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  1. Feeling crabby and a little yucky this morning. I'm sure it is withdrawals from sugar. I have been a sweet coffee drinker the last year and without at least my has lost her luster! Lol. Not a big deal, just thought I'd say so here, so I'd be accountable and adjust my thinking before continuing the day. Had a nice breakfast, mushroom, spinach omelet with ghee, a small apple cut up, and a little bacon. Made whole 30 bbq sauce last night, it was wonderful, going to use it as a little dressing for a salad with chicken on top. It was mostly balsamic vinegar to start with so a vineger
  2. Started my first round 9/9/19! Excited to do something nice for myself. I had a hysterectomy one year ago, and had a rough patch with treating myself to feel better, since I still wanted babies and had to have the surgery after a miscarriage. I started cooking things I love to indulge in, and figured it is time to get myself on track:) Glad to have support and to see what happens:)