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  1. The different ways of handling the pandemic across the world amazes me - I am so sorry you are completely shut-down again. And how terrible to think there is no end in sight, at least before Christmas. I wish you the best of luck in finding a home in your parents' state. In my little area of the world, school started this week with local numbers 3 times above the threshold set to re-open schools last year. So we have triple the infection rates, low vaccination rates among adults in my area, and a masking "mandate" put in place by the school board, but not upheld by the state government. O
  2. Isn't that the truth!!! It is good to be back, and after a day and a half I'm already feeling better. The water retention is not as bad today, and that helps. I woke up with a terrible headache in the middle of the night, ibuprofen helped. And lots of strong, black coffee this morning. Tired, but I'm feeling better emotionally. I find that when I do good things for myself (eat well, do yoga, walk) I feel mentally better and vice versa. I know that's not an amazing discovery, but it's crazy how true it is and makes me wonder why I can't just stay in this space.... I was tired
  3. Oh the joys of starting over, why do we ever even stop??!! Life, I guess. LOL! I'm glad to read your vertigo is resolving and no headache this morning!
  4. I just looked back at my last log -it's been nearly a year since I've been here (November 3. 2020). I've continued to struggle with my eating, making healthy choices many days, making not so great choices other days. Making more healthy than not healthy choices as evidenced by a 12-pound weight loss, sustained over the summer (yay me, but I need to lose 50). The first part of August, I decided to tackle another W30 beginning Sept 7th. My husband and I just returned a week ago from an Alaskan cruise where I ate all the food, but also got quite a bit of exercise. I knew I would need time to
  5. I'm back to my regular schedule. I ended up having to travel last week. Rxbars for breakfast and lots of Chipotle I had an Rx bar for breakfast this morning, and another Whole 30 bowl from Chipotle for lunch. Meal planning and grocery shopping are on today's to-do list. I've been compliant, getting my steps in, and sleeping really well. My pain is ok, and my energy is great! I haven't had time to contemplate all the What-ifs and Why-is-thises that I usually do. Maybe that's been a good thing - just going through the motions without all the ruminations. Anyway, I'm back on schedule, so
  6. Busy week, forgot to post yesterday, and today is busy, too. Just trying to keep my journal habit this week. Next week will be back to normal. All is going well. My meals are compliant, I'm not really struggling with anything right now (well, maybe a little food boredom....), and my energy levels are great. Still working on the pain/achiness/stiffness but this is much improved over two weeks ago.
  7. Great day yesterday, energy is good. I've discovered Valtoren, the wonder cream for arthritis pain and it, along with the diet changes, have really made a difference in my knees. Everything seems to be moving in the right direction. I slept well again last night. Day 11 M1-eggs and compliant bacon M2-grilled chicken, zucchini, onions, and peppers M3-grilled whitefish and broccoli, maybe some white potatoes fried in ghee.
  8. Last night's last meal took an interesting twist from my original plan. A new Cuban restaurant opened in town, and the hubs offered to pick up carry out on his way home for work. After scouring the menu and talking with the restaurant (her broken English v. my broken Spanish), I opted for the grilled chicken in a criolla sauce - spicy tomato, garlic, and peppers. I was assured that "todas las salsas son sin azucar" or something like that and that the oil they use is lard. I had yucca and plantains as my sides. It was delicious and I haven't felt any ill effects so I'm thinking it's ok. I
  9. Busy day yesterday, and I didn't get a chance to journal. It was a good day, though, wholesome meals and 10,000+ steps. I am starting to have a bit of the GI issues/sluggish digestive system. Still this morning....I'm hoping today will be the end of this. Day 8 M1 - eggs and compliant sausage M2- grilled chicken and avocado salad M3-Grilled chicken with berries over salad greens I slept well last night, and I have a good energy level despite the digestive stuff. Heading to a farmer's market shortly to pick up some winter vegetables! Day 9 M1- e
  10. Yesterday was another good day - lots to do and kept busy with it, moving from task to task on my to-do list. But when it was time to settle down, I devoured all the latest on the riots. Not a good idea before bed. And so I didn't sleep great, lots of tossing and turning, vivid dreams, which happens to me when I'm feeling stressed. Today, I'm going to parse my news with planned bits through the day. I had a good walk with a friend and our dogs yesterday afternoon, and we talked about where we were for all the big events in our life - Challenger explosion, 9/11, etc. And how we found ourse
  11. @LadyWolf0926 I'm sure there was a recipe at some point, but I've been making it for years and have created my own way. I whisk together one can of pumpkin, about 1/2 can coconut milk, 6-8 eggs (depends on what I have left in a carton), cinnamon, and nutmeg. I grease a 9x9 pan with avocado oil spray dump the mixture in, top with pecans if I have them and a sprinkle of cinnamon, and bake at 350 for 30 minutes or until it's no longer jiggly in the middle. I think the original recipe called for separating the eggs and whipping the whites to make it truly a souffle, but I like it just fine wit
  12. Not quite as energetic yesterday, and while my morning walk was nearly pain-free, the afternoon one was not. Baby steps in the right direction, though. It's pretty miraculous to have such an immediate impact from diet change, but I also know it's a process. I say this every time - I don't know why I allow myself to slip so easily back into a SAD...I KNOW it causes my joint pain. The pain sneaks up on me, a little stiffer this day, a little more difficulty sleeping that night, and before I know it I'm right back to baseline. I think I can manage a balance between the ease and yumminess (th
  13. The picadillo was delicious. I fried up some cubed potatoes in olive oil as the base. I will definitely be making that again. I am feeling better - a good energy level yesterday, though a slight headache in the background. Still a little stiff and pretty significant tightness and pain after yesterday afternoon's walk. But this morning was much better - the dog and I walked about 1.5 miles and for the first time in ages I did not have tightening in my low back or hamstrings, no pain in my knees or hips. I kept waiting for things to appear, and noticing every little twinge. I was ge
  14. Oh the headache....yesterday I ended up doing nothing most of the day but vegging and peeing. I always go to the bathroom so much in the beginning - the massive cut in carbs equates to an increase in fluid release...and the headache. I have been eating sweet potato in an effort to ward off the impact, but substituting proteins and vegetables for what has been bagels and cereal is going to crash my carb intake. The headache seems to be gone today (a little on the fringes), so I'm hoping that part is over! One error that I make every Whole 30 - I'm gung-ho with the recipes the first week
  15. I slept a bit better last night...still had a hard time falling asleep and slept away some of this morning. Another dreary, rainy day. Maybe a good day to watch movies and read all day (but still need to get my 10,000 steps.) Yesterday was pretty easy, as the first day tends to be. The mental boost of doing something good for myself was strong. It's both physically and mentally nourishing to eat well. The steak and sweet potato was amazing and there is some leftover for lunch today. I added so much olive oil with each ingredient I was sautéing in the pan that I was quite full and s
  16. Just in case I was having any thoughts of putting of my start until Monday, I slept terribly last night due to joint pain. So I'm ready. Because of the poor sleep, I slept in the recliner for a few hours this morning while it was foggy and dreary outside. I do feel somewhat rested at this point, but it's very late in the morning. I just finished my first meal and am about to put the laptop away and go for a 3 mile hike through the woods and cypress swamp with the dog. And then day 2 of 30-day yoga later this afternoon. Day 1 M1-3 eggs with diced tomatoes and fresh basil, t
  17. I finished the fondue for breakfast, and will finish my dairy-based coffee creamer this morning. And I *have* to eat black-eyed peas for dinner...good luck for the new year and all that. But I'm mentally ready to begin tomorrow. I was inspecting my skin in the mirror earlier, noticing how puffy and pasty I look. And such achiness from my hips down. I'm ready. Meal prep for today - I'll make mayonnaise, poach chicken breasts, roast sweet potatoes, and cut vegetables. Also, 30 days of yoga starts today.
  18. Today's task is to order groceries. And I think also to clean out the refrigerator, cabinets, etc. For instance, there are snickerdoodles that I made for my daughter over a week ago sitting on the counter on a Christmas plate. They are going in the trash today. There is a bag of salt & vinegar chips, mostly crumbs, in the cabinet. Fudge in a tin on the counter. All of that can go right in the trash, with no reservations. I don't typically throw away junk food when I start a W30 because my husband continues with SAD and complains heavily if I get rid of his cookies and chips. Though
  19. Another recipe that I added to next week's meal plan: Today's plan involves creating my grocery list. I have lots of Primal Kitchen and Tessamae sauces and dressings in the cabinet, compliant broths, coconut oil, ghee, all the staples. Last round, I bough umami powder which has been a great seasoning to add to various dishes. And Hawaiian sea salt to make Kahlua Pig. That will be a meal later in the 30 days-one of my favorites. The good thing about the pandemic and the holiday season is that we didn't have any parties, and s
  20. Thank you, @Contessa. You have been such a wonderful support and mentor for me through this process of life change. Appropriately for some, W30 is a 30-day reset. For others, like me, it is a striving toward wellness. Your message of self-kindness and gentleness has stayed with me, even during my months away from here. @LydiaJo - thank you! I've found that I land closest to my ideals when I make - and write out! - a plan for myself. Here are two recipes I found yesterday that I want to try next week. I'll make mayonnaise as part of my preparation. And chicken salad
  21. Restarting a journal is my first step toward starting my next W30 on January 2. My ultimate goal is to live close to W30/paleo most of the time, but I constantly struggle against myself and my addiction to sugar and processed foods. Part of the issue is that I'm lazy and don't like to spend the time prepping and cooking and part of the issue is self-sabotage. I use this journal to track my foods, work through my challenges, and keep myself accountable to myself. Even though I fall off and disappear (I haven't posted since early November), the fact that I come back and start again is a win
  22. I do this, too. I love coffee-especially with cream, but I can drink it black. Every so often, though, it starts to taste strange and I think it's time to take a break. So, I'll break for a few months and then start back up again when I feel like having a cup. I've never seen any real difference in myself on or off coffee. Congratulations on the packing! What an achievement, especially given you're recovering from Covid. And an even bigger achievement to maintain the healthy habits. I think it is one of those irrational beliefs that people (me!) have that when time gets short, li
  23. Congratulations on the house! I love the idea of only keeping clothes that "fit magnificently" - what a chore to be cleaning out, packing, moving but it sounds like you are embracing it whole-heartedly.
  24. I love fried, slightly charred banana with cinnamon mixed into scrambled eggs. I will try throwing in some raisins next time. Congrats on the five year anniversary!
  25. But is it going to be the good, worth-it ice cream? It sounds like you are getting lots of movement in, despite the heat. That's awesome. Nothing to say here, except yep, it's awful. But necessary. I so struggle with this, too.