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  1. It's been less than an hour and I'm journaling again.... I read through some of the other journals and became inspired reading about how quickly changes were noticed. I remembered that 6 weeks ago I had planned to look at and possibly buy one or two Whole 30 books, that I should listen to music everyday on my healthy habit list, and that I should return to tracking pain and energy levels, and add mood to that. Current pain=0, energy=5 (I'm inspired, so a little higher than it has been), mood=5. I was a 3 this morning, but again, feeling inspired has helped. So since my last po
  2. I just read through your entire journal - it's so awesome how far you've come in NINE days! The drop is blood sugar is amazing, and your meal choices have really evolved, lol. This has been very inspirational for me. I stopped in the middle of your journal and ordered two of the Whole 30 books. I've done Whole 30 several times before, but have really been on a downward spiral of terrible junk food choices (yesterday's breakfast was leftover birthday cake, lunch was a McDonald's two cheeseburger meal with large fries and sweet tea, dinner was a bag of guacamole chips). I came back to this
  3. And now it's almost 6 weeks since my last post. I have been really struggling. I don't know why I can't get myself in the right frame of mind. It's so easy to grab something unhealthy - some chips, a piece of leftover pizza - and think, "I'll get it together for next meal" or "I'll start tomorrow" And yet getting it together or starting hasn't happened Ugh!!! I'm so frustrated with myself. I decided last night (as I finished off my dinner of a bag of guacamole chips), that I would focus on behaviors that help me feel healthy. Sometimes, I am so lazy about making a good meal, even
  4. I needed to read this. I'm puttering around saying, "Ok, I'm getting ready to start....ok, not now, but wait, wait, now...." for the last week. I have no excuses, I know how to do this. Just need to get off the pot. I haven't finished reading through so I don't know what happens, but thinking of light and hope for you and your family.
  5. I can't believe it's Wednesday already. Working at home, the days just slide by... Monday I did not start Whole 30-It was a rainy, dreary day and I had to give blood at 9:00 am. I've really gotten used to lounging around until 10:00 or so. I completely forgot I was doing Whole 30 and ate my usual Nutter Butters offered in the cantina after the donation was complete. Also, my new Instant Pot arrived (first time user!) and I needed to read and investigate how to use it. No exercise all day - I wasn't feeling it. Lesson learned: While I don't have to check labels or struggle to come u
  6. The last time I did Whole 30, I used the mail-order meal prep kits for most of my dinners. I think it's a great way to save time and energy and to eat great foods!
  7. A bit of a bp scare this morning, with it so elevated. I called the doctor and did my first ever telehealth visit. I'm back on bp meds. Ugh. Plan to do a grocery order today. T-3 days pain - 0. Yesterday was a good day - I was able to walk a little over 3 miles with very little pain. I didn't even do yoga last night, watched a movie with the family instead. I slept ok, but woke up with a mild headache - and the elevated bp. Energy level - 7. About ready to go for my daily walk. Focusing on drinking water today.
  8. So Day 1 started beautifully, I got all my exercise in, but it turns out that I really can't start effectively without preparation. I had crab dip leftover and it's too expensive to throw away...that ended up being my dinner. Not terrible, except that it's made with regular mayonnaise, cream cheese, and cheddar cheese. So there's that. Revised plan - take the rest of this week to get myself in gear, plan meals for next week and a shopping list, enjoy a few more cups of coffee with cream and a few more glasses of wine, and be ready to start on Monday. I'll still journal to track my pa
  9. Today, I'm starting my 5th or 6th Whole 30. I decided to do this last night and so these first few days are going to be pulling things together that I have at home. My last Whole 30 was in September, and I still have a jar of ghee and Paleo seasonings that I can use to get started. I've been working at home since March 16th due to Covid-19. I have made it a habit to walk the dog for about an hour and then do an hour of yoga most days. My eating has not been over-the-top crazy and yet, I've gained weight. I think because I have created a decent schedule for myself, I'm not doing bor
  10. If you google search peas and Whole-30, you'll find the "Can I have..." forum for green peas. I think your decision to just keep going is a good one. I seriously doubt you are in danger of doing what my mom used to do when she was on Weight Watchers back in the 1970s...she would open a can of peas or green beans and eat them right out of the can, cold, because she was so hungry!
  11. Your chicken sounds delicious! In my opinion, the third day is one of the hardest - that's when I really miss sugar and dairy and don't have quite enough days under my belt to really know how much better I'm about to feel if I stick with it. I'm glad your headache is gone and you felt like doing Tai Chi - you're already seeing some benefits! One thing that I started doing a few weeks into my current Whole 30 was to track my pain and energy levels (0-10 scale). I'm not sure if those are issues for you, but It's helped me see how far I've come in not too long a time (I wished I had started i
  12. Life stressors make it so much more difficult to care for ourselves, yet sometimes the way we eat is one of the few things we can control. You’re making good diet choices fo yourself, despite what’s going on around you. I wonder if one of the benefits of eating this way is a more even-keel, less reactivity to stuff that would have caused me to lash out or cry a month ago.
  13. I've just skimmed through your journal, so inspirational! I appreciate that you document the tough stuff, and yet you keep at it. I've started another round of Whole-30 this week after a 5-year hiatus. That included a decline into what was quite possibly the poster child of terrible eating with a 50-pound weight gain as my prize for being so SAD-compliant. What you've said about this being so hard despite how good it makes you feel really hits home with me. I'll be reading about your journey to keep me motivated through mine! (And no wonder you love being in the mountains - how gorgeous