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  1. Extremely helpful. Thank you so much, Jihanna!!! You’ve given me plenty to consider - I appreciate it!!!
  2. I’m freely able to follow the recommended order: we’ve cleared our calendar to stay on the Whole30 until reintroductions have been tried ... and then maybe beyond as best we can when the calendar picks up. I was just wondering if anyone had a recommendation for where most folks have inserted these in the scheme of things (which haven’t been an issue - but our health changed this spring - digestion issue) ... especially for the tree nuts, which might be a new issue for my husband. Before the wheat/rye or somewhere between legumes & corn?
  3. Two questions regarding a further subdivision in a reintroduction schedule: in the reintroduction of peanuts/legumes - I want to subdivide the peanuts and other legumes (i.e. soybeans/peas/chickpeas/black beans). In this category is peanuts first, others second? Or the soybeans/peas/chickpeas/black beans first and peanuts second? Second question: where in the schedule (if one has omitted tree nuts) should one reintroduce tree nuts (again, these will be one at a time) Thanks in advance! Almost ready for the elongated reintroduction portion of our program!!!