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    Hello Everyone!
    I'm Kristen, and I am starting my third attempt at the Whole30. I struggled the past two times and I am hoping to be successful at this round. I have definitely planned more this time around. I already know that I have some dietary sensitivities, but I have let my diet slide a lot since having my two children. My goal this time around is to really be able to see what does, in fact, bother my system and that I have a healthier view of food and eating afterwards. I wish you all the best of luck on your Whole30 journeys.
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    Have a great Whole 30
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    Hi there,  
    This is my second attempt this year.  I have completed two in the past.  My son is doing the Keto and lost 50 lbs and has motivated me get started.  He is willing to do the whole 30 with me, and with my daughter at college I can keep and whole 30 compliant house!   I am 55, have about 20 lb to lose (any would be good). I am going through menopause and nothing else has worked.  I have a bunch of minor issues  including high blood pressure and high cholesterol.    I am due to get my blood work done in the next week or two so it will be interesting to see where I am.  Mostly I want to feel better.  This is the first year I have felt pain.    I look forward to all the encouragement.  Carol
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    Hi!  I am starting a Whole 30 today -- I have done one in the past several years ago and am excited about this time around!  I certainly want to achieve weight loss -- but even more an eager to clean up my eating (and drinking) and feel great!  Glad we can support each other!
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    Hello. I am doing my third Whole30. I have started a few others, but not to completion. But have completed 2 and always felt better. I realize I just can't have bread. It brings - starts and encourages my downfall.
    So I am starting again today. Yep planning is the key: I just read the It Starts with Food - again as a quick review. I think it's the reintroduction I mess up so I want to complete the Whole30 and then plan accordingly to the REINTRODUCTION - not just the go crazy. So in reality bread has to be a really strong NO & NO for me. Which I am okay with!.
    There are so many  other foods out there that actually make us feel healthy and satisfied and that is my new motto.
    Today's Daily Goal: drink my water and enjoy the taste of my food
    What is everyone's Goal for the Day? @CarolMaureen
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    Hello! I hope everyone is doing well on their plan.
    This is my first post and first time with Whole30. I've done other diets/programs before so I do realize this may be a whirlwind of effort to get going. I'm a little nervous but hopeful this program will put my focus on eating well and the weight will follow. 
    Good luck to all! 
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    CharlotteNZ got a reaction from CarolMaureen in September Challenge, Starting Sept. 2   
    Hi all, I'm Charlotte, and I started my first ever Whole30 today! I'm in New Zealand, so Southern Hemisphere timing means I'm a day ahead.
    Looking forward to really figuring out my body and what has a good effect and what doesn't! I've tried paleo/keto style programmes before and generally have always done very well, but I was kidding myself recently that I was sticking to that way of eating, and have managed to really let my eating slide. So this is a real reset for me, to get some control back over what I eat and improve my relationship with food - using it as a reward is my biggest downfall!
    I can't wait to see what the next 30 days will bring. I'm realistic that it will be hard, but I keep telling myself "it's only 30 days, it's only 30 days"!