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  1. This is probably TMI, but is it normal to be spending a lot of time on the toilet? I'm day 3 of my first round and I guess I thought it could happen, but unsure to what extent! Also gas? Particularly the smelly kind?
  2. Hi all, I'm Charlotte, and I started my first ever Whole30 today! I'm in New Zealand, so Southern Hemisphere timing means I'm a day ahead. Looking forward to really figuring out my body and what has a good effect and what doesn't! I've tried paleo/keto style programmes before and generally have always done very well, but I was kidding myself recently that I was sticking to that way of eating, and have managed to really let my eating slide. So this is a real reset for me, to get some control back over what I eat and improve my relationship with food - using it as a reward is my biggest dow