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  1. You are getting so much exercise! I know what you mean about letting yourself go in was a tough time, full of fearful unknowns. You are working yourself back to where you were. Enjoy the visit with your family!
  2. I like to ease into it seems to help, getting into a preparation mindset. I'm looking forward to following your journey!
  3. You've had such an awesome week, and such cool NSVs already! Whether or not you decide to go to the gym or spend time with your bf tonight the important thing to keep in mind is that you are making the best choices for your health, whether it be your physical, mental, or emotional health. Sometimes we need to hang out with loved ones, sometimes we need to go to the gym. And the true!
  4. These crazy days...I have forgotten how stressful work can be! It's amazing to me that I just handled these days previously. I've gotten soft while working from home, lol. I keep saying things will calm at work - I'm still hopeful... So it's almost dinner time and I'm just getting around to journaling. Yesterday went fine, I dressed for the gym, set my alarm, and got myself there and back before my afternoon meeting. I didn't have time to lift, though, and didn't get 8k steps. Today is not looking so hot, either - I've only gotten 1,400 so far. That is correct. It is a little aft
  5. I really like this idea. It goes along with my desire for structure. I hope you continue to journal as you reintroduce!
  6. Yesterday was a real trial. Things began going downhill shortly before lunch...I had an urgent question to answer for a co-worker that required me to gather a yes or no answer from 9 other people. After an hour, I had only heard back from 3 people. I was annoyed because the task was given to me and because everyone is supposed to be on their computers (where email pops up) and should have had time to answer me. So I texted, and got several "I think so" answers. Then I had a Zoom with several other people, one of whom I thought was going to relieve me of some responsibilities, but turns ou
  7. Day 7. I am constantly amazed by how food impacts my mindset and vice versa. A week ago I was grumbly and not wanting to commit to W30 and now I'm easily managing compliant meals. I've said this before - this seems simple and strong but it could crumble any moment, it's a true paper lion. Acknowledging the fragility is important to helping me be realistic and not so black-and-white in my thinking. Mood-7, Energy-7, Pain-2. A lot of "hurry-up-and-wait" with work making things more stressful than they were 2 weeks ago, but it should calm and settle into a nice routine later this week
  8. This happens to me, too, the improved sleep on Whole30 and the winter blues. Have fun in spin class tonight with your new shoes!
  9. A quick note to say all is going well - wrapping up Day 6, dinner is cooking now. I don't like to miss more than one day of journaling, and I got up for an early breakfast and gym workout yesterday morning and never got on the computer. Five mile hike with the dog today (gorgeous day!) and plans to hit the mat soon after dinner for a good restorative session.
  10. Lol. I'm currently on my 7th round. My first 4 were textbook, without reintroductions. My 5th round was the only one I did not complete 30 days. My 6th round, I did a restart mid-way because I had rice...I've been sloppy my last two times, and have never done a good reintroduction. I agree - I need to do the 30, then a good reintroduction. I get caught up in the "this is so awesome, I'm going to eat W30 forever!" and then decide I want something so I might as well make it a reintroduction, then all falls apart. All or nothing mentality - that's me!! Working very hard to change it this
  11. And things are starting to get easier, no cravings at has been extremely busy with work. I typically journal in the morning, but I'm just getting a chance to do it now in the late afternoon (instead of going for a walk!) Yesterday was compliant, I just didn't get to go for a bike ride because of work. It's ramp-up week at work, next week will be easier. Day 4 Mood-7, Energy-7, Pain-1 M1-leftover ground beef and zoodles M2-onion and mushrooms sauteed in ghee with compliant ham on cassava tortillas M3-I don't even know. I'm still full and satisfied from l
  12. Isn't this just the best NSV? It's sometimes hard to explain to someone how we can do a W30, but the reduction in sugar cravings makes it so much easier!
  13. (nodding head furiously in agreement) Wine-Good for you for getting rid of the temptation. I have a mail order subscription for organic, Paleo wines. My every-3-month case arrived today. And I just started another W30 on I want wine or do I want to finally finish a W30 and do a reintroduction??? The struggle is real... Here's to compliance!
  14. Oh my goodness, three (two?) more days! Your breakfast sounds like something I could eat every single day...
  15. Yay - another lover of the structure of W30! I think I'm on my 7th round - I started journaling in this forum for my 6th round (started in June), didn't really finish it and piddled around before recommitting again this week. Journaling has been the most helpful activity I have engaged in to help me with working toward Food Freedom (no where near there, yet). So welcome! It makes so much sense what you said about setting the tone as you transition into a new stage. I hope today is successful and that you continue to journal here through the next 29.
  16. Day 2 down, gym, 8,000 steps, yoga, c25k goals met - I walked in place in front of the tv to get my last 500 steps, but it got done. Day 3 Mood-8, Energy-8, Pain-3/4. My entire left side is one big ache-shoulder to knee. I probably still have too much inflammation from my poor diet choices of the last few weeks to get away with running (even the small amount I'm currently doing). I did sleep well, though, with the help of anti-inflammatory meds. M1-Leftover Caesar salad with 3 strips of compliant bacon M2-Tacos with cassava flour soft shells M3-Broccoli and zucc
  17. Yogi brand has an Egyptian Licorice tea that is caffeine-free and delicious. It has a sweetness to it that I can't access unless my diet is free of sugars (if that makes sense). Apple cider sounds yummy, too. I;m looking forward to fall - these hot, muggy days are endless... I signed up/paid for a virtual 5K in October - so I MUST train! I don't mind the first few weeks 60 -90 secs of running at a time on the c25k. I'm glad you are doing it to! The corn...there is such a difference between corn chips and locally-sourced in-season corn-on-the-cob. It's surprising that corn wou
  18. Me, too, but due to arthritis, not vertigo. The ability to walk/jog up and down stairs like a normal person is huge! I'm sorry - I was gone a few days and then forgot you were over here - I hope you get moved because there is a good group in the other section, but if not, I'll keep coming back to read. I LOVE hearing about the different foods you prepare!
  19. Day 1 conquered! A little iffy in the afternoon - hungry too late for lunch, too early for dinner, but I grabbed pistachios. And then I wanted to snack while watching a movie last night, but that's habit not hunger. I guess the thing with starting over is that I don't have to spend a lot of mental energy on things I've already figured out, like the reason for the nighttime cravings. I went for a bike ride, did an hour of yoga, accomplished 8,000+ steps. I'm coming into today feeling accomplished and ready. Mood-8, Energy-7, Pain-3 M1-1 egg (must get to store today!), 1/2
  20. The thing with the wine...I guess a sparkling water maybe works for people who drink white wine, but I'm a red drinker. Unsweetened cranberry juice mixed with seltzer, add some fruit...that could be a makeshift sangria. Or is that SWYPO? I don't know, just thinking "out loud." The venting here in the forum is a lifesaver, just to get the thoughts out. I hope you find something awesome at Whole Foods! BTW-Habitica is really cool. I'm still figuring it out, but I like it. Thanks!
  21. No scale for you tomorrow - LOL! I'm going to check out that app. It sounds like exactly what I need to get myself in gear again.
  22. I just re-read this and feel like I need to be able to look back on it again as needed in the coming days.
  23. Day 1 Mood-6, Energy-6, Pain-3 in shoulder. I guess I'm going to have to make a doctor's appointment - it's been a good month now. I had promised myself that I would restart today, the day after my 50th birthday, but I wasn't feeling it this morning, coming off nearly a week of eating and drinking EVERYTHING. But, I'm re-energized and inspired after reading through everyone's logs. I'm starting 6 pounds heavier than I was in early August, though I know this is water weight and bloat. I did not go completely overboard on foods (except yesterday, yesterday was a binge-fest)
  24. Wow, I'm so inspired by your progress!
  25. Yep, I'm here for the joint pain relief. Welcome to the forum!