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  1. I had to stop and think if today was Tuesday or I missed posting yesterday. Crazy busy at work right now, but I'm doing okay. Today is Day 4. I've been on such an eating roller-coaster over the last month that my body doesn't know if it should hold off on reacting to the positive changes, or just wait me out to see if I revert back to the old stuff. Well, at least I'm not dealing with fatigue and grumpiness. I had a lovely walk through the woods last evening with one of my dogs, right after a downpour and just before dark. It was soul-soothing. Day 4 M1-b
  2. It sounds like things are going well! The waking up naturally is a perk I get, too, and so love being able to just wake up and start the day.
  3. I'm so glad you were able to run without hip pain, I know it helps mentally as much as it does physically. We've got this @Rebecca001. I hope today is going well!
  4. @Rebecca001 and @ShadowInTheKitchen - thank you both! The support means so much! I'm on Day 2....I had one final glass of wine (It would be wasteful to throw away what was left in the bottle, right???? Ugh.....) Saturday night while sitting by the fire with some friends. It was lovely. But will be equally lovely with a tea or soda water in the coming weeks. Yesterday was quiet, getting settled back into it. I made a list of rewards to buy for myself after each 7 days - they include a new lanyard for my name badge, a new lunchbox, and new dishes. I have been wanting new dish
  5. I so agree with you. It's October 1. We are both ready for a better month. Cheers!
  6. Catching up with your posts - it sounds like you have worked through some of the harder bits. PSL-I'm not sure if it's in keeping with W30 as far as not substituting a trigger food for one made with compliant ingredients, but this is what I sometimes make: Regular, black coffee frothed with coconut milk, cinnamon, and nutmeg. I tried adding canned pumpkin and blending that a few years ago, but wasn't happy with the outcome. This is pretty good, though.
  7. @Semi - thanks for checking in. I'm restarting today. We went to a comedy show Saturday night, the last day I posted here, and the last day I started compliant this week. I had wine. I don't even know why - the atmosphere, I guess. I didn't even think about it, just ordered a glass. Then, it was downhill from there, the cascading effect of well-I've-already-gone-off-plan-what -difference-does-it-make. I've had lots of restarts this week, compliant for a good portion of the day, sometimes all day. And then I'd have an "oh well" moment. And then I decided that today, October 1, woul
  8. The party was cancelled last night as one of the organizers tested positive for COVID. Dinner ended up being a chicken Caesar salad, with compliant Caesar dressing. I woke up a little after 5 this morning. I could have got up, but didn’t and fell back asleep for 2 more hours. I think I’m ready to start getting up and going to gym next week. I’ve been busy so far today, cleaning, taking dog to class, walking…just now sitting down to read for a bit. Day 11 M1-sausage and spinach M2-leftover chicken chimichurri and spinach M3-hamburger with the fixings, sal
  9. Finally, I made the chimichurri chicken - and it was AMAZING! The recipe was easy and definitely a keeper to add to the rotation. I'm feeling settled into the days, not really having any cravings. I'm waking up earlier (but not getting up yet), my energy level is improving, my sleep is better, I feel as if I may have lost a little weight. Always starting over, whether it's after Day 2 or after months of eating well has a bit more of a motivating factor to it for me than does sustaining. With sustaining, I'm not seeing the regular changes in my health that I do when I crash and start over.
  10. Oh my goodness, I'm jealous of your menu! Everything sounds amazing!! Do you like to cook? I also have to keep snacks around the house for other family members, but as your body recalibrates and no longer relies on sugar, it will be easier to avoid the snacks. I'm always amazed at how unappealing Oreos and chips become for me around week 2. YMMV, but it's a fairly common NSV to easily snub the sugary/processed snacks. And the low energy is no joke. I'm so excited for you as you progress through the first few days!
  11. I hear this so loud and clear. I have chosen (over and over again, some times more successfully than others) to consider such trials an opportunity to practice strategies I have developed - If I don't test them, how do I know they work? You don't want to cycle away, you just want to feel better, back in control, and have food be interesting. You know what to do. You sound as if you have a plan. Good luck with the physio - I know it doesn't help matters that you can't run through the emotions/boredom/etc.
  12. @Rebecca001 - I hope you had time to YouTube a yoga class - I like yin and vinyasa and Yoga with Kassandra is my favorite. There are so many, though, and so many styles, it's easy to find one to enjoy. Finding and sticking with the time is another story... I typed a bunch about yesterday (but it disappeared!), which basically ended with me not having time to cook the chimichurri chicken. Day 9 M1-turkey rollups black coffee M2-cauliflower, spinach, tomato paste, chicken breast M3-Chimichurri chicken! Busy day, will catch up tomorrow.
  13. You have so many fantastic reasons as to why you've taken this on! Journaling definitely helps me be accountable - I can be completely honest because none of you know me () and I can come post a quick "get-yourself-back-on-track" note to myself when I'm struggling. This is a wonderful community, with so much support. Welcome!
  14. You sound well-prepared. You've got this!
  15. Change of plans for dinner last night - we ended up going out to eat with my son and his girlfriend. What a joy to spend time with them - I love having young adult kids. We ate outside at a local pub. I did not check with the server on the ingredients, just went with chicken and vegetables. I don't think there was sugary topping on the chicken (it was just seasoned) and I did ask for no butter on the vegetables. I'm going to count it as compliant and move on. I'll likely end up doing more than 30 days anyway, and my reset purpose is to gain control over my cravings, return to eating whol
  16. Not much to say today - yesterday went well, as planned. I had a nice long hike with one of the dogs yesterday after work. I feel as if I'm always in a hurry to get through what I'm doing to move to the next thing so that I have time to fit in everything I want to do after work - some form of exercise, yoga, make dinner, relax in front of the of the nice things about the pandemic was that I could use the downtime minutes I have at work to go for a walk, do a chore, or start dinner. That time is lost to me now. So much of my day is spent talking to people. Interestingly, it seems
  17. Yesterday was tough cravings-wise, but I muddled through. I ate dinner a little earlier than normal and added a handful of almonds later in the evening, as I was feeling hungry. Still difficult sometimes to tell hunger from boredom cravings. Day 6 M1-3 of the breakfast muffins I made on Saturday M2-leftover ribs and broccoli M3-Portobello mushroom caps stuffed with Italian ground beef (kale, tomato paste, oregano) hot tea before bed Walking and yoga planned for this afternoon I was awake earlier this morning - 5:15 and let the dogs out. I could have stay
  18. I’m not good about weekend journaling, but right now I’m working on not prowling around the kitchen out of boredom-old habit. Last night’s time with friends was fun and successfully managed. The sleep was not great, as we stayed up way too late, and then sleeping essentially on a table in a camper was not comfortable. We were up early, enjoying coffee and egg muffins in the early morning light. It was lovely, and much needed girl time. I also made it to an outdoor yoga session this morning-such a wonderful way to celebrate the end of summer. Day 5 M1-Egg muffins-egg,
  19. I’m so glad you’re feeling better! Being in the moment of not feeling well and not spiraling out of control is a wonderful NSV. Have a great week!
  20. Yesterday’s M3 ended up being a charcuterie board, vegetables, meat, some almonds. No dips-just homemade Mayo and brown spicy mustard. A long phone call took the place of my yoga session. My body missed it and was sore/achy throughout the night, but I did sleep ok. Day 4 M1-Sausage/potato/onion/kale/tomato hash. I decided to cook up next week’s breakfast this morning instead of waiting until tomorrow. M2-Turkey/Mayo/romaine roll ups. M3-Meatza pizza that I’m taking to campground tonight, since the plan is for pizza. I’ll have enough to share. I’m also
  21. I just meal planned and placed my grocery order for next week. To-do on Sunday for meal prep: Make Alfredo sauce and cook up sausage/potato/vegetable skillet for breakfasts.
  22. Yesterday went as planned, no M4 needed. I'm continuing on an even mental keel and finding that I'm able to beat back some of those automatic thoughts, like last night's "It looks like it's going to rain, I'm not walking" (I went) and this morning's "I need change for work, I'll go through the Dunkin drive-thru and get breakfast." (Umm, no - I'll write a check for work, or offer to go get change at lunch). The automatic thoughts/habits are what kill me - when I'm in a good place mentally, I'm able to do as I did. But sometimes, outside a W30, even if I'm mentally good, I think I can get aw
  23. I will also make a smoothie sometimes when I'm too full or too tired to make a meal. I use 1/2 a frozen banana, a big handful of baby spinach or baby kale, whatever fresh or frozen berries I have on hand, and equal portions of full fat coconut milk and almond milk. If I don't have almond milk (replaced with water) or I haven't had enough protein, I have compliant pea protein powder that I add. And on occasion, I've added liquid egg whites.
  24. And you came back here as part of your reset! Not feeling any better.... Your ideas to cut out some sugars and make sure you hydrate are good ones. Some other questions to ask yourself (if you haven't already)-Have you thought about other food triggers, such as nightshades or FODMAPs? Are you getting enough to eat with your activity level (is your body holding onto some weight for dear life)? Is it possible there is something else going on not related to food? Are there things impacting your sleep (i.e. stress)? Your walk sounds so lovely - I was once a runner and keep thinking I'
  25. Yesterday went as planned, though I ended up making a 1/2 coconut milk, 1/2 almond milk, kale and berry smoothie as my dinner rather than the leftovers. I just wasn't that hungry. I slept well last night (post workout and yoga) and was ready for breakfast this morning. I'm doing well mentally, feeling secure in my intention to be compliant. Day 2 M1-Egg soufflé - one more serving left for tomorrow! M2-Final serving of ground beef hash, 2 clementines M3-leftover taco salad that I didn't eat last night hot tea. Berry vegetable smoothie as M4, if needed. Exer