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  1. Thank you, and you should be very proud of yourself, Angelia! It’s so easy to respond to want to almost any stressful situation with a glass of wine. Kudos to you for creative problem solving and getting yourself through it I think getting over the emotional component to what we eat/drink is one of the hardest parts so far. A glass of kombucha instead is a great idea! I’ve also found just a mug of hot ginger and lemon tea is really soothing. Thats helping me avoid my late night snack cravings. And great job recognizing and taming your Sugar Dragon! That
  2. Hey there! I started my first (real) round of Whole30 on Sept. 2. I started the program in the past, but wasn’t committed fully and gave up a few days in. I was was super encouraged today because I successfully dissuaded myself from the Dunkin Donuts in the break room & went to a work function at a bar, and successfully overcame the temptation of alcohol and non-complainant snacks someone brought. I struggle with social anxiety and not drinking at an event like that was kind of uncomfortable for me, but now I just feel very capable and proud of myself for getting through it. (