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  1. Hi kirbz! I’m back for another round as well after cutting my last one short. I start tomorrow! Do you do any meal prep? Convenience is also key for me as I get sick of cooking all the time too. The dishes, ugh! So I dedicate a few hours to make things I could easily heat up rather than make from scratch each time. Turkey lettuce wraps, burger patties and avocados with bacon and tomato are among my favorites. Just a suggestion! 

    We got this this time! 

  2. Hi Kirbz! I've skimmed the last few pages of your food journal. So many kudos for you for your long-term journal! This is my first time doing it and I'm on Day 5 too. At a quick glance, it doesn't seem like you're eating enough for the amount of exercise you do, which I know you noted a few times. Is there any opportunity to eat more throughout the day? I know when I'm hungry, my mind immediately goes to bad food cravings. Anyway, just a thought from a newbie. I hope this round goes well for you!!