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  1. Hi @RoseD I don't think you are doing anything wrong. You may not have experienced "the hangover" because you normally eat clean. Good luck with your Whole30!
  2. Day 1, Thursday October 20, 2022 M1: favourite green salad with romaine, chicken, avocado, grapes etc. Mid-day shake: pea protein with banana and almond milk M2: potato-egg salad Snack: 4! cookies. Why? Rhetorical - they were in the house - 'nuff said. Well, they're gone now. Back to W30. M3: pork chop, potatoes, ghee, carrots, beets, apple sauce Snack: almond milk hot cocoa with protein powder My sleep was good last night, I think because I eat so very much absolutely healthy food most of the time, going off plan for a few days hasn't affected me too muc
  3. Hey @Fingerling Potato I hope your W30 is going well. If you try the tapioca starch to thicken, does it have a taste. I can't do arrowroot powder (yuck). I hoped you skipped the "flu." I did this time, I think because I was eating mostly W30 before I started too... well my meals anyways. Snacks is a whole different story.
  4. Wednesday October 19, 2022 Ugggh. Too much off plan food. Cookies. Fajita wrap. Whey protein- idek if that’s W30 but I think not bc it’s from dairy. I’m feeling ok-ish, except I nodded off this aft, probs from the sugar in the cookies. And my knuckle isn’t too sore, still swollen though. I’m finding the reintro stage to be difficult. Sigh. I’m going back to W30 tomorrow, unsure if I need to do 30 days again before I feel Tiger Blood goodness. On the bright side, my weigh-in this week was good, I lost some fat and gained some muscle. I have excellent energy for my workouts, for
  5. Day 3: Thursday October 13, 2022 M1: my favourite green salad (no avocado today) Post workout snack: pea protein shake with unsweetened almond milk, frozen banana and creatine M2: potato-egg salad with 3 eggs and 3tbsp homemade mayonnaise, celery sticks and carrot sticks Snack: strawberry mango protein shake M3: BLT salad with prosciutto and turkey, PK ranch dressing NSV: I had another good sleep last night, no bad dreams. My FitBit sleep score was 89 two days in a row. My problem knuckle is still swollen. The colder weather is bothering all of my finger jo
  6. Day 2: Wednesday October 12, 2022 M1: My favourite green salad Morning snack: 2- scoop pea protein shake with almond milk and banana (no almond butter to reduce my daily fat consumption) M2: potato-egg salad w/ 2 tbsp (measured) home-made mayo & 3 eggs, carrot and celery sticks Snack: pecans and dates M3: 1- scoop pea protein shake with 1/2 cup each frozen strawberries and mangos, BLT salad: prosciutto, romaine & iceberg lettuce, tomato, turkey breast, PK gg dressing NSV: The knuckle on my right hand is still swollen but already less painful. NSV: I
  7. Day 1 restart: Tuesday October 11, 2022 M1: favourite green salad with avocado and chicken, PK gg dressing, no grapes Post work-out snack: Banana & 2- scoop pea protein shake with almond milk, almond butter and 1 tsp creatine M2: potato-egg salad with 3- extra large eggs, potato and homemade mayo, celery, onions, salt & pepper M3: leftovers - steak, rutabaga, beets, sweet potatoes, some ghee GOALS: The knuckle on the pointer finger on my right hand is painful and I feel mild inflammation in other joints. I've got to get rid of this inflammation. My s
  8. Hi @Fingerling Potato I totally understand the statement "I need strict and I need guidance." That's my life. I bend very easily when I'm not doing Whole30, reaching far too often for the convenient foods that have lots of stuff that doesn't do my body any good. It has been very quiet here for a while. I log my W30 under "Community" then "Log Your Whole30," if you want to log there I post my log every few days and check if anyone else has posted. I started on Sept 1, had a few non-compliant foods the last two weeks but am going back to Whole 30 again until I feel better so I c
  9. Monday October 10, 2022 I ate some more cookies this past week, also some cheese and wheat. Now the inflammation on my right pointer finger is more swollen and painful. I was also constipated. I can't say for sure what the culprit is, but I know something in the GGC chocolatey-mint cookies is not good for me. Thanksgiving weekend has ended, I am going back to Whole30 to get this inflammation in my finger and some other joints under control. The inflammation wasn't completely gone after six weeks of W30, so I know that for it to go away completely I need to eat W30 for longer than a m
  10. Monday October 3, 2022 M1: pea protein shake with banana, almond milk and almond butter (I was too rushed to eat and I had nothing quick prepared)) Post workout snack: nothing M2: shepherd's pie, a small serving of chicken, grapes Snack: herbal tea with pea protein powder M3: roasted chicken breast marinated in PK ranch dressing, beats, carrots, broccoli, mashed potatoes fried in ghee I woke at a good time this morning and felt well rested but my left knee was achey (inflamed?). I had my shake in the car on the way to my gym, then did an hour of Pilates followed
  11. Saturday October 1, 2022 M1: pumpkin pie overnight oats, not prepared by me, included a small amount of maple syrup (and oats). M2: favourite green salad with chicken and avocado M3: sausage and veg campfire bake Snack: hot cocoa made with oat milk and a bit of sugar Snack: Lindor chocolate bar I knew I would be having the off-plan foods today that were prepared by others, they were aware of my W30 and I was ok with re-introducing the oats, sugar and cocoa all on the same day. It was fun to eat the chocolate bar after a super busy day. I didn't feel any
  12. Tuesday September 27, 2022 M1: romaine salad with avocado and chicken Post workout snack: almond shake with pea protein and banana M2: potato-egg salad, celery and carrots Snack: 1- scoop pea protein shake with mango M3: chicken breast marinated in ranch on top of cabbage slaw I had another restful sleep last night, and got up at 7am to walk the dog (2km). Was a bit sleepy early this afternoon on the drive home from the gym, not sure why. I was feeling depleted after swimming and hot tubbing this evening after my meeting. I was tempted to have a protein
  13. Monday September 26, 2022 M1: leftover romaine salad with avocado and chicken, PK gg dressing Post workout snack: 2- scoop pea protein shake with almond milk, almond butter, banana, ice M2: potato-egg salad, carrot and celery sticks Mid afternoon snack: 2- scoop pea protein shake with almond milk, strawberries and ice M3: spaghetti squash with ground beef in marinara sauce I woke up well rested this morning, didn't walk as planned due to the rain but walked 2km this afternoon and 8km after supper. I love my favourite green salad, especially before a morning a
  14. Sunday September 25, 2022 M1: leftovers: rotisserie chicken, roasted veg, ghee, protein shake with banana M2: romaine salad with chicken and avocado I woke up this morning still tired, snoozed until 7:30am. I haven't felt any affects from eating the piece of chocolate cake Friday evening, and I will continue with W30 eating until the end of September, when I will do some more reintroductions. I have an outdoor camp planned for September 30 until October 1, and plan to have some dairy free hot cocoa on Friday evening, oatmeal Saturday morning which I may switch out for pota
  15. Day 20, Tuesday September 20, 2022 M1: romaine salad with cucumber, green onion, matchstick carrots, kale, avocado, chicken breast, PK gg dressing Post workout snack: 2- scoop pea protein shake with almond and banana M2: shepherd's pie, banana M3: romaine salad with avocado and chicken Last night I dreamed that I forgot I was on W30 and I ate a piece of cake with cream cheese frosting. Haha! I'm not having any cravings. I'm 2/3 of the way through. Day 21 - Wednesday September 21, 2022 M1: scrambled eggs with prosciutto, kale and sweet potatoes, g
  16. Day 19, Monday September 19, 2022 M1: potato egg salad, carrots Post work-out snack: 2- scoop pea protein shake with almond and banana (26g protein) M2: leftover shepherd's pie, 1- scoop protein shake to increase protein to 25g Snack: 1- scoop protein shake with berries M3: pork chop, turnips, potato, green beans, ghee, 1- scoop protein shake with cantaloupe and salt
  17. Day 18 - Sunday September 18, 2022 M1: 2 eggs plus 2 egg yolks scrambled in ghee with kale and prosciutto, baked sweet potato, 1/4 avocado M2: green salad with PK gg dressing, cucumber, carrots, kale, green onions, cashews, 100g chicken breast Snack: pea protein shake with almond & banana M3: shepherd's pie I feel great today. Is this Tiger Blood? I felt great, until I was verbally assaulted. Again. Yuck. It ruined the rest of my day and I didn't get my 5km walk in.
  18. Day 17 - Saturday Sept 17, 2022 M1: leftover salad with avocado and chicken M2: potato egg salad, carrots Snack: pea protein shake with almond milk, almond butter, banana M3: meatballs, roasted veg (potatoes, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet pepper, onion), apple sauce I feel good, not full-on Tiger Blood... but good. I fit into my jeans again and some more clothes that were too tight to wear this summer. I cleaned the fridge again today, one of my Saturday hacks. I replaced one of the cardboard boxes in the upright freezer with two clear stacking pull-out
  19. Day 15 - Thursday September 15, 2022 M1: shepherd's pie with scrambled egg and 1/2 avocado, salted cantaloupe M2: salad with romaine, chicken breast, avocado, carrots, green onion, cashews, grapes, PK gg dressing M3: potato egg salad, carrots I made some more ghee this morning, so now I know 1 pound of butter makes enough ghee to last me two weeks. Day 16 - Friday September 16, 2022 M1: greens, eggs and ham (kale, 2 eggs, prosciutto, ghee) Post workout snack/M2: potato egg salad, carrots, protein shake with banana Snack: pea protein shake with alm
  20. @Hiram, Hi, I found "Epic Original" pea protein powder. Peas are allowed on Whole 30. Other ingredients in the powder are sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, sacha inchi, cranberry seed and jerusalem artichoke. It has a grittier texture than the whey isolate I was using pre Whole30. I mix mine with almond milk, almond butter and then whatever I feel like - banana, strawberries, spinach etc. Since I started using it a few days ago my energy post workout has been steady after taking the supplement, which I drink in addition to a small meal (ie 2 eggs and some carrots) about 60 - 75 minutes fr
  21. Day 13 - Tuesday September 13, 2022 M1: salad Post workout snack: protein shake, potato egg salad, carrots M2: protein shake M3: meatballs, oven roasted broccoli, cauliflower, carrots in olive oil The protein shake and snack helped today, I took it 75 minutes after I started my workout, then did my cool down and stretching after. I felt fine until lunch and for the rest of the afternoon. Day 14 - Wednesday September 14, 2022 M1: shepherd's pie, cantaloupe M2: meatballs, potato egg salad, celery, carrots and cauliflower, protein shake with almond
  22. Day 12 - Monday Sept 12, 2022 M1: leftover green salad Post work out snack: 2 boiled eggs, carrot sticks M2: potato egg salad with celery and onions, carrot sticks, Epic Protein shake (pea protein) with 1/2 banana and 1/2 cup frozen fruit Snack: cantaloupe Snack: pecans and dates M3: apple sauce, peas and carrots, smashed boiled potatoes, meatballs, cantaloupe I need the protein shakes. I can't stomach eating more protein right now and even with a post work out protein snack my muscles feel too depleted for too long after, so hoping the shakes help. I inten
  23. Day 9 - Friday Sept 9, 2022 M1: shepherd's pie Post workout snack: deli turkey, carrots M2: salad with chicken Snack: banana M3: leftover salad, steak, potatoes, green beans, beets, mushrooms, ghee Day 10 - Saturday Sept 10, 2022 M1: shepherd's pie, leftover salad, banana M2: romaine salad with avocado, chicken, PK gg dressing M3: halibut with tartar sauce, green beans and carrots, roasted potatoes Day 11 - Sunday September 11, 2022 M1: potato - egg salad with celery and onions, leftover green beans and carrots Snack: ba
  24. Day 7 - Wed Sept 7, 2022 M1: leftover sweet potato hash with two eggs M2: leftover coleslaw with lemon dressing, cashews and chicken M3: carrots, meatballs Day 8 - Thursday Sept 8, 2022 M1: sweet potatoes, red peppers, two eggs scrambled in ghee with onions Snack: banana M2: romaine salad with veg, avocado and chicken, PK gg dressing Snack: apple M3: leftover salad, pineapple
  25. Day 6 - Tues Sept 6, 2022 M1: leftover sweet potato hash with 2 eggs Post work out snack: cubes of smoked turkey, carrot sticks M2: romaine salad wth avocado Snack: banana pineapple bowl M3: Potatoes, corn, beets, meatballs I went to bed super early, my energy was completely zapped.