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    MadyVanilla reacted to Rebecca001 in Fall 2021   
    My darling friend (who’s had a lifetime of food weirdness and completely understands this) and I talk about this so often. Food freedom should be a strength, shouldn’t it? It should empower us. It should be a choice. I think that’s where I need to do my work because for me, still, food freedom feels like weakness. Feels like failure. So when I do it properly and say ‘yes I really want that piece of cake’ something in me still thinks that’s a failure so I shut it up by eating the whole cake because if I’m going to fail, I am going to fail properly. The irony is, if I’d just had one piece like I’d originally planned, I would have been able to move on. But that moment of ‘food freedom’ is actually the polar opposite, it’s me saying ‘I can’t fight this anymore’ and in doing so I lose control of it, it stops being a choice. 
    if we were talking about cocaine and not buttered toast, more people would empathise with us, I’m sure. There are very few people who truly understand my very complex relationship with food. My first whole30 was life changing because I felt I had control for the first time ever, and I did - but only when I had nothing. Moderation still never works for me. Something must have gone awry when I reintroduced, one part of the puzzle wasn’t properly connected. This time I’m going to reintroduce more carefully, and promptly, after the 30 days. I suppose that, or the alternative is never eating sugar ever again, but to me that isn’t true Food Freedom. 
    we will get there though I’m sure. Are you considering a full w30 again? I’m 6 days in now, and actually feel so much better. It’s amazing how quickly it clicks into place when the timing is right. 
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    MadyVanilla reacted to StefMonster in October 2021 - Round 1 - FIGHT! *cue Mortal Kombat theme*   
    1st: boiled eggs, smoked salmon, avocado, roasted carrots and sweet potatoes
    2nd: salmon patty with avocado and mayo in an egg wrap
    3rd: baked salmon with herbed cauliflower rice and pine nuts
    Work was less hectic than I expected on the day before vacation starts, so that was nice. I'm not as sore as I expected to be from the work in the attic yesterday, either. I am hungrier than I expected to be, though. I ate a huge salmon filet and a ton of cauliflower rice and that pretty much took care of it.
    I'm planning on going back to counting calories and macros after my 30 days is up, and just not doing any reintroductions until PMDD is over on ~November 10th. I'm so curious as to how the numbers look. Obviously I'm going to try to get most of my calories from protein and fat, and if I do anything deliberately it'll probably be reducing my overall carbs as far as I can manage. I have a feeling that I've been in a calorie deficit a significant amount of the time, due to being super fatigued by 30 minutes of moderate/ intense exercise daily and dropping weight. I'm loving weightlifting, but I also want to know that I'm eating enough to sustain the effort needed, even if I am in a deficit.
    Sometimes I feel silly saying that I have a carb addiction, because I've never been obese (barely even overweight at maybe 2 points in my life), diabetic, etc. Plus, Whole30 has shown me that I can have potatoes and other root vegetables and fruit in moderation. When I eat baked or roasted potatoes I don't get cravings for other carbs. When I eat fruit I don't get cravings for chocolate. Something about those carbs doesn't hit my reward system in the same way. There's half a mango and some pineapple sitting in my fridge right now, and I'll probably throw it out today because it's been there for a while. I haven't even thought about eating it.
    However, a month ago I couldn't open the fridge without taking multiple spoons of almond butter (if I had it in the house), multiple bites of cheese, and I was having ice cream with chocolate chips and hard shell chocolate most nights, plus more dark chocolate if I wanted it. Graham crackers slathered in PB2 and honey, PB2 sandwiches with chocolate chips and honey, homemade cookies and bread, 3-4 buttermilk biscuits (like the big canned Pillsbury kind)  with jelly on the weekend plus sometimes during the week, too. I did some of it in secret. I tried for YEARS to cut back and always failed. The obsession and the cycle of feelings: anxiety, failure, self-hatred, fear. It was all so miserable. I'm so glad I did Whole30 for myself. It's restored so much trust in my body and mind. There's nothing wrong with me. The "food" they're selling us is addictive and harmful. 
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    MadyVanilla got a reaction from peacefullyfierce in Fall 2021   
    Dinner was delicious last night.  Oven roasted potatoes rank above macaroni and cheese as comfort food, in my opinion.  There were some left over potatoes that I'm looking forward to frying up with an egg and greens later this week.  Plus, I had a nice long hike with the dog, which ended with a 1/4 mile run back to the car to avoid the impending thunderstorm.  Followed by a LONG yoga session.  I slept so well last night after spending a blissful afternoon/evening.  How easy it is to take good care of myself when I'm motivated to do so.  
    Day 24...though I need to check the dijon mustard I used on the potatoes - I woke up in the middle of the night thinking that the mustard, while Primal Kitchen brand, may not be W30 compliant.  
    M1-Another egg, bacon, mayo sandwich wrapped in collard greens.  With the addition of an heirloom tomato this morning.  So yummy!  I need to stop at the produce market for more collards.  
    M2-Chipotle lifestyle bowl  - I'm taking my daughter lunch at her new job today, and she requested Chipotle.  
    M3-Carnitas tacos with collard green "shells."  Topped with heirloom tomato, lettuce, and cilantro.  Blueberries and almond milk.  Plus I need to poach the chicken thighs since I didn't do that this weekend.  I need something for lunch tomorrow.  
    I'm hoping for another long hike, but I'm not sure if I'll get out of work in time. It's getting dark so early.  Once the time changes, I can get back to morning hikes (I hope my energy level agrees!).  I can walk around the neighborhood, but that just isn't as much fun.  Plus yoga, probably a short session tonight.  
    *I did check the dijon and it is W30 compliant.  Yay!  
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    MadyVanilla got a reaction from StefMonster in October 2021 - Round 1 - FIGHT! *cue Mortal Kombat theme*   
    Sometimes it really is a puzzle, but when it turns out right, it's so lovely!  I personally have more success with avocado oil than olive oil, but now based on your comment, I wonder if it's actually brand dependent.  The only advice I can offer is to make sure all your ingredients are room temperature.   Also, if the mayo doesn't turn out, add seasonings and turn it into a creamy salad dressing or a marinade.  
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    MadyVanilla got a reaction from peacefullyfierce in Fall 2021   
    *Sigh.  It just wasn't my day.  Shortly after I wrote the above post, I returned to my desk, where my boss had left homemade chocolate chip cookies and a "Thanks for all you do!" note.  In that moment, there was nothing but the cookies.  I ate them.  
    The thing I like best about W30 is the set of rules that are clear-cut.  Plus the fact that I've done it enough times now to know that when I do the program, I see the results and it gets easier, sometimes effortless, to stick to.  And the extremely supportive community, that over the years has helped me process my missteps and treat myself with more kindness, love, and forgiveness than I used to believe I deserved.  The hardest part to stomach though is the "It's not hard" mentality.  
    It IS hard.  No, it's not fighting cancer, caring-for-a-sick-or-injured loved one, enduring homelessness, how-am-I-going-to-pay-the-bills-when-I-just-lost-my-job hard.  But if current life circumstances are lucky enough not to include something that is truly excruciating, working through cravings, changing diet, changing mindset, planning, prepping, changing lifestyle IS hard.  If it wasn't hard, more people would do it.  More people would be successful from day 1 and not have to restart.  More people would eat this way all the time and there would be less food-related health problems in the world.  Why would people be proud of their accomplishment and want to celebrate a successful W30 if it were easy?  Simplified, it is just a choice, a choice between eating a healthy, clean breakfast and grabbing a bagel at Dunkin Donuts.  But that choice is a series of little choices, impacted by everything that happens in the course of a person's day.  Knowledge, preparation, the right combination of foods are imperative to making healthy choices, but mentality may be the most important part.  If W30 could happen in a vacuum, it would not be hard.  
    I get why Melissa and the W30 crew push the "It's not hard" mantra.  And I understand that the intent is a nutritional reset - not a psychological overhaul.  Though there is the relationship with food component that IS psychological.  Just because I'm having a hard time getting my W30 off the ground this time does not mean I've let myself down or that I should feel guilty or discouraged.  I know it's not the intent of the "it's not hard" to bring about those feelings in me, but it's easy to see why I might, why I have in the past ("If I can't do something as easy as choosing to throw cookies away rather than eat them, there must be something wrong with me....")  Each time I struggle to start, each time I successfully complete a W30 and struggle with reintroduction, each time I return to terrible eating habits I learn something about myself and get a little better.  And so I return to W30 to try again.  I don't understand how some people seem able to do a W30 and then live gloriously in their Food Freedom until they decide to do another reset, as if very slowly descending, a slow spiral, from perfection into mild disarray while I nosedive into chaos.  But I have my own journey to contend with.  Probably therapy would help me.  But W30 is by far the best program I've come across to help me disentangle myself from the emotional aspects of eating. 
    And so I'll start again.  I completely threw in the towel after eating the cookies and went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch.  Three hours later, I'm feeling the bloated, puffy feeling that comes to me with sugary and processed foods.  But this will not be a descent back into chaos - I've regained my composure.  Dinner tonight will be the compliant taco salad I had planned.  I'll walk the dogs and do yoga.   I will count this as a NSV that comes from experience and knowledge of what W30 can do for me.  I want this, so I will start again.  Two steps forward, one step back. 
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    MadyVanilla reacted to elinve38 in Eczema be gone! Depression be gone!   
    @peacefullyfierce well today I went for a little bike ride and I plan to do some cat-cow stretches this evening. I really like biking, yoga and walking so it's usually one of these three for as long (or short!) as it feels good  
    I have a history of over-exercising so this is a new and revolutionary concept for me!
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    MadyVanilla got a reaction from elinve38 in Eczema be gone! Depression be gone!   
    It looks like you are off to a good start!  I love your goal list and the pesto - yum! 
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    MadyVanilla reacted to StefMonster in October 2021 - Round 1 - FIGHT! *cue Mortal Kombat theme*   
    1st: veggie frittata with avocado
    Post workout: 2 salmon patties with mayo
    2nd: 2 cans of tuna with tomato sauce (aka "Italian tuna salad" according to Gavin lol)
    3rd: pecan crusted salmon with zucchini and mushrooms
    I've broken my pushup record for 3 days in a row! This is huge for me, as I've always felt lacking in upper body strength.
    Tonight after dinner, Gavin said he might do my next round with me. Joke's on him, because I'm probably not ever stopping.
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    MadyVanilla got a reaction from StefMonster in October 2021 - Round 1 - FIGHT! *cue Mortal Kombat theme*   
    Awesome!  You are seeing some great NSVs!
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    MadyVanilla reacted to Rebecca001 in (Re)starting September w30   
    Another good day today, that’s 3 in a row which is probably the most successful I’ve been in quite a few weeks! 
    Food was salad with leftover chicken thigh and mayo, a nectarine and some nuts. Dinner was chicken wrapped in bacon with asparagus and an apple. This evening I had a few more nuts. I had a rest day from workouts but also didn’t manage yoga. 
    I’ve roasted a chicken for some cold meat for lunches and dinner tomorrow really will be those pork steaks and chimichurri (supposed to be tonight!) 
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    MadyVanilla reacted to StefMonster in October 2021 - Round 1 - FIGHT! *cue Mortal Kombat theme*   
    1st: boiled eggs, smoked salmon, blackberries and blueberries
    2nd: salmon patty in an egg wrap with avocado, carrots and ranch, plus an extra salmon patty
    3rd: leftover baked salmon, broccoli, and cauliflower with a big spinach salad topped with cherry tomatoes and ranch
    Snack: blackberries and blueberries
    So there is definitely a hunger component to my PMDD, not just cravings. My husband ate fried jalapeno poppers in front of me today and I didn't even want one. I did want chocolate though. I took a nap, and that really helped. It's day 24, and things usually start getting really ugly around this time. I'm thankful to be feeling fairly normal, if a little fatigued and hungry.
    My belly seems to be quiet again, so I'm wondering if carby/starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes and winter squash contribute to it. I may try several days without them and see what happens. I'm relatively sure they're not making me depressed, anxious, or giving me cravings. It might just be a fluke.
    I stopped taking all my vitamins and supplements when I started Whole30. The only thing I take now is 200mg L-theanine once or twice a day for anxiety. I've been taking gummy vitamins for a long time and had noticed how even that little bit of sweetness made me crave MORE in a big way. I also had been taking magnesium, potassium, and B-complex for various PMDD symptoms. I might reassess their effectiveness after the 30 days are up, but right now I'm not missing them.
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    MadyVanilla reacted to eramsey in Day 1 in the Books   
    @MadyVanillaThank you for your encouragement. It is great to hear from other people going through this. It is way way too expensive to be cooking separate meals especially with prices increasing globally on groceries. We did sit down. He did agree to eat the same dinners. So dinners will be whole30 which is the most important because then I have leftovers for lunch. We have agreed on a set $ amount per week that will be his lunch money and what he does is up to him. It is so frustrating to me that he won't eat this way considering that a doctor just told him to avoid ALL sugar, flour and dairy so a tumor doesn't grow back. Plus with his gout flare up he needs to eat an anti inflammatory diet. It doesn't have to be whole30 per se but pretty close to it. Anyways we have reached some sort of agreement for now. Tonight we sit down to meal plan for the week so he can see the 2+ hours it takes me weekly to do that at the end of a day when I am exhausted and then the 3-4 different grocery stores we need to go to to get everything we need and stay in budget. 
    DAY 14-15
    I crashed the last 2 days. These have been tough. I felt like my energy was lower but when I went for a run last night, I felt so much lighter and it was easier to run and I could go faster.  I tried to make Monday an upper body workout, Tuesday and abs day and Wednesday the day that I get a good run in during the week. Tonight I will try to do lower body. I am finding this works well as long as I keep it to quick 15-20 minute workouts that I do around 9pm after my toddler has gone to sleep. So I very much want to keep this going if I can and if it doesn't get to be too much. I just look something quick up on youtube. Fitness Blender has always been one of my go-to Youtube fitness channels. 
    Now I am not sure what is going on today. I am tired and low energy. I think I need to drink more water maybe? Last night I used the ground beef base from the Whole30 cookbook sloppy joes to make the chili recipe topped with cabbage. This morning the kuckles on my fingers feel puffy and I am super tired. Maybe it is just the halfway point? Maybe I need to eat more now that I am more actively working out. My mood is still okish. I am very drained from work and my husband's surgery so it could just be my body telling me to rest. But I still think this must mean there was something that is causing this, either the peppers or from the canned tomatoes. I am not sure but I will stay away from that recipe for a while and see if it makes a difference.
    For meal planning tonight I am looking for very easy recipes to throw together cause next week is a busy week. I am thinking baked chicken with root vegetables, loaded baked potato, maybe making egg cups/fritatta over the weekend to have during the week. We will try maybe salmon burgers or salmon cakes over a salad. If anyone has any other easy ideas, throw them my way. I am sure one night will either be some sort of stir fry or egg scramble with whatever is in the fridge. But the coming week is by far our busiest and therefore most challenging yet. Made even more challenging by the determination to stay in budget NO MATTER WHAT. Hopefully with 2 weeks worth of meals and the much anticipated tiger blood we can stick to it. Or at least I can.
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    MadyVanilla got a reaction from eramsey in Day 1 in the Books   
    This is spot-on with the timeline...just sayin' 
    The struggle with the husband is so real for me.  We've long ago agreed to disagree and often cook our own, separate dinners.  Which is sad.  And expensive.  You have a great plan with sitting down together to look at the budget - hopefully, that will do the trick!  
    You're a wonderful role model for him, sticking to it when it gets tough (I hear the chocolate and cheese...) and with your new energy and improved mood you don't even have to say anything for him to see the positives in really a very short time.  
    Good luck!  
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    MadyVanilla reacted to Rebecca001 in Fall 2021   
    That is such a good motivator, I desperately need new cooking equipment, I am going to do that too! 
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    MadyVanilla reacted to StefMonster in October 2021 - Round 1 - FIGHT! *cue Mortal Kombat theme*   
    1st: 3 boiled eggs with leftover sweet potatoes, 1/2 avocado, and roasted red pepper sauce, with some strawberries & blueberries
    2nd: 2 salmon patties with roasted red pepper mayo, baked sweet potato, celery w/ranch
    3rd: shrimp, spaghetti squash, marinara sauce, zucchini, onions
    Work was slow yesterday, so I had time to eat lunch a little before noon. I wasn't "hungry-hungry," but felt like I could eat. One of the best things about eating like this is that I don't feel bloated and sluggish after I eat.
    My injured finger is doing even better. I drive with my left hand a lot, usually at the 7 or 8 o'clock position on my steering wheel, with my palm facing up. After just a short time I usually have to lift that finger up so it's not in contact with the wheel or sitting between my index and middle finger, because it feels like it's being forced into an unnatural position (even though it's definitely not). I didn't have to do that at ALL on my drive to work!
    These dreams are killing me, y'all. This one wasn't Whole30 related, it was about cybernetically enhanced, highly intelligent velociraptors from space taking over the planet. But it was so vivid. These dreams remind me of when I would go on a new mental health med, or increased the dosage. I kind of wonder if it has something to do with having a ton of serotonin receptors in our digestive tracts.  
    I got blindsided by a pretty wicked sugar craving after dinner, but I needed to run a quick errand and it was gone by the time I got back home. I had some bedtime tea and later, some bone broth. I'm still on the fence about that. It's a lot different from regular broth. Gonna be an acquired taste, I think. 
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    MadyVanilla reacted to Meira in Starting Whole 30 Sept 26!   
    I am trying to start my whole 30 on Sept 26! I got the day by day book in the meal and it seems so helpful! I am a bit nervous about breakfasts but going to try a hearty vegetable soup with salmon on the side! 
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    MadyVanilla reacted to ShadowInTheKitchen in Fall 2021   
    @MadyVanillaHi there! You're not alone.  I re-started on Oct 1 too, didn't even get through Day 1. Sugar is everywhere, as is bread and fast & easy dining options.  
    I second @Rebecca001.  It's tough though, to get into the mindset.  
    Good luck, here's to your success.
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    MadyVanilla reacted to Rebecca001 in Fall 2021   
    I could have written your post @MadyVanilla September on the whole had been the worst month I’ve had in over a year. I feel so utterly exhausted by the Covid situation (it’s pretty much gone here, except in schools - I work in a school office and trust me, it’s not gone) and my injury and then the worst cold I’ve had since I actually had Covid last year! I feel like I’ve wasted a month and I feel rotten! 
    but enough of that! We know what we need to do, we know it works, and we know that we feel amazing so quickly when we do it! What are we waiting for?! 
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    MadyVanilla reacted to Rebecca001 in (Re)starting September w30   
    I have spent the weekend ILL, I had lost my sense of smell and taste and was coughing so did a Covid test yesterday which has come back negative. But felt/feel pretty rough. 
    Starting to feel a bit brighter now. It explains my exhaustion last week a lot. I have been doing my very gentle hip stretches from the physio and now the way I feel there is no rush to get out for a run, so I plan to not run or do a workout til October! Just another 3 days rest. 
    we have 2 birthdays this week, son and husband, so given my shocking September I may accept that I will eat birthday cake on Wednesday and restart, again, properly, on October 1st. Although I will endeavour to remain as compliant as possible until then, just because it’s actually my preferred way to eat really. I actually find I don’t want the junk food now. 
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    MadyVanilla reacted to Semi in Fall 2021 in Germany Round 2   
    5 PM.
    I'm so tired.
    Kids were little helllions and I really wanted something sweet.
    While the elder one was in her Music Lesson I went to a Cafe and ordered a double Espresso.
    Came home and ate the rest of a burger patty.
     Now I will shower and then cook my eggs and go to bed, because I feel like killing something.
    Sidenote: I struggled more on my last W30 tbh. Probably because I actually eat somewhat clean now on a normal day?
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    MadyVanilla reacted to eramsey in Day 1 in the Books   
    Day 7 Morning
    Last night was tough and good at the same time. I barely had any time to unwind. I am almost always in the kitchen now so I need to work on easier meals so I can actually spend time with my family. That being said, my sleep has drastically improved. I was up with my alarm in a good mood this morning. Last night however, the cravings were serious. I managed to get by with just some raisins and some almond butter on some chicken deli slices. It was pretty tasty as a snack!
    This morning breakfast was scrambled eggs with spinach and avocado on the side. And a few slices of bacon that I brought to work with me. 
    I do feel I have a tremendous amount of focus at work and I even have energy when I get home. 
    Lunch today will be the remix pot roast ragout (which came out really well last night) and I also have a small salad, a hard boiled egg and some homemade trail mix at work with me. 
    Tonight I will sit down to meal plan for next week so I have time to start getting everything we need. The goal is to stay under our grocery budget and make only 2 max 3 trips to the food store. Hopefully I can squeeze in a walk/run even if it is just 15 minutes or chasing my son around, just anything to get moving. 
    I still go between being resentful of this program at times for how restrictive it is to realizing there are actual changes occuring. I do so more of a waistline when I look in the mirror. However my pants this morning seem tighter. I am so tempted to step on the scale but I know it will be demoralizing and the real change will come in the last 2 weeks of the program so I am trying very hard to stick this out. 
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    MadyVanilla got a reaction from Semi in Fall 2021   
    The party was cancelled last night as one of the organizers tested positive for COVID.  Dinner ended up being a chicken Caesar salad, with compliant Caesar dressing. 
    I woke up a little after 5 this morning.  I could have got up, but didn’t and fell back asleep for 2 more hours.  I think I’m ready to start getting up and going to gym next week.  I’ve been busy so far today, cleaning, taking dog to class, walking…just now sitting down to read for a bit.  
    Day 11
    M1-sausage and spinach
    M2-leftover chicken chimichurri and spinach
    M3-hamburger with the fixings, salad
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    MadyVanilla reacted to Semi in Fall 2021 in Germany Round 2   
    I tried the Whole30 last year and failed at day 15.
    This time I'm a bit better prepared and better informed.
    I already have a meat stash in my freezer, tons of potatoes (around 33 lbs, but they cost only 6€/7US $), eggs and other veg and fruits.
    I realized that I have to use a bit of a different strategy here in germany, simply because I don't have some shortcuts (like compliant sausages, sauces, nutpods etc), so I will adapt the rules a bit instead of sweating the small stuff.
    I will try to follow every rule as best as I can, but I won't restart if I can't find a compliant sausage, instead I will use the one which follows the rules the closest.
    Otherwise I wouldn't even start, because I don't have time to cook this often and meal prep doesn't work for more then 2 days for us.
    I also have some other restrictions: I have to follow a low FODMAP Diet for my histamine intolerance, so no tomatoes and other fun stuff for me, I'm also allergic to fish. So: Meat and eggs for me.
    Day 1:
    sweet potatoe "toast" with 1/4 avocado Ants on a log (with almond butter) Potatoes, Broccoli, celery, bellpepper, sausage in a pan (with coconut oil) chicken breast, potatoes, veggies (with coconut oil) Oven baked potatoes Today I'm on day 2.
    2 eggs, 3 egg whites, 1 banana ants on a log, cucumber  
    I will update it later, today.
    How I feel:
    Day 1: Normal. It's not that different from my normal diet. Main difference is: I don't eat my evening joghurt/quark with whey protein (I do bodybuilding) and I eat no toast, instead of my 2 slices/day. Instead of butter I use oil. So...not that different.
    I think I will have to eat more meat to eat enough protein for my muscle building, but that's it.
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    MadyVanilla reacted to eramsey in Day 1 in the Books   
    Thank you @MadyVanilla. You are so sweet. I do like to cook but I have gotten away from it so one of the fun things for me is getting excited about cooking with whole ingredients again and trying new recipes. One of the problems I had was that I was stuck in a rut with meals so I think I was actually getting bored with the same thing or I would focus on what my son will actually eat (because toddler food tantrums are no fun) which is pasta, nuggets etc and then I sneak veggies in there. So by cooking to his preferences I would often skip out because I know that those foods aren't the best for me (nothing wrong with pasta but 3-5x per week is too much for me) and then that leads to late night snacking. (and by the way I feel bad saying all of this because with the amount of food insecurity people are going through, it is ridiculous to be bored with food if you are blessed enough to have any food in the first place)
    Speaking of food waste and insecurity, I am finding that because I am being more conscious about my meal planning then I do not have that much food waste and one of my goals is not to waste any food. I cannot stand throwing out uneaten leftovers!!!!!!! It makes me so mad. 
    My husband is on board for now and is doing it with me. Actually, because a doctor recently told him he needed to eat an anti inflammatory diet. When I compared the list of foods he could and couldn't have with Whole30 we realized that it was similar and we might as well do it together. We will see how this goes. I have gotten some resistance already but hopefully once he realizes how yummy all of these recipes are he will stick with it. 
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    MadyVanilla reacted to Rebecca001 in (Re)starting September w30   
    I’ve had a few answers today. 
    1) I have a really sore throat, which could go part way to explaining some of my trouble this week, maybe this has been brewing away. 
    2) physio answered a lot of questions, prescribed some stretches, didn’t say I couldn’t run on it, and really explained and showed me the places on my leg where I am weak and why my hip is bearing the brunt of it. Very useful and informative. 
    and I feel a lot better today, although quite frankly I could eat and eat and eat right now, as my binge yesterday has left my cravings fully switched on. Luckily there is absolutely nothing left in the house, our cupboards are bare. So nothing to graze on. I’m not feeling brilliant with my throat and I am in need of an early night and hopefully will feel better tomorrow. My food has been brilliant though, 100% on plan