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  1. PaleoPatronus

    Starting Whole30 Monday Sept 16

    Hi Sweetbrook, Welcome back to Whole30! I know what you mean, being on Whole30 somehow makes it easier to eat healthy because you’re bound to the rules and don’t really have to make decisions about if you should eat something off plan. On my most recent Whole30, I tried to be very introspective and reflective and see if there were any lessons I could bring forward once the program had ended. I used the Whole30 Day but Day guide to help guide these internal conversations. I came to the conclusion I was just overall not being mindful. I wasn’t really thinking through consequences of eating inflammatory foods (other than the consequences of weight gain and less attractive appearance - which just makes me feel bad about myself and makes me want to eat more). Since then I’ve been careful to ask myself how eating something will make me feel physically and mentally vs just thinking about if it will “make me fat”. I’ve also been traveling a lot and have focused on making time to buy non-perishable groceries BEFORE I leave town so I can get right back on my typical paleo diet the day I return to town instead of continuing vacation style eating another week. This has really helped me stay on track and I don’t feel the need to do a full Whole30 anytime soon. I really hope your Whole30 is successful and makes you feel great!!!
  2. PaleoPatronus

    Planning to start September 1. Are you?

    Hi Praire Dawn, I’m so sorry to hear you are going through a tough time in your personal life. I’ll be honest with you, I have quit a Whole30 in the past because I was so stressed out about something going on in my life. Looking back, I wish I would have stayed on program - it was the one thing I could control at the time and I would have learned better coping mechanisms than comfort food and alcohol (which after all, is one of the biggest points of Whole30). Staying on program may allow you to handle your personal situation better because of all the NSVs people experience on Whole30 (in this instance, I’m thinking better sleep would be especially helpful, I know I have a hard time sleeping when I’m going through a tough time and keeping my diet clean helps mitigate that). However, if sticking to the program is just too overwhelming right now or if it becomes unrealistic based on your situation, you can always try again at a more calm point in life. Things happen! For now, don’t worry too much if your meals aren’t exactly “perfect” - just make sure they’re compliant. Your appetite will come back, don’t worry. Hope this helps and best of luck!
  3. PaleoPatronus

    Picky Eater

    Hi JAnderson03! Even if the ingredients were Whole30 compliant (which they are not), this is still something you would want to stay away from for the duration of your program. One of the biggest reasons for completing a Whole30 is to learn how to cook easy and tasty foods that you like and want to eat even after your Whole30 is over. Do you not like green veggies or veggies in general? If you’re not used to eating a lot of veggies, try masking them with foods you do like until you start to acquire a taste for them. For example, slice up a bell pepper and dip in guacamole or stir cauliflower rice in to a spicy coconut milk curry, etc. A lot of people also enjoy oven roasted veggies, as they get nice and crispy instead of mushy and vegetabley tasting. You can also try parring veggies with a crowd pleasing meat like bacon, chorizo, or beef. Here are a couple of recipes (full disclosure, the first link is my own site so I’m slightly biased lol). Hope this helps! Don’t be afraid to experiment and I’m sure you’ll find some veggies you enjoy!
  4. PaleoPatronus

    Advice for starting over or continuing Whole30

    Gasp! Your skin transformation is amazing, Annielaura! What an awesome NSV! It sounds like you’ve learned a lot and really understand the Whole30 rules now - so the good news is it will be much easier for you to complete additional rounds in the future. It is pretty common for people to extend their Whole30 to try to address specific issues so it’s completely up to you if you think you need or want to stay on the program longer. My only advice is to just keep an eye on your calendar and make sure you allow time for the full 12+ days you need for reintroduction. So just make sure you don’t stay on program so long that suddenly you have an event on the calendar where you’re not going to be able to do a structured reintroduction (I.e. a wedding where you want to drink and have cake or a special holiday meal or a vacation, etc). You are doing awesome and I’m so happy the Whole30 is helping you!
  5. PaleoPatronus

    Advice for starting over or continuing Whole30

    I love that you’re paying such close attention to detail! Like the poster above said, you can’t really add pancake batter to an over easy egg. It sounds like the waitress listened to you and I think you should believe her that they followed your instructions. You mentioned you’ve “failed” multiple times from eating out - were all of those scenarios like this, where the waiter listened to your needs, but you guessed that there was a non-compliant ingredient? I’m just wondering if there is potentially a reason you’re sabotaging your Whole30. Are you nervous about leaving the Whole30 rules behind and moving on to reintroduction then food freedom? You mentioned you’re a perfectionist - are you not letting yourself succeed and complete the program for some reason? This may be worth exploring and reflecting on... Wishing you well!
  6. PaleoPatronus

    Dealcoholized wine

    The potassium metabisulfate is on the list of unacceptable additives. Here is a handy dandy list of acceptable and unacceptable additives - I have to check this all the time because I can’t remember haha. Like the poster above said, it sounds like you’re trying to prop up a habit that may be worth removing and examining the motivation behind during your Whole30. I enjoy having a compliant kombucha in a wine glass a few nights a week with dinner. It makes even an ordinary weekday feel special but I never want more than half a bottle at once, and also don’t crave it on the nights I have water instead. If you just like the ritual of having a festive beverage everyday, try kombucha or even a cup of hot tea in a pretty mug instead. Hope that helps!
  7. PaleoPatronus

    Banana chocolate walnut RX bars

    Hi Seanm, As ShannonM816 said, they are technically compliant (the chocolate is not sweetened - if you ever try a chocolate rx bar, separate one of the chocolate chunks from the date base and try it - it is surprisingly bitter on its own). The link the previous commenter posted gives all the detail you need on why you will want to be selective with when and how you include these bars in your program (I mean this one is literally a banana bread recreation, which falls under SWYPO to me!). I love RxBars and always have a stockpile in the house, but I had to stop using them as my afternoon pre-workout snack because I started looking foreword to it a bit too much! No matter how many Whole30s I do, I always learn something new... Hope this helps!
  8. PaleoPatronus

    Uses for Coconut Butter

    Hi LindsayO, I have used coconut butter to make “fat bombs” before - there are probably other recipes but this is one I’ve made previously to try to get enough food in my very athletic husband while he was doing a Whole30 with me. Omit the maple syrup for Whole30 and leave out the walnuts since you’re sensitive to nuts. There really didn’t taste sweet to me at all and I never wanted more than a serving at once, so I had no issues with feeling like it was a SWYPO treat - but if you feel these could wake up the sugar dragon for any reason, save them for your life after Whole30! hope this helps!
  9. PaleoPatronus

    Planning to start September 1. Are you?

    Hi Shcro0831, I know how you feel! It’s hard to stick with a program like Whole30 when you’re the only one in the house doing it. If you cook food for both of you, I would try to stick to recipes most people like and make easy adaptations to yourself. “Meat and potatoes” types of meals can be made Whole30 compliant without him noticing. Or try recipes that can be easily adapted for just your serving - spaghetti (with zoodles or other veggie noodles for your bowl and regular pasta for his), burgers (bun for him, lettuce wrap for you), chicken and rice (sub cauliflower rice for yourself). It also sounds like you would benefit from having a Whole30 coach - you can find a coach here Good luck - you can do this!
  10. PaleoPatronus

    Re-starting September 2nd

    Good luck with your September Whole30, Sam! I failed my first Whole30 in 2015 because I decided to have a drink at a wedding (so not worth it!). Since then I’ve completed four rounds - so don’t worry that you weren’t able to get through it before, I’m confident you’ll do it this time. the people on the forum are really nice and helpful. If you use Instagram, there are lots of people documenting their Whole30 journeys there, and of course Whole30 Headmistress Melissa Urban (handle is still Melissa_Hartwig at the time I’m writing this), and the official Whole30 and Whole30 recipes accounts. You got this!!
  11. PaleoPatronus

    Chipotle has Whole30 bowls

    My entire reason for trying to get my friends, family, and strangers on the internet to try a Whole30 is to get them on board with a clean eating lifestyle - because the more people who eat this way, the more companies/restaurants will want to market to us! *Evil laughter* In all seriousness though, as more people become knowledgeable about what foods are health promoting and how much ingredients matter, businesses will have to pay attention. There are so many more Whole30 compliant products then there were a few years ago, so hopefully more restaurants will get on the bandwagon eventually.
  12. PaleoPatronus

    1 gram of sugar in coconut milk?

    This is the cool part of Whole30 - you learn to read ingredients, not nutrition labels! This is very different than many traditional “diets” and is a skill you will soon become comfortable with. Like the comments above, the sugar you’re seeing is naturally occurring in coconuts, and that’s perfectly acceptable for Whole30.
  13. PaleoPatronus

    Nomz Energy Bites

    Those sound delicious and from the ingredients you mentioned, they are technically Whole30 complaint. However, like Jihanna said, food like that can essentially become a treat when your brain wants sugar in the middle of a Whole30. My suggestion would be to avoid them and any other foods that could trigger a sugar dragon attack during a Whole30 - you can always try them again in your life after Whole30!
  14. PaleoPatronus

    Calorie intake on whole 30

    I’m so glad you’re feeling better already, David! It’s amazing how much better our bodies can function when we ditch inflammatory foods.
  15. PaleoPatronus

    Calorie intake on whole 30

    Hi David, Congrats on being half way through your Whole30! Weight, measurements, and bloated feelings can fluctuate from day to day (especially early in a Whole30 while your gut is healing) so I would advise putting away your scale and measuring tape and looking for other signs that the program is working. These fluctuations are one of the reasons why weighing/measuring is not recommended on Whole30 - but the primary reason is to help you break free from being a slave to the scale. A number showing the gravitational pull of your body does not define your self worth! Also I’m not an RD/nutritionist but 1200 calories is really low for an adult person. That number gets tossed around a lot, especially for women looking to lose weight rapidly, as the lowest amount of calories you can consume without being in “starvation mode”. Have you tried not tracking your calories and just eating when you feel hungry and stopping when you’re full? In my experience, I’ve always lost weight and improved body comp on Whole30, without having to count calories. Your brain and stomach also recognize feelings of fullness and will eventually easily self regulate how much you eat when your diet is based in real food (for example, I can only stomach so much steak and potatoes at one sitting but I can easily eat an entire box of Oreos at once without realizing it - that’s why it is called Food with No Brakes). Try following the meal template instead of managing food to meet a certain calorie goal and see if that helps! Also make sure you’re drinking plenty of water as well! I typically hear that .5 to 1 oz of water per pound of body weight is the optimal goal. I hope this helps!