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    MadyVanilla reacted to Katrina1983 in Day 30 of Whole 30   
    So its Day 30. My last day. It has been an interesting 30 days.  It was not as hard as I thought. Maybe because I was prepared to take my health into my own hands. Maybe because I was already a semi healthy eater. Whatever the reason, I truly enjoyed it. I don't want to bring anything back that I ate before. I do know that I should reintroduce some items. So I have to decided to take a week "break" and do another round of the Whole 30. I really quite enjoy feeling full of energy and not disgusting after I eat.  
    Wish me luck!
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    MadyVanilla reacted to Tevenie in Tevenie's Whole30 Diary   
    Hello, my name is Tevenie and I AM GOING TO DO A FULL Whole 30!
    I have Multiple Sclerosis and am very overweight which is one of the worst things you can be with MS, apart from smoking.  I have tried every diet / food fad / ridiculous thing under the sun - none of which work because I try to be overly restrictive and then I get totally overwhelmed and binge on rubbish.
    Today is Day 1.  
    Breakfast: Tinned sardines in tomato sauce, black coffee
    Lunch: Chicken stuffed with Aubergine Pesto, wrapped in bacon with roasted onion, brussels sprouts, tomato, courgette, and yellow pepper.
    Dinner: Butternut squash stuffed with mushrooms, walnuts, and onions with fresh sage.
    I am determined to do this!
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    MadyVanilla reacted to Claire10 in My one-entry log of good things   
    I started Whole30 on September 2, weighed myself today, and I lost 12 lbs.  I should have kept a log here but I guess this is it. A one-entry log of my experience.
    The weight loss is a near miracle since I have Hashimoto's Disease (thyroid / hypothyroidism) and I've been a severe sugar addict for at least eight years. I gained over 50 lbs in that time. I've lost some at times only to gain more. Up and down I went in weight for years with an overall trajectory up. I messed with my metabolism and formed what I thought were permanent bad habits that were out of my control. 
    About three months ago, I saw an endocrinologist for the first time for the Hashimoto's. I was put on meds to handle my symptoms (had been trying to avoid them). I was told to eat a Brazilian nut every day and take some kelp for iodine. Then, the endocrinologist actually told me to go on the Whole30. At the time, I thought 'here we go again' another diet. So, I didn't listen to him. My husband and I instead went on Atkins. I lost, then gained it all back and my eating habits were horrible again.  It was depressing. 
    Finally, I told my husband that I'm seeing the doc again for a follow up in about 1 1/2 months. I need to at least try that diet. I know he'll ask me if I did. This doc is like Dr. Now on 600 lb life. He gets kinda snippy with you.
    So, we started the Whole30 on September 2. I never thought it would be possible to drop such deep-rooted bad habits but I did. I never thought I could actually change. So many good things to say about Whole30... I know now when that sugar dragon (or sugar addict) is coming back. I know to ease off on the fruit then and it will pass. My grocery cart looks SO DIFFERENT from before I started Whole30. I learned to plan out meals again (like I used to years ago) and am always trying to build up veggies on our plates. I can move more and started working out at Orange Theory again. I'm 12 pounds less now.
    One thing that we did that was interesting, we weighed ourselves during the Whole30 but didn't look. We have a smart scale. It sends the weight to your iPhone scale app. So, I got my weight loss recorded but didn't have to look till after the 30 days. The automatic weight entries were very interesting. I dropped about 5 lbs the first 5 or 6 days and then it was a more slow loss for the rest of the 30 day challenge.  
    So this went so well that we plan to go right back into Whole30, another round. I am hoping I can drop another 5-10 lbs, expecting a little less due to water weight loss from the first month. Maybe I'll start a new log for this month and try to actually enter more than once! 
    Thanks for reading/listening. Good luck to all! 
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    MadyVanilla got a reaction from misskrissy27 in Starting another W30 September 4th.   
    No dreams yet, but I did think the other day about how much I’m looking forward to some good cheese and a glass of wine.  Just a few more days to go for you!
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    MadyVanilla reacted to Katrina1983 in Day 21 of Whole 30   
    I am amazed at how much energy I have since starting the Whole 30 Program.  Although it hasn't been as "hard" as I thought it was going to be, it has had its challenges. Prior to starting the whole 30, I ate pretty healthy. My issues were snacking, out of boredom, comfort, punishment.  A friend of mine suggested the book and I bought it. Could not be happier that I bought it.  Especially learning how to "fix" my relationship with food. Eating when my body is hungry not because I'm bored, sad or happy.  
    After a week of being on the Whole30, my boyfriend of 3 years broke up with me.  I was crushed. The future that I thought was ahead of me, was now over.  The old me would have bought a big mac and a bottle of wine and drowned my sorrows.  However I fought the urge and just felt my feelings.  It wasn't easy but still a non scale victory.  Less then a week later, I found out he had cheated on me with his EX.  Even more crushed.  Still I was able to keep myself from eating my feelings.  Athough I am going through a lot, this is something I can control.  I can control myself from eating my feelings. Instead of stuffing them down with food.
    I truly appreciate what I have learned from the book and what I have learned about myself.  That I WAS an emotional eater but I am NOT anymore.
    Thanks for listening to my story :)
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    MadyVanilla reacted to heb2014 in Anew in Arkansas (My first WHOLE30)   
    Reintroduction Day 1: Legumes
    Eating lettuce wraps with hummus, Applegate Turkey, and veggies for lunch.  Dinner will be taco salad with black beans.
    A few statistics from my Whole30 
    Lost 8.6 pounds (yes, I weighed today, but it doesn't hold power over me - I think i'll keep up with only weighing once a month)
    BMI went from 27.7 to 26.3
    Lost 1/2" on my waist, 1 1/2" off my thigh, 1" off my arms, 2" off my hips, and 1/2" off my chest.
    My rings are fitting better.
    I am remembering more of my dreams, though sleep is still an issue with my 2 year old waking up on and off.
    My face is noticeably thinner.
    I usually have more energy (but do still find myself low on energy sometimes also)
    I have started exercising more (not quite regularly yet, but more)
    My brain fog is....ehhh. Maybe better but probably has a lot to do with the sleep (above)
    Still having trouble getting up in the morning - as well as going to bed on time.  #morehoursintheday
    Definitely makes me think more about what I will be putting in my body moving forward.
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    MadyVanilla got a reaction from heb2014 in Anew in Arkansas (My first WHOLE30)   
    If there is anything I have learned from this go round, it's this.  I thought it would be great, since I love leftovers.  But the same thing over and over is just so, feeling like I have to eat that and not something else because it would take too long and too much effort to prepare.  I like that you changed the chili up each time.  At least that made it a little less boring!    
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    MadyVanilla reacted to heb2014 in First Journal   
    Maybe that's enough to help with her why - "I want to lose weight but can't get control of the sweets and need to have stricter limitations for a little while". If she talks to you about Whole30 and mentions the sweets thing, let her know that it helps tame the sugar dragon (but that it's a process for sure!)
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    MadyVanilla got a reaction from heb2014 in First Journal   
    This is a really good point - I once did Weight Watchers, too, and one of the benefits is that you learn how to balance your calories/points across the day,  I may have a donut at breakfast because someone brought them to work, but then eat lots of veggies the rest of the day,  There is definitely a place for that.  I see her doing the sweets and trying to balance it, but complaining about not being able to stop with just one cookie.  I remember that.  But you’re right, a person has to be ready to come to Whole30, otherwise it seems like a crazy diet. 
    I did not have carbs with dinner, and I was awake at 3:45 am, unable to go back to sleep for over an hour.  Even so, I’m not tired now.   I’m icing the knee  - I walked with a friend after work.  16 minutes, and now I can barely walk   This is so frustrating.  At least I’m making it through the day pretty well.  
    Day 13
    Energy - 9, pain-current 6, but through most of the day it was 0.  
    Breakfast - the usual
    Lunch - buffalo chicken, cucumber slices, chicken bone broth
    Dinner - buffalo chicken over riced cauliflower.  I can’t stand up long enough to actually cook tonight.  
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    MadyVanilla reacted to kirbz in Kirbz's Whole30 Log   
    @MadyVanilla That's a great perspective! Thanks for checking in!
    Honestly, for me, I really just feel like I'm starving myself because I'm really just too overwhelmed/exhausted to prepare Whole30 foods. But the alternative is throwing myself into a tub of Rocky Road and gorging on pizza, so I guess this is better? LOL. I am trying to at least eat two meals a day, if not three. 
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    MadyVanilla reacted to misskrissy27 in Starting another W30 September 4th.   
    Day 20 and still going strong! Feeling great! I have been having some off the wall dreams lately, anyone else get that? I don't remember having them previous W30's, so it could just be me  In past W30's one thing I did was already think about what I was going to eat on Day my "treat"...but I don't feel that way this time. I'm not really missing anything. My step-daughter had a PBJ the other day, that DID look great, but eh, any other time, it wouldn't tempt me. So I think it was that I wanted it because I couldn't have it. I have had to eat a few RX bars in certain situations, but otherwise, doing well. Went to an apple festival yesterday and that is what I bought, apples.  10 more to go!
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    MadyVanilla reacted to heb2014 in First Journal   
    As someone who previously did Weight Watchers (11 years ago), Whole30 will seem too free in some respects (eat how much you want without looking up the calories/points?!?!?!) and too limited in others ("...But I can have a donut or whatever I want on WW if I work it in to my points!!!").  I think she will need to define her "why" a little more to commit to a Whole30 - like yes, you want to lose weight, but why? What do you think will be different when you lose weight?  And maybe she has those reasons already. 
    WW gets a bad rap sometimes, but if she's following some of the science behind it, not just the points, she'll have some healthy habits that will help with Whole30. One of the things you're encouraged to do is figure out your hunger/fullness signals. And there are "good health guidelines" that you're supposed to meet everyday - some of which align with Whole30 (healthy oils, more water, limited sugar and alcohol) and some of which don't (dairy, whole grains). But I think one of the reasons it gets the bad rap is that so many people don't follow the recommendations, they simply count points (and that might have more to do with it being so online now - it was meetings when I did it so the leader talked about the science at every meeting).
    Just some things to keep in mind if she does come to you!
    PS - way to go on those 14 pounds but even more exciting about the BP medicine!  
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    MadyVanilla got a reaction from heb2014 in First Journal   
    Yesterday I ate compliant beef jerky and a small handful of macadamia nuts instead of the apple with almond butter.  Otherwise, the rest was the same.  I slept well again last night - sweet potato.  I won't add extra carbs tonight and see what happens.  Walking on the treadmill - I got to 7 minutes before I started to hurt.  I switched to the bike and was able to go the rest of the time (10 more minutes) before yoga class.  Yoga class was good and the rest of the evening was fine.  I'm taking tonight off because I really need to clean the house, but I think another day before my next weight session is a good idea.  
    Excellent doctor's appt - she is reducing my bp medication and says if I lose 10 more pounds I can come off of it altogether!  I've lost 14 pounds so far - this is over the last month.  Much of that may be water weight, but I know I definitely feel lighter and better.  My next appointment is Dec 23 - the timing is incentive to maintain paleo-style eating through the holidays.  I've done that before with few feelings of regret, deprivation, or craving.  Many of the holiday foods I like are or can easy be modified to be paleo or Whole 30.  
    Day 12
    Energy - 9, pain - 1.  A little achiness in the hip, but I've also been sitting a lot this morning.  
    Breakfast-egg casserole topped with chipotle mayo
    Lunch- homemade buffalo chicken mixed with regular homemade mayo, collard leaf, cucumbers, celery for dippers/wrap, bone broth if I need it
    Dinner-Mediterranean pork chops and vegetables 
    Everything is going well - energy is up, I'm managing the pain, no cravings, I'm not feeling the food annoyances I was feeling last week.  No one has noticed weight loss or any other changes yet, but lots of people around me are doing various types of diets (keto, weight watchers, etc.)  I'm really just waiting for the one doing Weight Watchers to say something to me - the poor thing has been doing WW since the spring and has had very little change.  She's always counting points, then cheats...I want to share Whole30 with her, but she is so vested in her points.  I figure that when she notices my changes, she'll ask what I'm doing and that will be a perfect opening.  
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    MadyVanilla reacted to Tobychat in Day 1 Sept 22, 2019   
    I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis back in May, spent 2 weeks in the hospital, almost lost my colon, and lost 23lbs in 2 weeks. Fast forward to today and I am healthy, but have gained over 40lbs. I exercise almost every day and try to eat healthy but I can’t seem to get my weight back down to where I was before my flare up. I know the medications (including steroids for 4 months) have thrown my metabolism and hormones out of whack so I am hoping these next 30 days will bring everything back in balance. I am a vegetarian so I am nervous about the protein options (or lack there of!), but am willing to try. I am excited to feel normal again!
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    MadyVanilla reacted to kirbz in Kirbz's Whole30 Log   
    ROUND 3, Day 19: Friday, September 20
    Meal 1: two hard-boiled eggs 
    Meal 2: chicken breast grilled with BBQ sauce; ~2 cups of steamed carrots; very small handful of Castelvetrano olives; Lemon La Croix 
    Meal 3: pork chop grilled with BBQ sauce; baked potato with ghee; handful of grape tomatoes 
    Water Intake: ~70 oz
    new pimple on my chin  Thoughts/Reflections: Not much to say today. I'm planning a big cookup this weekend so I have lots of yummy food to eat! Because this week has been completely lackluster and I'm over it. 
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    MadyVanilla reacted to kirbz in Kirbz's Whole30 Log   
    ROUND 3, Day 17: Wednesday, September 18
    Meal 1: none
    Exercise (3 hours, 26 minutes): 4.86-mile backpacking hike with 384 feet of elevation gain (130 average HR; 154 max HR)  
    Snack: can of coconut water; glass of orange juice; one and a half slices of deli turkey
    Meal 2: grilled ribeye steak with seasoning; baked potato with ghee; bowl of zucchini bone broth soup; 8 oz glass of electrolyte supplement
    Meal 3: none 
    Water Intake: unknown 
    none Thoughts/Reflections: Wow. I have never been so tired on a hike. My footwork was so sloppy and I felt very unstable descending those boulder fields. I was so afraid I was going to break an ankle or fall just because I was tired. And then when we finally got back to the real trail, which was mostly flat, I was barely moving forward. Shawn and my guide had to stop frequently to wait for me to catch up. But I made it! I did it! I did it even though I really didn’t think I could!
    Also, I didn’t eat enough today. I know it and I didn’t really care. This is why I was doing Whole30. This is the only big thing I have planned for my 30 days and I’m done. So, I just didn’t care. It wasn’t worth the effort. It was enough of a success to convince myself to continue, because I sure wanted some pizza when I got home. And some peanut M&Ms…
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    MadyVanilla reacted to kirbz in Kirbz's Whole30 Log   
    ROUND 3, Day 15: Tuesday, September 16
    Meal 1: Wild Zora Butte Cacao Banana breakfast mix with flaxseed meal, nuts, bananas, strawberries, mango, and cacao nibs 
    Exercise (9 hours, 35 minutes): 6.38-mile, 6-pitch rock climb with 2,211 of elevation gain and topping out at 13,713 feet (131 average HR; 168 max HR)  
    Intra-Workout Snack: two pouches of peach, apricot, and banana baby food; two pouches of blueberry, pear, and purple carrot baby food; half blueberry RXBar; snack pack of coconut butter 
    Intra-Workout Meal 2: tuna pouch packed in olive oil  
    Meal 3: Wild Zora Caldera Chicken Curry freeze-dried meal with chicken, sweet potato, pineapple, spinach, bell pepper, and onion 
    Water Intake: unknown 
    Poor fueling for long-duration exercise  Thoughts/Reflections: Well, despite my doubts yesterday, I did it! I made it to the [almost] top of Bear Creek Spire (I didn't get on top of the summit block because that's just stupid). And it was amazing! It was hard. Oh-so hard. But amazing. The climbing was challenging. The ridge traverse was exposed and super scary, but fun. The views were spectacular (I counted over 30 alpine lakes from the top). And I reached the highest point on earth I've ever been on! 
    It was the approach and the ridiculous descent that was so difficult for me. It was steep on the way up with some boulder hopping. That was hard. But the way down was downright scary. We had to descend a bouldery scree field where everything moved, even the giant blocks of granite. Guh. It was awful. I quite literally kept seeing images of me falling down the boulder field when I closed my eyes that night. Though I did make it out alright.
    On another note, my fueling strategy totally sucked. I watched as my guide happily ate cheese and salami and hard-boiled eggs and dehydrated mango and banana. And I had my stupid baby food pouches and packets of tuna and RXBars and coconut butter. Guh. It tasted so gross and I didn't want to eat any of it. But I needed to eat. But it wasn't enough anyway. There just wasn't enough calories in them. And then, when we got back to camp, I watched as she ate fresh rice with curry paste and peas and meat and naan. While I ate another freeze-dried meal. Guh.  
    So yeah, I don't know about being Paleo in the alpine. I know people do it. But I don't know if I want to. I'll finish my Whole30, but I think I'd rather eat differently on long days at high altitude.... 
    [Photo 1: a mile or two into the trail, with Bear Creek Spire in the background (the tallest peak just to the left oft the tree)] 
    [Photo 2: looking down on part of the larger of the two boulder fields we had to go up and then down on the hike; this wasn't even the climbing part]
    [Photo 3: the view from the [almost] top of Bear Creek Spire at nearly 13,700 feet!] 

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    MadyVanilla reacted to heb2014 in Anew in Arkansas (My first WHOLE30)   
    It's taken me a while to get to this point...and it will be a test as we move in to Food Freedom.  I had previously thought I could make my own decisions, like not eat dessert when he did....but my will power was rather weak and I'd often felt "left out".  I think that's what was different about the night we got ice cream - I still went, I still had something I love (coffee), and most importantly, I chose not to see it as "this sucks that I can't have what they're having".
    Looking ahead to Food Freedom, I'll probably limit the amount of "dessert" I have  - like only special occasions AND homemade (probably will need to define what "special occasions really are...not every time we go to someone's house for dinner...). I will try to keep that mentality (that this doesn't suck that I can't have what everyone else is) and if there are times that I know my will-power is going to tell me otherwise, I may choose not to go.  Just thinking out loud....
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    MadyVanilla got a reaction from heb2014 in Anew in Arkansas (My first WHOLE30)   
    How enlightening! You're absolutely right - his choices don't dictate yours.  I get so angry with my husband for sticking with the SAD diet.  But he makes his own choices.  It really only impacts me when we go out to dinner, and even then, I still get to make my own choices.  Here's to doing our own Whole30s!
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    MadyVanilla reacted to misskrissy27 in Starting another W30 September 4th.   
    Yes! The Primal Kitchen dressings/marinades are pretty good. We also bought the ranch one, it's ok...I feel like I could make the same thing at home for less money, but hey, convenience. Yes...the smells were wonderful at the fair and I did eat vicariously through everyone else, heheh. Good luck @MadyVanilla on your W30--how's it going? Today I am HALF WAY! It's going very well! I've been working out a lot too so I'm a little more tired than usual, but feel great! I want to continue even after day 30  
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    MadyVanilla got a reaction from heb2014 in First Journal   
    This is a wonderful idea for my last serving, thank you!  It actually wasn't terrible once I started eating it today, I really just need more vegetables in it, something to break up the monotony of the meat.  A loaded potato will be perfect!   The meatball recipe also sounds delicious.  
    And thank you for the encouragement - it's one thing to *know* this is the way things are supposed to be, it's another to have others in the boat with you!  
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    MadyVanilla got a reaction from misskrissy27 in Starting another W30 September 4th.   
    I was contemplating buying the Primal Kitchen thousand island, so I'm glad to hear you like it - I'm going to go ahead and add it to my list.  I've started my next round this week, so I'm right behind you!  It's been at least 5 years since I last did a reset (and boy, have I gone off the deep-end in these 5 years!) so I feel like I'm starting brand new and want to do this right, which includes trying new things.  I'm excited! 
    I love that you "ate" vicariously through all the smells at the fair!  Yay for moving into week 2!  
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    MadyVanilla reacted to Cwilliams3 in Whole 30 Day 10 - Non Scale Victories   
    Hi my name is Ciera! 
    This is my first time on the forum and my first blog. Today is day 10 for me and I am feeling terrific! Day 9 was a doozy, I had a terrible 24 hour stomach bug, yuck. BUT today was a great day and I am so thankful for the good days. The most prominent non-scale victory for me thus far has been a significant mood improvement. Trust me I am not usually a glass half full kind of girl but lately I feel so positive even in the midst of stomach bugs, allergies, menstrual cycles, and surreal cravings for caramel macchiatos. I tell you what no coffee ever lifted my mood this well. Mostly I am proud of myself for coming this far. I can see this food experiment changing my life and not just my dietary health but my mental health too. I feel more motivated thus I am more positive and upbeat. I am working out..consistently. Yeah I said it consistently.  & That motivation is spilling over into other areas of my life. I am sleeping well thus I am waking up earlier to spend time in the word of God. & I am making actual life goals, like getting a second job & applying to nursing school. I use to be so self motivated and a goal-getter. Whole30 is helping me get that back. So keep going everyone :)
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    MadyVanilla got a reaction from petitemortuaire in Whole180   
    Like you, I took a 5-year hiatus and gained 50-pounds (Day 1 for me was 9/12).  Unlike you, I haven't done the level of self-reflection that is needed to successfully change my habits.  I'm looking forward to reading about your journey and learning from your struggles and successes.  It sounds like you are off to a great start!  
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    MadyVanilla got a reaction from heb2014 in First Journal   
    I accomplished so much today!  Not my typical, “I’m too tired to do anything” weekend day.  I changed around some things in my daughter’s room, meal-prepped for two hours, went to Target (usually such an effort to go somewhere!), put together a bookcase, helped my son fold and put away his clothes, did a load of laundry, packed lunches for the week, and cleaned up the kitchen.  I didn’t accomplish all I wanted to do this weekend, but I’m so happy to finally have the energy and limited pain to do stuff.  
    Meal-prep consisted of two recipes from Well Fed - chocolate chili and Ethiopian beef stew.  I also made another breakfast casserole and egg/bacon bagel sandwiches for my son’s breakfasts this week.  I was worried my leg would hurt standing for so long, so I worked on somethings at the table.  That was fine. I did experience leg pain walking around Target.  I iced when I got home and have gotten through the rest of my day without problem.
    Oh and my reward for last week, a gorgeous new yoga mat, arrived today.  
    Day 3
    Breakfast-leftover steak and peppers from last nigh’s fajita salad
    Lunch-small bowl of chocolate chili as it was continuing to simmer
    Treat-I stopped at Starbucks on the way home and got a green iced tea.  So yummy and refreshing.  
    Dinner-chocolate chili over kale and riced cauliflower
    Snack-hot tea, maybe macadamia nuts if I’m hungry
    All the Halloween stuff was out at Target and I had a momentary thought to grab first candy corn and later pumpkin spice almonds.  Both thoughts were very brief, clearly out of habit, but I also quickly remembered, “no.”  Ne feeling of deprivation, no remorse or thoughts about cheating.  But I did get a glimpse into my automatic thought process around certain foods.  
    Scaly elbows are clearing up
    Definitely more energy today, but not quite where I expect to get  
    Still a little achy in the hip