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    So Day 1 started beautifully, I got all my exercise in, but it turns out that I really can't start effectively without preparation.  I had crab dip leftover and it's too expensive to throw away...that ended up being my dinner.  Not terrible, except that it's made with regular mayonnaise, cream cheese, and cheddar cheese.  So there's that. 
    Revised plan - take the rest of this week to get myself in gear, plan meals for next week and a shopping list, enjoy a few more cups of coffee with cream and a few more glasses of wine, and be ready to start on Monday.  I'll still journal to track my pain, since that and my blood pressure are the reasons I'm doing this.  And also all of the other wonderful NSV that go along with eating so much healthier.  Plus, I know that with journaling even if I'm not yet following Whole 30, I'll still be more aware of what I'm eating.  
      Countdown T -4
    pain - 0, but I also took ibuprofen at 5:00 am after not being able to get back to sleep for over an hour due to extreme achiness  on my right side, which is not typical.  
    My bp was much better today, not sure why.  I did try to drink more water yesterday and definitely ate less food - just eggs, salad, crab dip.  Maybe that's why?
    Exercise plan:
    Push-up training - done
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    If you google search peas and Whole-30, you'll find the "Can I have..." forum for green peas.  I think your decision to just keep going is a good one.  I seriously doubt you are in danger of doing what my mom used to do when she was on Weight Watchers back in the 1970s...she would open a can of peas or green beans and eat them right out of the can, cold, because she was so hungry!  
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    Hello, so it seems I am not that great at keeping this up.  The journal, I mean, not the Whole 30.  Whole 30 is going great.  I am not brilliant at getting the meals together as per the template and I have definitely snacked on fruit when I shouldn't but as Melissa says, there is no such thing as a perfect Whole 30.  I have been completely compliant with all my food choices and I am feeling great today.  
    Have a great day!
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    Hello, my name is Tevenie and I AM GOING TO DO A FULL Whole 30!
    I have Multiple Sclerosis and am very overweight which is one of the worst things you can be with MS, apart from smoking.  I have tried every diet / food fad / ridiculous thing under the sun - none of which work because I try to be overly restrictive and then I get totally overwhelmed and binge on rubbish.
    Today is Day 1.  
    Breakfast: Tinned sardines in tomato sauce, black coffee
    Lunch: Chicken stuffed with Aubergine Pesto, wrapped in bacon with roasted onion, brussels sprouts, tomato, courgette, and yellow pepper.
    Dinner: Butternut squash stuffed with mushrooms, walnuts, and onions with fresh sage.
    I am determined to do this!
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    @MadyVanilla That's a great perspective! Thanks for checking in!
    Honestly, for me, I really just feel like I'm starving myself because I'm really just too overwhelmed/exhausted to prepare Whole30 foods. But the alternative is throwing myself into a tub of Rocky Road and gorging on pizza, so I guess this is better? LOL. I am trying to at least eat two meals a day, if not three. 
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    ROUND 3, Day 19: Friday, September 20
    Meal 1: two hard-boiled eggs 
    Meal 2: chicken breast grilled with BBQ sauce; ~2 cups of steamed carrots; very small handful of Castelvetrano olives; Lemon La Croix 
    Meal 3: pork chop grilled with BBQ sauce; baked potato with ghee; handful of grape tomatoes 
    Water Intake: ~70 oz
    new pimple on my chin  Thoughts/Reflections: Not much to say today. I'm planning a big cookup this weekend so I have lots of yummy food to eat! Because this week has been completely lackluster and I'm over it. 
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    ROUND 3, Day 17: Wednesday, September 18
    Meal 1: none
    Exercise (3 hours, 26 minutes): 4.86-mile backpacking hike with 384 feet of elevation gain (130 average HR; 154 max HR)  
    Snack: can of coconut water; glass of orange juice; one and a half slices of deli turkey
    Meal 2: grilled ribeye steak with seasoning; baked potato with ghee; bowl of zucchini bone broth soup; 8 oz glass of electrolyte supplement
    Meal 3: none 
    Water Intake: unknown 
    none Thoughts/Reflections: Wow. I have never been so tired on a hike. My footwork was so sloppy and I felt very unstable descending those boulder fields. I was so afraid I was going to break an ankle or fall just because I was tired. And then when we finally got back to the real trail, which was mostly flat, I was barely moving forward. Shawn and my guide had to stop frequently to wait for me to catch up. But I made it! I did it! I did it even though I really didn’t think I could!
    Also, I didn’t eat enough today. I know it and I didn’t really care. This is why I was doing Whole30. This is the only big thing I have planned for my 30 days and I’m done. So, I just didn’t care. It wasn’t worth the effort. It was enough of a success to convince myself to continue, because I sure wanted some pizza when I got home. And some peanut M&Ms…
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    ROUND 3, Day 15: Tuesday, September 16
    Meal 1: Wild Zora Butte Cacao Banana breakfast mix with flaxseed meal, nuts, bananas, strawberries, mango, and cacao nibs 
    Exercise (9 hours, 35 minutes): 6.38-mile, 6-pitch rock climb with 2,211 of elevation gain and topping out at 13,713 feet (131 average HR; 168 max HR)  
    Intra-Workout Snack: two pouches of peach, apricot, and banana baby food; two pouches of blueberry, pear, and purple carrot baby food; half blueberry RXBar; snack pack of coconut butter 
    Intra-Workout Meal 2: tuna pouch packed in olive oil  
    Meal 3: Wild Zora Caldera Chicken Curry freeze-dried meal with chicken, sweet potato, pineapple, spinach, bell pepper, and onion 
    Water Intake: unknown 
    Poor fueling for long-duration exercise  Thoughts/Reflections: Well, despite my doubts yesterday, I did it! I made it to the [almost] top of Bear Creek Spire (I didn't get on top of the summit block because that's just stupid). And it was amazing! It was hard. Oh-so hard. But amazing. The climbing was challenging. The ridge traverse was exposed and super scary, but fun. The views were spectacular (I counted over 30 alpine lakes from the top). And I reached the highest point on earth I've ever been on! 
    It was the approach and the ridiculous descent that was so difficult for me. It was steep on the way up with some boulder hopping. That was hard. But the way down was downright scary. We had to descend a bouldery scree field where everything moved, even the giant blocks of granite. Guh. It was awful. I quite literally kept seeing images of me falling down the boulder field when I closed my eyes that night. Though I did make it out alright.
    On another note, my fueling strategy totally sucked. I watched as my guide happily ate cheese and salami and hard-boiled eggs and dehydrated mango and banana. And I had my stupid baby food pouches and packets of tuna and RXBars and coconut butter. Guh. It tasted so gross and I didn't want to eat any of it. But I needed to eat. But it wasn't enough anyway. There just wasn't enough calories in them. And then, when we got back to camp, I watched as she ate fresh rice with curry paste and peas and meat and naan. While I ate another freeze-dried meal. Guh.  
    So yeah, I don't know about being Paleo in the alpine. I know people do it. But I don't know if I want to. I'll finish my Whole30, but I think I'd rather eat differently on long days at high altitude.... 
    [Photo 1: a mile or two into the trail, with Bear Creek Spire in the background (the tallest peak just to the left oft the tree)] 
    [Photo 2: looking down on part of the larger of the two boulder fields we had to go up and then down on the hike; this wasn't even the climbing part]
    [Photo 3: the view from the [almost] top of Bear Creek Spire at nearly 13,700 feet!] 

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    MadyVanilla reacted to kirbz in Kirbz's Whole30 Log   
    @MadyVanilla Thanks for checking in! I'm glad you enjoy reading through my log and that you find inspiration in it! I'm always surprised when that happens! 
    I, too, was a poster child for SAD habits. I'm talking Lucky Charms for breakfast, Kraft Mac N Cheese for lunch, and half a tub of Rocky Road ice cream for dessert. It was bad. And I miss the convenience of it. But, I do love the way this makes me feel and I do love the food. I just wish it wasn't so much work. Guh. 
    Anyway, I wish you the very best on your own Whole30 journey! 
    P.S. If you ever get a chance to go to Yosemite National Park, go! It's worth it! (and where those photos are from)