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    I was worried about this as well since I work out every day and sometimes twice a day! I’m on day 11 of my first whole30 and have been experimenting with different options to get the protein I need. I just discovered this two days ago- I put whole30 approved protein (it’s egg white protein and literally the only ingredient is egg whites) and I mix it in a shaker bottle with nutmeg and water and ice. I then add it to my iced coffee throughout the day. It’s perfect- it not only takes my coffee more tasty but after I finish the shaker full and maybe 1-1.5 cups of iced coffee I’ve had 20g of protein. Hope this helps, I was pretty stoked about it oh also, I just got fresh shrimp today and baked them (took ten mins) and put them on ice and made some compliant cocktail sauce for a really quick high protein snack or post workout! Let me know if this helps!