe, to make sure I was doing it properly. Once done, I gave a little chu
  12. This if my very first ever log/blog and I've feeling really nervous and excited and a little overwhelmed to say the least. I've updated my Facebook page to alert everyone to my very first Whole30 which starts tomorrow 19th August. (we're in the future here - a full day ahead of most of you in U.S.) Six weeks ago I received three of the Whole30 books in the mail and armed with highlighter pens and stickers I've gone through them like someone studying for a University Degree (which I don't have). Nonetheless I'm ready for this (I hope). A colleague at work is starting with me so its great