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    Katrina1983 got a reaction from MadyVanilla in Day 30 of Whole 30   
    So its Day 30. My last day. It has been an interesting 30 days.  It was not as hard as I thought. Maybe because I was prepared to take my health into my own hands. Maybe because I was already a semi healthy eater. Whatever the reason, I truly enjoyed it. I don't want to bring anything back that I ate before. I do know that I should reintroduce some items. So I have to decided to take a week "break" and do another round of the Whole 30. I really quite enjoy feeling full of energy and not disgusting after I eat.  
    Wish me luck!
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    Katrina1983 reacted to kjoslyn in Day 21 of Whole 30   
    Thank you for sharing.  This is great motivation and really impressive!  Congratulations!
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    Katrina1983 got a reaction from MadyVanilla in Day 21 of Whole 30   
    I am amazed at how much energy I have since starting the Whole 30 Program.  Although it hasn't been as "hard" as I thought it was going to be, it has had its challenges. Prior to starting the whole 30, I ate pretty healthy. My issues were snacking, out of boredom, comfort, punishment.  A friend of mine suggested the book and I bought it. Could not be happier that I bought it.  Especially learning how to "fix" my relationship with food. Eating when my body is hungry not because I'm bored, sad or happy.  
    After a week of being on the Whole30, my boyfriend of 3 years broke up with me.  I was crushed. The future that I thought was ahead of me, was now over.  The old me would have bought a big mac and a bottle of wine and drowned my sorrows.  However I fought the urge and just felt my feelings.  It wasn't easy but still a non scale victory.  Less then a week later, I found out he had cheated on me with his EX.  Even more crushed.  Still I was able to keep myself from eating my feelings.  Athough I am going through a lot, this is something I can control.  I can control myself from eating my feelings. Instead of stuffing them down with food.
    I truly appreciate what I have learned from the book and what I have learned about myself.  That I WAS an emotional eater but I am NOT anymore.
    Thanks for listening to my story :)