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  1. UPDATE copied from my own Facebook page on 1st October 2019:

    Okay so Whole30 turned into Whole27.
    I fell off the wagon for a chip butty! Lots of butter on white bread and a big squirt of tomato sauce!!! Wtf. I didnt even enjoy it and I got indigestion afterwards.
    I'm not beaten though as now I understand the pull that food had on me. I no longer need to have a biscuit every time I have a cup of tea. I enjoy coffee without milk and sugar.
    I know now that cooking wasnt an issue it was my own laziness. I need to prep meals so that I have healthy emergency food on standby.
    I can drive past the dairy without stopping off to get a bar of Whittakers Chocolate.
    Milk makes me cough in the mornings.
    I CAN make Mayo, I like Cauliflower rice and love Broccoli soup. Oh, and i think I've gone off eggs.
    Sugar is in most foods at the supermarket and its liberating to shop for the healthy stuff on the outer rim and not so much of the crap in the middle aisles.
    I lost 6kgs somewhere and I feel more alive, sleep like a log most nights and when I next go to the movies I wont buy a massive family pack of peanut M & Ms....I'll get a small bag and eat em realllllll slow.

    THAT WAS THEN AND THIS IS NOW: Why am I my own worst enemy? I go through all of that, and here I am now, wide awake in the middle of the night. I've slid down that very slippery slope and have to claw my way back again....

    just saying......


  2. On 9/7/2019 at 1:08 PM, ArtFossil said:

    Your mayo (or dump ranch) will last MUCH longer than three days. I give mine two weeks, although really, they will last until the expiration date on your eggs. And in the unlikely event your mayo had gone off, you will know it. Don't make this harder than it is! I've never had to throw out mayo. It's ALWAYS gone before it even has a chance to go off.

    oh really?? but I was going by the recipe that says you need to use it within a few days. I'll start r

  3. 2 hours ago, ArtFossil said:

    Your mayo (or dump ranch) will last MUCH longer than three days. I give mine two weeks, although really, they will last until the expiration date on your eggs. And in the unlikely event your mayo had gone off, you will know it. Don't make this harder than it is! I've never had to throw out mayo. It's ALWAYS gone before it even has a chance to go off.

    oh really?? but I was going by the recipe that says you need to use it within a few days. I'll start writing the egg expiry date on the jars instead then. COOL. Thanks for that tip.

  4. its the early morning of DAY 6 for me (6.14 am NZ time Saturday 7th Sept as I start to write)

    I haven't slept much at all. Tossed and turned again for most of the night with indegistion and gas - sorry :wacko: Its the second night in a row and now I'm not sure if its coconut milk that doesn't agrees with me... Heck I hope not!! Last night I had a portion of quick curry which I made using up the half can of Coconut milk leftover from the Shepherds Pie recipe the night before. 

    I'm really struggling with breakfasts - have I mentioned that before? Its the main thing on my mind these days.... I do plan the night before but I do try to recall, when I wake in the middle of the night, what it was I decided to have for brekky the next day ?! Poached eggs and bacon was the most normal I've had in the past 6 days. I sat my eggs on a handful of spinach leaves and forced those down with it.

    Another thing I'm struggling with is food wastage - if I don't like it, its into the compost - I think my hubby is going to need a second bin real soon, what with the veg peelings and my throw outs, well at least the garden will appreciate it. @Emma, I haven't mentioned those before. ;)  And the dressings! I cant eat that much Mayo or Ranch Dressing (made from the Mayo) within 3 days.. I guess I'll have to mess with the recipes and attempt smaller batches. Hey look at me, messing with recipes!! :D I wouldn't have thought of attempting something like that 6 days ago. 

    Anyways, I do have a few things in the freezer now for my lunches at work next week, and I'll make Protein Salads to mix it up a bit. I must say that the Day By Day is really helping, its like Melissa is a mind reader. LOL I'd be lost without it.

    Oh, and I am starting to like black coffee - I think I've had about 4 now in the past 6 days (that's a massive drop from at least 4-6 "flat whites" as we call them her in New Zealand. (it originated here by the way - just saying), which is a double shot espresso topped up with milk, less milkier than a latte.

    I'm off to the supermarket today to stock on some items for the coming week.....Stay strong peoples. We got this. :rolleyes:


  5. 12 hours ago, Emma said:

    You are rockin it! The first week can be so hard. SO HARD. The headache, partners and their food, low energy, the lists of things you want to get done but don't get done....Ahhhhhhh! But it's worth it and you are really rockin the recipes and the cooking and the "dive right in with sleeves pulled up". It would be fun to be there sharing some meals!

    Thanks HEAPS Emma. It will be a whole different ball game this coming week when I am back at work! LOL  

  6. I'm on DAY 4 - OMG I'm doing this! Heck I am soooo glad I took this week off from work though. How you people with young families cope I just don't know. I only have a husband to contend to (the kids are now full grown and have left the nest). Trying to get into a routine when there is only MYSELF to look after (hubby can fend for himself) this week has still been daunting - hence why I haven't been back here for a few days. When I'm back at work next week, I'll have to do this at the end of the day, probably on a daily basis to keep up with it. 

    Well, first day of Spring came and it was a beautiful sunny day, and I was in relapse mode from helping my daughter move house. She's had to move to a smaller place so some of her stuff has come back home (why does that happen even though our kids "leave home"). We have a lot of stairs so there was lots of exercise had over the weekend and my knees and ankles were killing me!. So hubby and I actually relaxed on the Sunday and did practically nothing. (made the mistake of finishing off a box of chocs with him while watching a movie and as you will all realise, I paid for it on DAY 2!!) - hey my spelling is NZ spelling okay? I'm not changing that 's' to a 'z' its just not right. :lol:

    So I decided that Monday was DAY 1 (silly to start an experiment on a Sunday!) :rolleyes: 

    My first day off from work, and that felt good in itself. Decided to visit my Mum and took along a protein salad and a huge bottle of water. She's being really supportive and although she offered me a cup of tea or coffee, I just cant stomach that yet without milk. I drank from my large bottle of water instead. Now usually I would call into the bakery on the way to mum's to get us "something nice to have with coffee" and as I was driving down her street it hit me that this is one habit I am definitely going to break! Bless her, she offered me some grapes and an apple to have with my salad (so I did).

    Then it was off to the supermarket with my RealPlans app all ready for me to just click on those circles as I added items to my trolley. I felt good! it really is true that the healthy foods are around the outside of the supermarket, and the not so good stuff is in the aisles. WOW. I wandered over to the "gluten free" area and found a couple of raw energy bars. Now I have a confession.... I was drawn to the name of one of them: "Organic Lemon Cheesecake" and the other was an "Organic Cacoa, Fig" and the ingredients are Whole30 compliant! I know, I know.....they should not be used to replace a cream cake or something sugary as a treat. I made a mental note that these two items would be part of my Emergency Foods to stash at the bottom of my bag for those "caught in really heavy traffic" or "about to faint coz I haven't eaten enough" saga's (does that 2nd one count actually?)

    Anyways, I finally got out of the supermarket and I felt so proud of the amount of good, clean food in my trolley. I was going to dash home and put it all away and start creating! By this time (because I didn't allow for the fact that it takes a LOT LONGER to grocery shop these days) it was already 2pm and I'd actually had my lunch at 11.30am....and I felt really light headed so I grabbed the "Organic Cacoa, Fig bar" and munched on that as I drove the 40 mins home. Day 1 and I've already had an emergency!! LESSON learned - eat MORE at meal times.

    Once I got home and put everything away I started on the "No Fuss Salmon Cakes" - well that was a disaster! OOps, no it's a stepping stone because I think I put too much sweet potato with it (can't find cans of sweet potato) so I boiled up some of my own and mashed it in. They were dry, and a little burnt and not that enjoyable. LESSON learned: I now know that my new oven is "hotter" than my old one. (another stepping stone crossed towards being a better cook - woohoo)

    Hubby decided to make himself stew and dumplings for his dinner and I made myself busy writing in my "Day by Day" book and planning next days meals. I was also hoping for a good nights sleep as I've been waking at 2am for the past couple of nights.

    DAY 2 dawned and OMG my head was killing me! I just wanted to die. Surely this cant be happening after one day on this experiment?!  I crawled out of bed once hubby had gone off to work. I forced down a couple of pieces of the Spinach Frittata (which looked amazing when it came out of the oven, I was feeling hopeful, but before I got chance to take its selfie, it collapsed, which was a reflection of how I was feeling at the sight of it). Awwww.  The rest of the morning is a blur, I don't even have Meal 2 written down in my book but I do remember drinking more water and going back to bed to sleep. I'd received a text from Kirsty at work and she said she's jumped a couple of stages as she was at the "Kill all things" stage. I told her about my headache and she said, just rest and sleep, so I did. (so good having someone doing this with me - as you all are if you're reading this) :P

    Later on in the day I created the Thai Basic Chicken and had that for my dinner. It wasn't too bad and there were leftovers for next days lunch.

    DAY 3 and I felt a lot better, although another restless night tossing and turning. I am really struggling with breakfasts - I don't enjoy veg for brekky. I miss my grain toast with tahini, honey, LSA and fresh fruit on top. (marked that in my book as one of my cravings). So today I had left over frittata with a few slices of kiwifruit on the side.  MY lunch was WAY BETTER, left over Thai chicken with a bunch of cos lettuce leaves and slices of avocado and WAIT FOR IT....some MAYO drizzled over the top.  DID YOU HEAR THAT?? MAYO - I made MAYO!! WOOHOO :D and it tasted okay!!! OMG I was ecstatic at that success believe me.

    The rest of the afternoon I chilled out and watched a movie (after doing some housework). I was feeling good.  It was MY TIME and I was going to make the most of it. I didn't' realise the time though and before I knew it hubby had walked through the door and I was sat watching tv. What the heck...its my holidays. I'm allowed.   He has a really bad habit of talking through a movie if he's not interested in it, and it was almost the end, so he went off into the kitchen. He came into the lounge to ask if I wanted a coffee, but he was holding a goddamn pikelet with lashings of butter. OMG how insensitive is that?!?!?!  He said "well I cant stop eating just because you are"..... I'll park that one.:unsure:

    Once the movie had finished and hubby had finished in the kitchen it was my turn. While he dozed on the couch watching sport (LOL) I made soup and some Latka fritters from Real Foods. Its so handy having that on my phone so I can just scroll and follow the instructions. However it was about 9.30pm by the time I was all done and cleaned up and then I didn't feel like eating. BAD I know, but honestly, I just wanted to crawl into bed. Forgot to fill in my "Day by Day" book, so I did that this morning.

    Day 4 dawned, thank goodness because I nearly murdered my hubby during the night due to his snoring! However I did manage to dose off again (instead of getting up and reading). I'm not sleeping late but its going through my mind that I'm now halfway through my week off work and I haven't done my "head declutter" that I had intended. I will work on that and put plans in place. I'll be making a Ranch Dressing with part of my Mayo. hehe and make something for tonights dinner with the organic mince that hubby brought home yesterday. I'm hoping I can tempt him with a mince dish - lets see. Today is going to be a good ORGANISED kind of day. I feel it.

    My wins so far is that I'm keeping the kitchen clean despite all this prep and cooking. I made MAYO and it tastes good. I'm still here and doing it!.  WOOHOO. 






  7. 15 hours ago, Jihanna said:

    When I was doing my first round, I bookmarked my log so I could jump straight to it without getting distracted by the rest of the forum. Then, after posting, I'd go wander and look at other peoples' posts :) 

    Regarding quoting -- if someone's post is long and you're wanting to quote/respond to a small part of it, you can highlight that bit and then choose the quote option :) This helps when you have long-winded comments, like the ones I sometimes give ;) You can choose to put a response/quote in your own log post, or you can respond in one and do a separate post just for your actual log (which might help you keep it straight when scrolling through to find your posts), but if you come to this thread to respond and post your new entries then it'll all stay in the same thread.

    I hope that helped without making it more confusing!

    Oh. That's a good idea about bookmarking. I'm a methodical person ya need to keep it in order. Lol thankyou.

  8. 15 hours ago, ShannonM816 said:

    Just keep replying at the bottom to add to your log. To reply to someone else's post in your log, click Quote on their post to quote it, like I did here, or tag the by typing the @ symbol and start typing their name (no spaces) and a list will come up, keep typing until their name shows in the list and then click on it, like @KiwiKendra.

    When you are looking at the list of posts in a section, if you click on the dot or star next to the post, it'll take you to the first unread post in that discussion. 


    Oh yep...I see the @names now. Thanks. Appreciate it.

  9. 21 hours ago, Emma said:

    I go to "community" then "whole30 log" and then click on my own post to check in each day. I go down to the bottom and hit reply and put my thoughts. then I got back to "whole30 log" and click on somebody else's post and go to the bottom.  What I rarely do is click on my actual name because that takes me to a page that shows all my posts and comments which is nice to have as an option, but trickier for me to navigate. Not sure if that response helped at all?!

    Cool thanks Emma I'll give that a go.

  10. QUESTION: To keep adding pages to my Own Personal Log do I just go to the bottom add a "reply" and keep writing? Or do I have to click somewhere specific? Are the responses to my log separate comments that I can respond to, but my personal log separate? Or are they one and the same thing?

    I'm getting confused.

  11. I really appreciate everyone's feedback. I don't know why I do this to myself but I really do freak out at the thought of all that prep/cooking etc. There are just soooooo many recipes out there. At the moment I feel I am constantly looking at Whole30 books, re-reading and thinking about it.

    I signed up to "Real Plans" too, to try to take the guess work out of planning and I think I've overloaded my brain again coz now Im even more daunted. HAHA  So I've booked the first week of September as annual leave so that I can concentrate solely on the start to this experiment. 1st Sept is the first day of Spring here in New Zealand which is my FAVOURITE Season so I think that's a good sign. I am going to start walking regularly too. I CAN DO THIS!  (by the way I have lost 2kg in a few months since starting to read through all the books etc which is proof that it has made me more conscious of what I am eating - how interesting is that?!)

    @Jihanna, I know there will be LOTS of Stepping I intend hopping and skipping across them, even if I slip now and again - thank you :-) 


  12. I FAILED!!!!! - I FAILED before I'd even begun and I was so gutted!!  LadyWolf, Emma and Beckha thank you sooooo much for replying to my very first log. I just hope I'm replying to you all in the right place and continuing on with my saga in the right place too!

    So....on the Sunday night before my actual start date, I started off with the Tomato Sauce (working through the 7 Day Meal Plan) and whilst that was simmering (for an hour?!?! wow that long??) I moved on to my first ever Mayo, flipping back and for to the recipe, to make sure I was doing it properly. Once done, I gave a little chuckle thinking "how easy was that?". I poured it into one of my new jars and then started on the next sauce, I was on a roll..... but heck I felt as if I had walked miles in my tiny kitchen!  Then I remembered that I'm supposed to taste it.... OMG it was YUK !!  All I could taste was Olive Oil !!!!   My chin dropped and my heart sunk.... "oh NOW WHAT???" I thought to myself (well I said a bit more than that, but you get my drift).   

    I'd done all that and hadn't even started on the Spinach Frittata... I wanted to give up right then and there. I felt like I'd been at it for hours and wasted all those ingredients, and created a lot of dirty dishes...and as per usual, I try a recipe and it just never turns out! I was feeling really deflated.  My brain went into overload and I started to panic - how the heck could I start my Whole30 the very next day when I couldn't even make a couple of sauces?? How was I going to tell Kirsty?? I can't do this!! 

    I got really angry with myself....why was I not prepared? Where the heck am I going to source some ready made Mayo that doesn't have sugar or additives in it?   :unsure: I shed a few tears (just a few) and then thought....Nup, I can't give up...I've been reading the books for the past 6 weeks and really getting myself into the right mindset for this, I just need to regroup. I'll change my start date, (I can do that can't I?) then I'll get the rest of the ingredients and MAKE SURE that my pantry really is stocked with everything I need. I'll even practice making the sauces and some of the recipes.

    SO ....the NEW START DATE for my very very first WHOLE30 is 1st September 2019.   hehehe    I have made the changes to the start date on my Facebook page and surprisingly enough so many of my friends have encouraged me to keep going. Some even accepted that I had failed (!!). :huh:

    So my fellow Whole30 friends, I am continuing with my quest to change my life.  The mayo and the other sauce is sitting dejected at the bottom of the fridge - I'll deal to them later, but the Tomato Sauce with the mince was actually quite tasty - I had that for dinner last night. I couldn't face it with a fried egg this morning, still coming to grips with eating something so filling so early on in the day...but hey...I'm still in practice mode. :rolleyes:   Tonight after work I attempted the Seared Chicken, roast spuds and coleslaw and WOW that is a LOT of coleslaw!! 

    I've got 12 days worth of practicing to get through.   I've read your comments, and I'm taking it all on board and knowing that there are others out there with similar experiences to mine, it will keep me going. Who knows I might even enjoy this cooking lark.

    Well, the kitchen is clean, my lunch is prepared for tomorrow (leftovers) and I'm actually looking forward to the leftover Italian Mince and a fried egg for breakfast!

    Onwards and upwards.

  13. This if my very first ever log/blog and I've feeling really nervous and excited and a little overwhelmed to say the least. I've updated my Facebook page to alert everyone to my very first Whole30 which starts tomorrow 19th August. (we're in the future here -  a full day ahead of most of you in U.S.)

    Six weeks ago I received three of the Whole30 books in the mail and armed with highlighter pens and stickers I've gone through them like someone studying for a University Degree (which I don't have).  Nonetheless I'm ready for this (I hope). A colleague at work is starting with me so its great to have some support at work. Kirsty has done this before so she'll put me right! 

    I have cleared a few shelves in the pantry (for my stuff) and the fridge as well, and yesterday I did the anticipated grocery shop. OMG I started to feel panic setting in, wandering around the Organic Grocery Store. I took a few deep breathes and started crossing things off the list as I slowly added items to my trolley. When I got to the checkout I realised that I would have to continue my quest in another Supermarket as that shopping list is soooo long. (why haven't I bought some of these items before now? I thought I was organised!) The young girl at the checkout asked if I was going to be doing a lot cooking today (!) or was I starting a diet? I explained that I was doing the Whole30 experiment, and that I don't use the word "diet", its not in my vocabulary. I can't recall how I explained it, so its back to the books to get those explanations sorted. I must have got something through to her, as she said she said it sounds really interesting and wished me lots of success and hoped to see me back soon. :)

    Then it was off to the next supermarket. I can honestly say I have never taken the time to actually "SHOP" for groceries, usually I'm rushing through once a week for a full week's worth usually buying the same kind of things and getting bored with what we were eating. I've never been a great cook, never had the interest because the recipes just never seemed to look or taste as good as expected whenever I tried to recreate them - my sister was the one who has the creative cooking gene. Anyway, I managed to tick off quite a few more items and this particular shopping exercise has really opened my eyes to what we are consuming without realising it! (I still cant find Spaghetti Squash (which I think we call pumpkins here in N.Z.)  Once I got to the checkout for the second time in one day I was feeling really good, positive and healthy without having eaten any of it. I looked at my trolley with accomplishment and a feeling of love. :wub:

    Its now all unpacked and with my Whole30 books which are strewn across the dining table, today I am going to do some "prep" - this is foreign to me.  I've decided not to get ahead of myself, and just do a couple of days worth.  I've bought some new jars and today I will make some of the sauces for the first few days of the "7-Day Meal Plan". I need to follow a Meal Plan until I am more confident with this experiment and oh nooooo, I've realised that I still need a couple of ingredients. OMG I do not want to get this wrong! Kirsty tells me not to overthink it, but I'm one of those that always reads the directions and follows them step by step, so I have to do this step by step. I am not going to fail on this.

    Time is ticking to get on with it. I will be back......