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    Pancakes/Trail food

    I'm just about to start the Whole30 and I completely reject the idea of certain SWYPO restrictions. If all the ingredients are on the approved list, then they're acceptable, as far as I'm concerned. So pancakes made with all Whole30 approved ingredients? Yep. Tortillas made with all Whole30 approved ingredients for tacos/burritos (I'm looking at you, Siete Foods)? Oh, yeah. I get the overall idea of what that "rule" is for, but if you're going to try and force that rule on people, then all nut flours should be removed, nut milks, etc. If you need to keep all foods in their natural form then make that universal. But, that's just me knowing myself, which includes a reasonable amount of pushback when someone tells me I can't do something. So make some pancakes and go on a hike (even though I'm late to this thread and you're probably back now, but plenty of hiking weather left)!