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  1. I started Whole30 on September 2, weighed myself today, and I lost 12 lbs. I should have kept a log here but I guess this is it. A one-entry log of my experience. The weight loss is a near miracle since I have Hashimoto's Disease (thyroid / hypothyroidism) and I've been a severe sugar addict for at least eight years. I gained over 50 lbs in that time. I've lost some at times only to gain more. Up and down I went in weight for years with an overall trajectory up. I messed with my metabolism and formed what I thought were permanent bad habits that were out of my control. About three
  2. Hello! I hope everyone is doing well on their plan. This is my first post and first time with Whole30. I've done other diets/programs before so I do realize this may be a whirlwind of effort to get going. I'm a little nervous but hopeful this program will put my focus on eating well and the weight will follow. Good luck to all!