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    MadyVanilla reacted to Contessa in Contessa's June Realignment   
    Seriously. My inner 4th grader was so disappointed in that moment. The moment I'd worked for! the moment I'd dreamed of! and it just tasted like sweet, peanutty antifreeze.
    We deserve better!
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    MadyVanilla got a reaction from Contessa in Round 4 - FIGHT!   
    What a beautiful dish and amazing way to deal with a down mood.  It's so empowering to learn that we can manage an off mood without immediately turning to food.  
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    MadyVanilla got a reaction from SchrodingersCat in Round 4 - FIGHT!   
    What a beautiful dish and amazing way to deal with a down mood.  It's so empowering to learn that we can manage an off mood without immediately turning to food.  
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    MadyVanilla got a reaction from Contessa in Contessa's June Realignment   
    A reward for a job well-done, here's a big bag of technicolor chemicals!  Why in the ever-living black hole of eternity do we do this to ourselves???  
    "...that honors every dimension of my life..."  This is beautiful.  It IS worth careful meditation.  
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    MadyVanilla got a reaction from scoakley13 in Round 4 - FIGHT!   
    What a beautiful dish and amazing way to deal with a down mood.  It's so empowering to learn that we can manage an off mood without immediately turning to food.  
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    MadyVanilla reacted to Contessa in Take Advantage   
    This is one of the aspects of this reset that's easiest for me to forget. It feels good to put care and intention into my meals (hell, it feels good for me to eat meals instead of grazing mindlessly like a ruminant). I sometimes tell myself that all I want is to be able to eat anything with reckless abandon at any time, but... when I practice that philosophy, I end up feeling like garbage afterward.
    I'm glad you are feeling hopeful. What a difference eight days can make.
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    MadyVanilla reacted to 50Fab in Covid 19 health re-set   
    I am starting the Whole30 tomorrow (June15) after 2 and a half months of partial and full lockdown because of the Covid 19 pandemic.  I am at home, not working, as my job in the service industry cannot be done from home.  I am deathly afraid of getting this virus in my current state of health.  I have type 2 diabetes, which I take medication for, I am obese according to the BMI calculation, and I am 56 years old.  I also have a history of cancer, and have severe allergies which are under control with weekly immunotherapy shots.  From everything I have been hearing, I would not do well if I contracted this disease, so I am hoping this elimination diet will get me back on track towards health. I have a month and a half before I am scheduled to go back to work, so I hope this will help get me where I need to be to have a fighting chance if I should contract Covid 19. When  I go back to work with the public, I know some will have no sense of responsibility to others and will not wear facial coverings or cover their mouth when they cough or sneeze.  So I know I will inevitably be exposed.  I hope that Whole 30 will help me lose some weight, lower my inflammation and improve my health problems.  It feels like a matter of life or death to me, not trying to sound too dramatic.  I have  a vague overall feeling of anxiety and fear that I have not had before, that verges on panic at times. I have done Whole 30 once before (six years ago) and felt really good on it.  My greatest challenge will be giving up my red wine.  I have used alcohol to try to stave off my anxiety.  It works temporarily but then I suffer the consequences. goes!  Tomorrow I take that first step...
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    MadyVanilla reacted to ShadowInTheKitchen in Shadow’s May 2020 Whole30   
    Yes, a blessing, albeit a mixed one.  These are hard times for so many people, and yet here I am feeling healthier than I ever remember.  I want to support businesses that are struggling right now, but going forward I won't be buying too much of anything that I don't feel is best for me.  I suspect that I'm not the only one.  
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    MadyVanilla reacted to ShadowInTheKitchen in Shadow’s May 2020 Whole30   
    Post Whole30 Day 4, Sunday June 14
    M1: my standard green salad
    M2: strawberries and pineapple cup, egg salad, green beans
    M3: a few strawberries, grilled zucchini & grilled lemon to squeeze over top, potatoes & onions, bbq tenderloin steak, pickle spear
    NSV: I was a bit worried that my lunch didn't include enough fat and that I wouldn't make it to dinner without snacking, but it wasn't a problem.  
    NSV: I hit my targets today: up before 7am, eat only W30, no snacking, and regular meal times at 8, noon and 6, although lunch was a half hour late and dinner an hour late because I was working on projects before both meals and lost track of time.  I stopped when I started to feel hungry, looked at the clock and then still had to prepare my meals, which means I made it from one meal to the next without cravings, and I felt hungry signals right on time. 
    I'm still reluctant to reintroduce foods because I just feel so good right now.  But I need to do it.  I'm thinking I'll try peanuts tomorrow. 
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    MadyVanilla reacted to SchrodingersCat in Round 4 - FIGHT!   
    It was really pretty!!

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    MadyVanilla got a reaction from Contessa in Take Advantage   
    Well, it was 8 people eating Mexican food and floating in the pool while watching a movie.  A small, outdoor gathering.  We still aren't allowed to have gatherings of more than 10 unrelated people here, either.  But restrictions are beginning to be relaxed, so there is hope...I'm perfectly happy to avoid large crowds and just get together with close friends, but it will be nice to get back to something close to normal.  
    The party was fun.  There was only guacamole and my beef that was compliant.  Someone brought a giant garden salad, but poured a bag of shredded cheese over the top (ok, I guess that did fit with the theme...).  I dug down to the bottom of the salad and was able to manage some without cheese, topped it with barbacoa and guacamole.  Someone made jalapeno poppers-ahh!   One of my favorites!  I just avoided looking at them.  I drank 5 cans of sparkling water.  I have a headache this morning - very much like the type of headache I get after having red wine the night before.  So odd.  I'm wondering if I'm a little dehydrated, or if there was something in the sparkling water that didn't settle with me-there is only carbonated mineral water and the ever elusive "natural flavors" in the ingredients.  I also went to bed much later and woke up fairly early, so that could be why my head hurts, too.  
    Day 8
    Energy-5, pain-3, headache, and a little more stiff this morning; mood-6; short walk with the dog upon waking.  
    M1-leftover hamburger patty.  I was really hungry, but also really tired and wanted to go back to sleep for a bit.  
    M2-barbacoa over salad with avocado
    M3-BBQ chicken with sweet potato and some vegetables
    Anyone have any good ideas about what to do with a bulb of fennel?
    I'll probably go spend the day at the beach with a friend staying down there.  There won't be any food involved with that.  I don't anticipate any challenges today.  Other than continuing to work through this diminished energy and the headache.  I should list my NSVs so they are in my mind today:
    -Very few cravings, the cravings that I have had are tolerable.  I usually grab a snack before bed after a late night.  That pull to the habit hit me last night when I got home, but I was able to quickly see it for what it was and forget about it.  Oh, that this could always be so effortless.  
    -No heartburn or burping - this was starting to become pretty regular, but I don't think I've had an issue with this since starting this W30.  
    -My skin looks luminous.  All those healthy fats! 
    -My blood pressure numbers have been good and stable the last four days.  I am on a bp med, but I was still having numbers a little higher than I should.  
    -My face not only feels thinner, it is looking thinner.  I did not look so round and bloated in the photos taken last night.  
    -Even though I'm a little stiff this morning, joint stiffness in general has been much better as has been my knee pain.  I'm looking forward to going on a long walk/hike, but I just don't yet have the energy to do that.  
    -A general sense of hopefulness and well-being because I'm taking care of myself.  I'm in control and doing good things for my body.  Just a little over a week ago, I was dragging myself into this, trying to convince myself that I was ready to do another W30.
    All these NSVs after one week.  That's pretty amazing.  
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    MadyVanilla got a reaction from Blueautumn in Autumns' R1 Whole30 Log   
    Reading your last two posts, it is so clear that you have shifted your mindset, that you are doing the hard cognitive/emotional/psychological work as well as changing what goes in your mouth.  I once read that when we eat the Standard American Diet we are in a state of chronic and diffuse inflammation (which is actually a barrier of protection) and that our body takes an enormous amount of resources to maintain the inflammation and protect our cells from the attack of that SAD diet.  The resources wear out much more quickly, and we get diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc at a younger age as a result.  When we begin to feed ourselves with good food, the body can begin to relax a little bit and isn't in the constant state of protection.  As inflammation decreases, our cells become more sensitive to the environment we are in - our taste buds are a good example.  But what also happens is that foods that maybe didn't seem to bother us before begin to irritate those sensitive cells because that blanket of inflammatory protection is no longer there.  I don't know if that makes sense with what you are experiencing or not.  But if it does, maybe your new flare is almost like a rebound effect to your better choices, a stage in the journey.  Getting through this, you'll be continuing to increase your health, but might have another flare in the future as your body continues to reach towards the perfect balance of sensitivity.  Your glucose numbers are impressive and support that you are on the right track!   An aside, I have a friend who was allergy tested and found to be allergic to just almonds, no other nuts.   
    Seriously, this statement should be your go-to mantra, post it everywhere, lol!  Fire vomit indigestion sounds awful and not experiencing it may just be the best NSV ever!  
    You journey is a long one, but an inspiring one.  You have so much to gain by continuing on this path.  Thank you so much for continuing to post here - I'm learning from you! 
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    MadyVanilla got a reaction from ShadowInTheKitchen in Take Advantage   
    I hit a wall late yesterday afternoon with tiredness, boredom, hunger, and irritability.  I just felt unsettled, restless, I wanted something carby for the energy boost.  I noticed ages ago that when I don't sleep well the night before I often crave carbs all day.  Additionally, when I have a hard time falling asleep, I want to binge on a big carby, sugary snack to get that quick energy and subsequent crash - sleep!  That's such a horrid cycle to be in.  Anyway, I was feeling remnants of that yesterday afternoon.  I read for a little while, ate a few homemade sweet potato chips and a handful of pistachios.  Still, I wanted to go forage in the pantry.  I ended up making dinner early.  It was kind of awful-the bbq chicken did not mesh well with broccoli and garlic aioli.  Afterward, I took a shower and turned on a movie.  The cravings eventually went away.  I did a lot of positive self-talk to get through it, but I know these are the episodes that will be my downfall afterward-history repeats itself.  I need a game plan for these types of days.  
    This morning is so much better!  I got right up and took the dog for our walk-40 minutes, and I even threw in a couple of slow jog cycles in there.  My hips, knee, and lower back began to stiffen a little, but I managed through it.  
    Day 9
    Energy-8, Pain-3 while walking/jogging, 0 now; Mood-8
    M1-3 eggs, peppers, onions, spinach cooked in ghee and topped with garlic aioli mayo.  I wasn't sure if it was the PK garlic aioli I didn't like or just the combination with the BBQ chicken.  Breakfast proved it was the combination.  
    M2-This is a little iffy...I'm not sure if my husband is going to want to eat lunch out today or not.  I'll do a salad with grilled chicken, unless there is a better option available.  I can look stuff up on my phone if we choose to go somewhere.  
    M3-I'm making a taco casserole that I found a recipe for last week.  The recipe calls for ground beef, but I'm going to use the barbacoa beef that is leftover from Friday.  
    Plan is to poach a bunch of chicken today and make mayonnaise to make chicken salad and then have shredded chicken later in the week to mix with the PK curry sauce.  
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    MadyVanilla reacted to ShadowInTheKitchen in Take Advantage   
    It is amazing, isn't it?   I feel like shouting to everyone I see:  "Try W30 -  you'll feel so much better!" 
    The pool party sounds like it was a good time. Way to go remaining compliant.
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    MadyVanilla reacted to kirbz in Kirbz's Whole30 Log   
    Haha. I know it sounds kind of ridiculous but it was either commit to just eating the whole thing, throwing the rest away, or having it sit in my cupboard as a temptation. So I decided to eat the whole thing. I had scoops throughout the day and I enjoyed every bite. 
    And I feel strong and committed today to go right back to Whole30. I’ve got eggs and sweet potato soup for breakfast, sesame chicken and cauliflower rice for lunch, and slow cooker ribs and twice baked potatoes planned for dinner! I can’t wait! 
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    MadyVanilla reacted to ShadowInTheKitchen in Shadow’s May 2020 Whole30   
    Post Whole30 Day 3, Saturday June 13
    M1: "cereal bowl" with almond butter, almond milk, chia seeds, walnuts, pecans, 1/2 banana, pineapple, strawberries
    M2: green salad with romaine, spinach and baby lettuce, 1/2 avocado, green grapes, PK dressing
    Snack 1: Larabar
    Snack 2: orange
    Snack 3: carrot
    Snack: two non-compliant potato chips, totally not planned
    M3: steamed broccoli, oven roasted potatoes and onions, chicken thighs 
    NSV: woke up at 6:40 am, no alarm, was up at 6:50 am
    NSV: had excellent energy most of the day, got lots done around the house but took a wee 10 minute nap late in the afternoon
    NSV: I experimented successfully with seasonings for M3, and have noticed that I am looking more often for something to "spice up" my meals and make them more interesting
    I felt like snacking this afternoon because I felt hungry.  Three fruits at breakfast was probably too much, and threw me off balance for the afternoon.  I don't have any other explanation.   I plan to do an experiment in the future to test the number of fruit I can have at any one time and still maintain high and even energy throughout the day
    The "cereal bowl" was very good, but I missed having vegetables at breakfast.  If/when I have a cereal bowl again, I will make it smaller and have it as a side dish
    One of my goals close to the beginning of my W30 was to be on auto pilot with my food choices.  I feel I haven't achieved that yet, because I was feeling a bit of food boredom when planning M3 today.  I didn't want to search for a recipe.  I knew I wanted chicken thighs, but just didn't have a cooking method and Whole30 seasonings in my mind right away.  This is something I'd like to improve.  I've mentioned before that I never really considered myself a good cook, and I like trying new recipes but I want to be able to cook most of my meals from my head, without having to look up methods and ingredients.  Living with Covid restrictions, restaurants closed except for takeout, and living too far away to rely on takeout has been immensely helpful in learning to cook good meals.  I want to learn to be a better cook, and right now I don't have any desire to go out to eat or pick up take out.  So becoming a better cook is going to happen for me, and I feel pleased about that.  
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    MadyVanilla reacted to ShadowInTheKitchen in Contessa's June Realignment   
    But not Contessa, she told her chiropractor that she's on a new track and doing her body good!
    I hope the Dr's realignment of your spine helps so that you can get back to fully concentrating on your June realignment...
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    MadyVanilla got a reaction from Blueautumn in Autumns' R1 Whole30 Log   
    Yes, this makes sense.  It has to be about our relationship to that particular food that's the key.  This is the concept behind SWYPO food.  I always wondered how could a healthy smoothie be considered SWYPO?  But now I get it-it's how we feel about the food.  There has to be a place for loving a healthy food and being able to eat it over and over because we love it and it's convenient.  I like that you said " the long run.."  Maybe I don't need to worry about this right now, but wait until my body actually gets fat-adapted, gets well into the reset, AND then begin to look at my relationship with some of the healthier foods.  
    Go for it with the casserole!    I can't wait to see your up-and-coming recipes.  Chicken and gravy-yum!! 
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    MadyVanilla got a reaction from RachelR in RachelR- Start Date May 4, 2020   
    This is me!!!  The forum is such a godsend for support and troubleshooting.  And a great place to go when I'm feeling non-creative.  Stay here with us.  Keep making alternate plans for when your original gets derailed.  You got this!  
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    MadyVanilla reacted to Contessa in Contessa's June Realignment   
    Food journal for 6/12/20:
    Breakfast: This was a grumpy breakfast smoothie of spinach, blueberries, cashewmilk, etc.
    Lunch: Spaghetti squash + ground turkey + brussels sprouts + broccoli + sauce
    Dinner: Melissa Joulwan's Cuban Meatballs + mashed potatoes + broccoli
    Woke up this morning feeling like straight-up trash. I don't think this is a Whole30 or carb flu thing..... probably more about not having been to my chiropractor since before COVID tranformed us all into shut-ins. I think my gimpy knee is affecting my gait; my lopsided gait is influencing my lower back, and my lower back is feeding me some pretty ferocious headaches. (I did check my temperature and got a normal reading. This doesn't seem to be COVID in disguise.) 
    Made an appointment with my chiropractor for tomorrow. I've been avoiding it but I think I need to get back to giving regular attention to these old bones. I'll just wear a mask and wash my hands before/after the appointment.
    Felt some mega strong cravings today but didn't give in!
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    MadyVanilla reacted to SchrodingersCat in Round 4 - FIGHT!   
    Dinner is Chinese Fakeaway!
    I'm making the 40 Aprons Sesame Chicken that @kirbz suggested, very excited! Special fried cauli/brocc rice, and Chinese broccoli in spicy sauce.
    Making a non-compliant BBQ pork omelette for the hubster, with his 'normal' special fried rice
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    MadyVanilla reacted to ShadowInTheKitchen in Take Advantage   
    Week 1 is done!  Well done!  Woot Woot
    That bbq chicken with sweet potato sounds delicious, and I want to try it, will add it to my growing list...
    I hope the pool party was fun, and you found enough compliant food to fill up on.   Parties. Sigh. Still not allowed here :-(
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    MadyVanilla reacted to Contessa in Take Advantage   
    Congratulations on finishing a good strong week!
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    MadyVanilla reacted to kirbz in Kirbz's Whole30 Log   
    Welp, I ended my Whole46 today. By eating an entire jar of peanut butter. Which was, believe it or not, a conscious decision and totally worth it. I was craving peanut butter, this has been a stressful and emotional week, and it's the first day of my period, so it felt like a worthwhile indulgence. And it was most delicious. I don't feel bad about it. 
    Now, the challenge will be to return to healthy eating habits and not letting that be an excuse for not-so-conscious food choices! I'll check back in a few days, where I will hopefully be reporting that I easily transitioned right back into healthy eating! 
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    MadyVanilla reacted to ShadowInTheKitchen in Shadow’s May 2020 Whole30   
    Post Whole30 Day 2, Friday June 12
    M1: sweet potato hash with onions & bratwurst, fried in ghee with 2 eggs, green beans
    M2: romaine, green grapes, chicken, PK green goddess dressing
    M3: cantaloupe, green beans, egg salad
    1. Excellent energy all day, even better than any day previous since starting W30.  Today was the first day on meds reduction, and this increased energy is what I was hoping for 
    2. Excellent sleep quality
    3. Absolutely no cravings, saw lots of junky stuff a super cheap prices in a store today and I wasn't a bit fizzled
    4. I was awake at 6:30, out of bed at 6:50, 10 minutes before my target time
    5. I remained W30 compliant, didn't snack, didn't even feel the need. Family had pizza and I didn't want any of it, and not just because I wanted to remain compliant
    6. My meal times were per my scheduled goal - 8am, noon and 6pm
    7. All of my meals were super simple today, and didn't take much time out of my day to prepare them.  I don't mind eating the same simple things over and over again
    8. I started planning my birthday party with my family next weekend, and ordered the extremely expensive and I've never seen anything so pretty and edible in all my life cupcakes.  Also found new dinner dishes online that I want to pick up to pretty up the dining table just because, well, I think I'm worth it!
    I sooo want this to be my new normal.